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  1. This one has me scratching my head. I'm working on a touch screen, point of sale retail solution for a golf course. I need to generate a report at the end of a period of sales that summarizes the various "products" sold. There are 37 products, each with a PRODUCT NO., PRICE, QTY and DESCRIPTION. These are sub-divided into 8 logical groupings. On any given day there could be from 0 to over 50 units sold for each product number. The printed report summarizes the number of units sold as follows: NO. DESCRIPTION QTY PRICE Registration 001 Re
  2. Please give me the best way... a calculation on a field?... a script ...that will start me off at 1 at the beginning of the day, will increment by 1 for each additional record. Will show as a field in my daily report that is also printed and is deletable at the end of the day. Thanks
  3. I just want to save the data from one day to the next in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. I will never have a need for the data generated that day to be used again in FMP it is history. Why I even need the record number field is so we will know thru the day how many transactions (customers} we have had and a summary report at the end of the day will show the transactions including a transaction number associated with each record. There is never a need to find on record number. I could even start with a fresh database for each day but I have tables as lookups that would have to be repopulat
  4. Your right, of course, I misspoke. I am actually using a transaction number that is auto-enter serial number and increased by 1 for each new transaction. It doesnt NEED to be a serial number just a auto enter starting at 1 and increasing by 1 for each new transaction. There could be 100s of transactions in one day but once the day is finished the data is printed, saved and done for. The next morning we start over again fresh with the transaction number back to 1, with a new date. This is a POS solution by the way. How would I set up a calculation/script that would give me the progressive numbe
  5. I have a typical auto-enter unique serial number field in a table that has data copied and erased at the end of the day. The new day starts with a new record and I need to set the serial number back to 1. It would be better if this were done via a script but I could live with doing it manually. Thanks for your help
  6. Sorry for the delay in getting back to the Forum. I was away. To respond to your solution, I have attempted to implement it but the specific nature of the task needs a solution that immediately warns the cashier thru a beep and a text message in the appropriate field that this member's card has been used earlier today. Again, a five digit barcode is scanned into the Customer_ID field which includes a "return". I have one script that immediately checks if the member has renewed his/her membership this year, that checks if the "Student must now renew as a "Regular" member, that checks if the "
  7. I think this has to be generated by a script. When the cashier is finished with the last customer, (this is a golf course), the cursor is left at the Member-ID field for new input (the next customer). The reason we want to flag the card if it is used again today is that their are deadbeats even amoung golfers and it is not above them to "loan" their card to another player so he can play at a reduced members rate instead of a walk-on. So the card is scanned and the member-ID is inserted in the field. The cashier hits enter which is a scripted button that actually does about 6 different t
  8. This looks very promising. I have a button that is pushed after the member-ID is scanned in. This is touchscreen POS. The button goes to a script that is called MemberScan which goes thru a series of tests including Renewal status, Senior status, Fees schedule to apply and more. Based on what you show here, how would you script your segment so that when the card is used a second time on the same day an insert text could be entered in my ProfileMessage Field such as ;"This member number has already been used today! Press 1 to allow. Press 0 to reject." Thanks' Greg
  9. I really tried to follow solution and set it up the best I could but with no success. I am just not advanced enough to put it all together. Let me tell you what I have so far: Added a Table called Swipe with 5 fields; Current Date Date Global Auto Enter Calc CurrentDate = Get CurrentDate Member-ID Text Already Swiped Text Primary-ID Text Timestamp Date Added a table called Swipe_Check with 3 fields; Member_ID Text Date Date Timestamp
  10. Sorry for the delay in gettting back to you...I was away. Your solution really helped. Thanks a lot. Greg
  11. Without using a find routine, how would the syntax of my calculation look for the following solution? A member has a bar-coded 5 digit unique membership number which is scanned in which becomes a transaction, date and time stamped. Call this 5 digit field Member_ID. We must keep track of this Member_ID during the day. He can only use the number once a day. If the card is scanned again later the same day, we must be alerted at the time of the rescan via a message to the operator. "Member has already used this card today. Allow? The key is to relate his usage to todays
  12. Thanks for the prompt answer. I've looked at GTRR but I can't get it to work in this case. Let me flesh out the logic a little further. This is a golf course POS solution. The cashier has a Touch Screen with a hand scanner. A member usually shows a Member Card with a bar code. This is scanned in and the members vital statistics shows on the screen and starts the fees procedure. This has all been worked out. The solution I need is when a so-called member claims that they "forgot" their membership card but they memorized their 5 digit number. We have a field that displays the u
  13. This one has me sucking my thumb! I have a situation where I need to COPY a five digit field (CustID) in Transaction Layout. Then, Goto (Member Layout::Member Table). Enter find mode, select (CustID) field and PASTE. Then Perform Find. Problem is, it won't paste from the script! It will paste if I stop the script just before the paste step and manually paste the characters, so the copy part of the script works just fine. This however does not help because everything in this solution is scripted because it is in Kiosk Mode and no keyboard exists. Whats even stranger is tha
  14. I just want to thank both of you for leading me in the right direction. By no means do I have it all figured out but your suggestions are very helpful in me not only going forward but avoiding the snags and demons that await me around the bend. I'm sure I'll have additional questions, but until then...Take care. Greg
  15. My confusion is in how to handle the logic and syntax of multiple branching events. I am developing a POS touchscreen system in Kiosk Mode for a golf course. No keyboard input. When a member's card is scanned it is entered into an edit box using: Insert Text[select;Transaction::Member_ID] Now I have a 5 digit unique member number. This in turn generates a 3 digit MTypeIDLookup number which indicates the type of price the member will pay when the transaction is selected. The member could be a Regular, Senior, Student and Others. Now comes my confusion...How do I script this?
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