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  1. Well, if you want to execute a query, you need to use the 'execute sql' script. But how can you use or manipulate the ouput of that query? How can you put the result of an sql-query into a field or something?
  2. I also had that question. But here's another that can also be useful for Simoneg: how do you exactly insert the SQL-statement into a field. Step-by-step.
  3. I'll try it your way. No, I just have this table. I have a very big database and I try to keep it as small as possible. I'm a newbie, but have the feeling that FileMaker can become very crowded when you always need to create new occurences of tables.
  4. Hope this is the right section of the forum to post this.. I have a Category table. Each table has a optional parentID which refers to the CategoryID of its parent. I need to create a layout, suitible for printing. It needs to show the first category, then its child categorys, then the second category,... My question: 1. how can I say which category is the first to be printed? 2. how to show the child category's after each row? I think I will need to change or add some fields to the table, no?
  5. Ok, thanks, I'll get to it after my break. : Thanks
  6. In reply to: I just use a portal where a firm can choose theme's. This data is inserted in the firm_theme (should be named firm_heading) table. My problem now is: I can choose a heading in the portal. But I can choose it more than once. That isn't what it's supposed to do. So if firm 2 has heading 3 in the table, it cannot be inserted into the table anymore. (only in combination with another firm)
  7. I'm new with FileMaker and read some of the topics about filtering value lists etc. But I'm having a parent-child problem with my program: say I have a Category-table. I want to make a difference between a main category and a sub-category. When I create a new category, i need to select if it is a subcategory or a main category. In parentID I want a value list that displays only the category's that are marked 'main category'. For example (screenshot): The drop-down list should only display category's where CatType = mainCategory It's probably pretty simple..
  8. Thanks, you guys are really helpfull. I will try some of your tips tomorrow and let you know if it works. Thanks
  9. All my ID's already were "auto-enter seial" and unique. I added a little screenshot of this part of my database. The most important table is FirmTheme (should be named FirmHeading). The firm needs to choose between several Headings. So if firm 3 chooses heading 2 we get: firmID = 3 headingID = 2 The headings and firms are unique. What do I want? That firm 3 cant choose heading 2 anymore when it already has chosen that heading. Sorry, quite difficult to explain but the solution has to be very simple. I just want that one firm can choose between various headings,
  10. I just began with developing in Filemaker and have some questions of which I didn't find an answer (also by using the search function of the forum). For example, I have 4 tables: 1. Firm-table with FirmID 2. Firm_Heading-table with firmID and HeadingID 3. Heading-table with HeadingID and ThemeID 4. Theme-table with ThemeID Relations are as follows: Firm(FirmID) => Firm_Theme(FirmID) Firm_Theme(HeadingID) => Heading(HeadingID) Heading(ThemeID) => Theme(ThemeID) So the table Firm_Theme is a table with 2 ID's (FirmID and HeadingID The COMBINATION o
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