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  1. why is there a prioritize and prioritize 2 table? what is the significance of having 2 table occurences?
  2. basically, the portal loads PRODUCTION ITEMS that are still in need of being produced. sometimes, only a few parts of the job need to be produced first, while the others can wait. the portal now loads related records, sorted by the JOB ID. I would like to be able to have a single record for each JOB ID, and within this a portal that lists all parts ready to be produced. I need the priority button/field to move the needed items to the top of the list. does this sound possible?
  3. in the definitions, did making the files not equal keep them from duplicating when other data is inserted?
  4. I have been able to sort the data using this method, however, as i switch between records, the data in the priority field stays the same.. Meaning that, if on Record 5 items 1,6,13,15, and 25 are priority 1, when i switch to Record 127 these same items are still listed as priority 1...
  5. hello, I am attempting to prioritize rows in a portal. I have tried having a field that is a drop down with the values 1-5, but the fields stay the same, regardless of what data i pull from related tables. has anyone else had experience in prioritizing related information in portals?
  6. Hello, I am working on customizing the free version of the Seed Code "CC Gantt Chart". In my "Contracts" section, each job is assigned a STATUS based on a calculation. I would like to use this status to set the color by which the item is displayed on the gantt chart. I have used Case and Choose functions, however, I am confused on how to change this status in the Gantt Chart settings. Can anyone help?
  7. I see what you mean. Let me try to explain the issue a little more in depth. A number of tables use the PARTS table; The QUOTING system, the CONTRACTING system, the PRODUCTION system, the DELIVERY system, and a few other smaller tables. If a company orders, for example, 800 parts, each item (though the same part number) is assigned a unique extended part number. Therefore, even if the customer orders 200 pavers that are all identical, 200 records are created in the PARTS table. The issue, however, mostly occurs in the CONTRACTS and QUOTES tables. There are number of portals on thes
  8. Tables that link to the file are slow in loading, some take up to 20 seconds to display. The PARTS table is almost 17MB.. There are a number of tables with portals that are related to the file, all of which load incredibly slow.
  9. How would I go about doing it the way you specified?
  10. That's a good idea... I was thinking of adding a BACKUP checkbox that, if checked, refers the record to the PARTS BACKUP table. If I were to make the field(s) inactive, would this reduce the file size and thus speed up searching?
  11. SoundPad- I am working on a similar problem, I just made a post about it. I have a table with over 120,000 records that I need to clean up. If you have any advice, I would definitely appreciate it!
  12. I currently have a "PARTS" table with over 120,000 records... This makes the database unbelievably slow (that is, tables that used records related from this table)! What I want to do is write a script that sorts record by modified/accessed date; any records that have not been accessed in 3,6,or 9 months (drop-down value) I would like to duplicate them, put them into a "BACKUP PARTS" table (that will not be accessed other than manually), and then delete the found set. Is it possible to sort records by a access/modification date?
  13. I am trying to remove all characters after 18- For example, I want "John Smith Is Confused About This Command" to trim down to "John Smith Is Conf" I tried using Left(cJobName;18) but I keep getting "An operating is expected here" error... Anyone?
  14. soren- I looked at your "beer" file, and at the production script; im relatively new to filemaker, so i dont fully understand each script step. when i run the script with the above code, it duplicates the single record but goes into what seems to be an endless loop. i have 6 tabs setup, each with a related portal, and i am attempting to duplicate the record with all of these portals duplicated as well. any suggestions?
  15. PARENT SCRIPT go to related record [from table: "QuoteItems"] duplicate record/request set field
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