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  1. Thanks for giving it such thought. I was looking for a renewal date for a training certification. I added a button that stated when they had passed the course they were enrolled on, and using your guidance I amended it to calculate the renewal date from the date of the end of the course. Works like a charm, so thanks for the assist.
  2. Magic - will try it out. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Hi all, I hope you can steer me here - I would like to perform what I imagined would be a simple function of automatically adding a year to the current date to create a renewal date. However, I am finding this tricky - can anyone advise me? Thanks for your time.
  4. Hi there I have finally got around to giving this a go and it just isn't working for me. I get a load of errors stating that either the GET function will not work or else there are missing parameters. I followed the instructions so am a bit baffled. I would like this to be a script rather than a calculation as I want more control over when it is calculated. Thanks for your help.
  5. That is fabulous! Thanks for the assists there. Interesting point about the language, but as luck would have it I am using English in this db. Many thanks!
  6. Hi all, Just a newb question here - I need to take a date and calculate 10 weeks on from it automatically. If the day turns out to be a weekend it should automatically round off to the next Monday. Any ideas how I need to do this? Some of the solutions on here are a little intricate for what I need for this! Thanks in advance for your kind assistance. Rgds
  7. Hi all, I am creating a system that logs bookings for staff members and would like to know how to calculate the amount of time between START and END fields. This would then be rounded up or down and used to calculate billable hours. Has anyone here done anything like this before? Kind Regards R
  8. Cracking! Thanks for your time and help there. Feeling a little silly here but hey, that's learning. :
  9. Hi all, Still pretty new and need a little help. I would like to take 2 strings from different fields and join them together in another field to create what amounts to an email address. I have done this in other apps but cannot locate the calculation method in FM9. I am sure there is an easy way to do this as the scripting engine seems powerful, but it is not apparent to me at the moment. Thanks in advance for your advice and support.
  10. Nope - nothing like that. The tables are all linked by Learner ID alone, and the layouts have the fields drawn from the Learner Table (which is the main one). If the Learner ID field is empty in the other table, it shouldn't be able to access and display the guys name, right? Is it somehow using the global I created with $$learnerID to do this instead? Alas, there is no manual method of performing this action without me writing one as it is all script based. **Update** I need slapping. The layout was not linking the field to the correct one and so was empty. I have since corrected
  11. It's wierd. I am trying to pass each record only the Learner ID number which is a matched field. The first table to get a record gets this number, but the subsequent tables do not. However, they DO get the learner name, something they would only have access to if the matched field in the table correlated with the one in the learner table that I am sending the information from. Very odd. No records are locking.
  12. Hi again, I understand that $$ creates a global value. I have a script that sets a global value and then opens each layout (separate tables for each) in turn and adds a new record to it, populating a matched field with the contents of the global. at least that is what it is supposed to do. It works perfectly on the first layout it goes to, and after that the global field is not populating the table field as indicated. The text is identical, save the table name and this leads me to suspect it's the global at fault. I shouldn't have to reset the global value at every step so the next fields
  13. A ha. Nice one John. I was failing to put my NO in "". I thought seeing as the script tool does SO MUCH for me it would do that as well. LOL many thanks Rich
  14. Hi John, New Record/Request Set Field[Learners::Course Completed;) The field is a text field completed by a YES NO checkbox. However, I cannot set the field to either YES or NO in the script tools when I specify what to set it to. After the Course Completed; XXX should be what I want to set the field to, I am assuming. Thanks
  15. Hi all, I am trying to set a YES NO checkbox field to either YES or NO in a script but the programming tools will not let me - it states that the table cannot be found. Any ideas? Thanks
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