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  1. Hello Thanks for that. Unfortunately not a lot of use as I need a 32 bit version of java that will run on Leopard(10.5). The only 32 bit versions I could find would only run on 10.7 and above. Does anyone else know whether possible to do it on this earlier operating system Many thanks
  2. Hi I have been trying to deploy 360works enterprise version onto a filemaker server. It is filemaker server 9 advanced running on leopard server (10.5) The plug-in will not run properly because the mac server doesn't have a 32 bit version of java. It now appears that this is no longer available for this version of the operating system Does anyone know whether it is possible to get an older 32 bit version of java that will run on OSX 10.5 There isn't any chance of being able to update the op system in the near future. Many thanks for reading
  3. Hi I need to clean up a large text field in an FM database. This is prior to transferring it to an SQL database Basically I need to get it like a .txt file. At the moment it has all kinds of rubbish in as these text fields were populated by crawling large websites - so all kinds of funny symbols in there and mysql won't have anything except clean text The limit of my thinking is to run a script which only leaves the basic keyboard characters - there can be no tabs as the export is to a tab delimited file Please bear in mind I only have access fm 10 pro and fm 9 pro adv Many thanks
  4. Is it possible to form a live connection between two filemaker databases We have the following set up: Firstly all filemaker software is filemaker 9. A filemaker database on a mac host machine using filemaker server advanced A local network of clients in the same location A database sitting on remote windows machine Is it possible to form a live connection between the database on the mac server and the database on the remote windows so any changes on the client machines in the local network are automatically saved to the database on the remote machine. Please note the database on the win
  5. Hi all That has cracked it Putting filemac: and using the substitute function to change the date seemed to do the trick So final script looks like this Set variable [$filename; Value:Substitute (Table::Filename;"/";"-"0)] Set Variable [$Filepath; Value:Get (DesktopPath)] Export records ["$filename";Automatically open; Unicode UTF-16)] With a filepath of Filemac:$Filepath/$Filename The filename field holds the name of the file and the current date
  6. Ok thanks for that I have got that working using get (desktopPath) the only problem now is the actual filename What I want is a filename appended with the date the file was produced So I have set up a calculation field which holds the filename and the date (using get (currentdate) this works OK and I can see the correct filename in the field I have set up a variable which uses this field so the filepath looks like this $Filepath/$filename If I type text in as the filename it works but it does not seem to want to accept a variable - it either throws it out or sets the actual filename as
  7. Hello I am trying to write a script which exports a set of records in fp7 format. the filename is appended by the current date. In the first instance I can't get the filepath to work. I can get it to work by just entering a filename into the export files dialog box ie file:filename, but this dumps the file into the Filemaker Pro folder or I can get it to work by putting the entire filepath. filemac:/Volume/Users/admin/desktop/filemame the problem is this would only work on my computer and this is a shared database - is there a generic filepath I can use which could solve this
  8. Hello Have actually written a script which seems to work would love to know if anyone thinks better way to do it For example is there a way of setting the contents of the clipboard as a variable Perform Script (‘hyperlink”) (This goes to the relevant url, the word document will then download automatically and open) Pause script [duration (seconds): 10] Perform AppleScript tell application "Microsoft Word" (Makes word active then copies all the text) activate end tell tell application "System Events" keystroke "a" us
  9. Hi all I need to have a script to do the following Open up a Url (which will be a doc file) using the Url in a fileld Once the document has downloaded and opened I need to select all, copy and then paste the text back into a filemaker field I have done some basic scripting but never with applescript My thinking so far is that I already have a small script to go to the url and then the word doc will download and open autmatically So then I need to switch from filemaker to word and select and copy - then put it back into the correct field in filemaker One of the problems is that I am n
  10. yes the router has been configured and I have checked port 2399 and it is both opening and listening It appears thought that the problem maybe the xDBC plugin - does anyone know how I can check this is running
  11. Hello Yes the file we are trying to connect to has ODBC extended privileges enabled and the odbc option is ticked on the server software
  12. Hello all I am currently invoived in a large project to link up a database sitting on a windows server with a filemaker database sitting on our own office server we are using. Filemaker server 9 Advanced running on Mac Leopard Server. The windows server has Windows Server 2003 and is using the filemaker ODBC driver. DataDirect 32-BIT SequeLink 5.5 The webmaster is using a standard connection string Driver=DataDirect 32-BIT SequeLink 5.5;Host=IPadress;Port=2399;LogonID=Logon;PWD=password;ServerDataSource=database file name Where the ip address is the external static Ip address o
  13. Hello Just to clarify - the menu set replaces the perform find command with a script - when you click on the custom find button - it takes you to the find layout and puts it into find mode So what I need to do is when the person clicks on the find button (on the status panel) in find mode after they have entered the criteria it runs a script which performs the find and takes them back to the browse layout At the moment it works on my version of 9 adv on windows xp - it also works fully on another window machine with 8.5v1 On all of the macs it works if people access the command from th
  14. Hello I would like to have a checkbox - either a single box where a value entered ie Y which does the same as the omit records box on the status panel So if the box checked and constrain found set is used then it will omit the found records I should say that my layout is a custom layout where all the finding is done using buttons with scripts Also is it possible to change the omit state using a variable ie Request the omit state using the function (normally would be 0) and then changing it to 1 by changing the value of the variable later in the script Any pointers greatfully rec'd fo
  15. Hello I have searched the forums already - the problem is not the script as far as I can see There is a custom menu set which replaces the perform find button on the left hand panel with a script This works fine on the machine which has filemaker developer but on none of the other machines even with admin access Does anyone know why this could be happening - do I need to do a runtime version
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