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  1. first part works fine -). I know the tab-order in layout. What I don't understand is "and Field 1 is blank, or 3.". I don't know where I can input this instruction or order. What I need is a jump to Field-3 if Field-2 = no
  2. I have 3 fields: 1. Option-field: Y/N 2. Field1: 3. Field2: If option-field = "N" than write "no" to Field1 and jump to Field2 and wait for input. Which formula could make this "jump" -)?
  3. problem is fixed. I have overlooked a "printer"-button
  4. thanks. I think it is a filemakerproblem. It is only reproducable in layoutmode, with one specific file.
  5. Always when the mouse is touching (without click) the filemakerwindow, this toched fm-window comes automatically to foreground. this is very nervy at makes me crazy -)) Other windows come to foreground only with click. Is this filemakerimmanent or ...?
  6. I want only a simple "field-list" to get an overview and for changing fieldnames. In Design-Report there are for each field many lines. I need only a small list for fast overview. Is it possible?
  7. yes it looks simple. but how to use a summery field only for selected records?
  8. I have one field with [ kilometers ]. Sometimes I make a selection of records. With a scriptbutton, I want to calculate the summery of field "kilometer" from the selected records, the result should be shown in a seperate field. I know this must be done with a calculation -)), but with which one, this is the question for me as beginner...
  9. first: your formula works fine. I got it!. thxxx. you are great -)). second: as I understand, in this "robust" solution I have access to the filepath of each pic. But what has do be done, if I change on harddisk the path of 1000 pics (maybe the directory)? Then I must change in 1000 fields 1000 pathes, I think?
  10. hi fenton, thanks for your very nice description -). I tried your "ImageAbsolutePath_calc.fp7.zip". It runs, but I got no pic in the formula-medienfield. I see only the written path of the pic in the pic-field. Example: filePath: "file://D:/KuSP/Pic/pic1.jpg" _cImage: "D:/KuSP/Pic/pic1.jpg"
  11. thanks -), importfromfolder.zip runs well! Question: If pic-directory changes, the pic-referenz is lost. But what has do be done, if the pic-directory MUST change, because pc-changes or harddisc-changes? Maybe only HDD D: changes to HDD E: and same direktorys.
  12. your example is the solution -)))). 2 short questions: 1) ImportFromFolder/EditScript/Specify import order/Specify: I did't come in the Specify-Menü. It seems, when I press "Specify" the script starts. Only after deleting the Scriptline "Set...$folder" I come in. 2) In Field Mapping/Match records based on this field you use FilePath = Path. What does this really mean and why not FileName = Name?
  13. I have to import pictures from always the same rootfolder and variable subfolders. Always after I store new pic's from cam, I start a script "Import_new", and the filemaker should import (only references) only the new pic's without a dialog. First I thought on "xopy /m" (archivbit), but this causes another problems. Filenamecompare or filedate is not useful, because its random. Has anyone a good idea for a small solution? Archivbit is the best indicator if a file is archived or not. But how to check & change it from filemaker without special plugins? vbs-scripting
  14. thanks very much for full code. but I am not shure if it solves my problem, because after line 2 "sent event" comes immediatly "import". or maybe I interpret the loop... in a wrong way. please could you spend a few words on it? :(
  15. yes, I have it but, now, how can I start a script in filemaker (it is open) with vbs? which commands and so on? example: in the file fm-batch.bat are two lines: "xopy ......... " "rem if xcopy finished, than script" "start_script.vbs" and which vbs-lines must be in the file start_script.vbs?
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