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  1. It works fine showing an unstored calculation of the joint table in a portal, the calculation been Get ( RecordNumer ). In you case, you have a multiple to multiple relation, then an intermediate table has to be created, in which you can set up the calc.
  2. Hi, I'm having the same issue as Cosi. In answer to the question "what sort of operation are you trying to do with the container data?" What I'm doing : a products table has many pictures. I don't store them in the file, but on the web server. Access from FileMaker Pro to the pictures is done via the webviewer. Theses pictures are mainly used for the online shop. On a Server 9, I've a server script that checks records of a temp table to process the pictures. I need to export the files from the container field and place them in the correct folder of the web server, create t
  3. Hello, Last summer at the DEVCON, I was pleased to be introduced to ScriptMaster plugin. I've recently been testing it in order to use it in a production environment. All works as expected on OSX 10.5.6. The problem arises on the Windows platform. None of the examples that require user interface windows (dialog boxes, file chooser dialog, color picker dialog, JDialog objects, etc.) will work as expected. The main problem is the fact that the modal state is not preserved on Windows. Well it actually is preserved regarding the user's input, but the modal windows/dialog
  4. Rules, standardisation and structure are necessary in our world, and thank god they exist... but, as my grand grand uncle always said, be wise my son ! It is wisdom is to reveal to someone his mistakes, but also is wisdom to know when to override rules, for the sake of your development and maintainability. This makes me thing of the FileMaker Naming convention, just freshly translated to French, thank FileMaker (!!). It is standardization meant to be more a guidance than a rule... and some complain that it is not enough strict, while other that it is brings too many constrains... No
  5. hum... brackets, no brackets... kind of running away from the initial subject... but can't resist... Performance issue: my experience is that a code written in C++ or another compiled language would be optimized by the compiler, and the brackets removed if unnecessary... but in FileMaker, I don't think that there is an optimization process (but could be!), and you might be right, Michael, that they is a very little time lost in this case... but negligible in most cases. David, I really like using the Let function, and I use it in nearly all calcs, but it's kind of difficult to p
  6. If you have FileMaker Server Advanced running and configured, it should not be so difficult to try the idea given in your book. But is seems more difficult than a simple AppleScript on Mac or VBscript on PC... FileMaker is very skinflint regarding the functionalities made available for file manipulation. While other systems offer a large set of file manipulator functions and File System access, FileMaker does ... nothing. Look for plugins that would do the work for you, but AppleScript can be a great friend!
  7. About my previous post... Wrong assumption I think: if FileMaker has a font disabled or missing, another one replaces the missing font by default. It wouldn't be blank. Perhaps it really is a bug...
  8. Hello Mac Hammer, A PDF can be included on Mac as an image, but this has a cost! FileMaker converts all images to jpg format internally, for compatibility between Mac/Win worlds. So consider the space of the PDF file and the JPG converted version of it if included as a image. You could then show the PDF in a field set to be full page, but what about many pages PDF? A PDF entered as a QuickTime movie works fine for screen browsing through the PDF, but is not really printable... A possibility would be to export the PDF file to a local folder, and with an applescript, open i
  9. not on sale but they are cheap... and it make things explicit, and doesn't cost anything in performance...
  10. What usually happens is that the user is in search mode, and that he fills up the fields thinking he is adding a new record. Solve this by making the search mode look different from the insert/edit modes. Another problem could be the validation of a record field. I a user cannot override the validation scheme of a specific field, and that he reverts the record to the previous state, in case of new record, it is deleted, and in case of existing record, FileMaker will rollback the record to its previous state. About the fact that you are using multiple windows, this should not be a p
  11. It's possible on Windows version of FM to define the fonts made available in FileMaker. So, if the system has the fonts installed, which is surely the case, then it's FileMaker that as this fond disabled. I don't remember where the option is, as I've just a Mac a this specific moment.
  12. Field_1 is the full number Field_2 is the percentage You then need a field that will contain the result? Field_3 is the value of the percentage = Field_1*Field_2/100 Of course, the $ sign and the % sign are not part of the fields data... even though it could, but not good Hope that I understood your question :
  13. Is the Get(RecordID) information what you really want to get ? This is a number internally generated by FileMaker, not a serial number you would have created to identify a record... But if it is what you want I've just tried again (FM8.5), it works fine. It could be that your field GlobalTemp::gTempNum in not set as a global... Can't help you more. --EDIT-- sorry, dobble post with John... --EDIT--
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