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  1. have a small issue that i'm stumped on ... i've dealt with filemaker a fair amount, but in no way do i consider myself expert (or even close to it) ... step by step help is more than appreciated ... that said, i have a simple call-back report where we can view notes of call backs on a daily basis, and what we are wanting is to be able to search this report by a date range ... i can use either fields like what is there, to type in the date, or use the drop calendar - which ever is easier to implement ... here's a screenshot of the file: http://jleeinc.com/resources/call-report.jpg you'll see at the top Monday: Jan 7, 2008, that field is where we need teh date range to query the db ... if you can provide a solution (scripting), please let me know ... again, i cannot see this being a huge issue, just a lack of know-how on my part ... *also, for the record, this form works fine as it is, the only thing needed is to search by a range of dates vs only one date Thank you in advance!! Jerimy.
  2. LMAO, like i said "getting stuck on some of the simplest things" ... i simply was not using quotes around the word "sold" and it was prompting me to do something else FIXED!! YOU ARE THE MAN - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME and certainly your PATIENCE!!! Jerimy.
  3. ok, clearly im misunderstanding somewhat ... i know where to put in the calculation , but what IS the calculation formula? i dont know what to put there ... again sorry for my ignorance ... some of this i breeze right through and then get stuck on what seems like simple stuff lol ... you dont by chance have msn or yahoo or aim chat do you? jleeinc1@hotmail.com , jleeinc1@yahoo.com or jleeinc1 (aim) prob could solve this in about 30 seconds either way i really do appreciate your time! Jerimy.
  4. here's what i have and it's still showing sold items: screenshot: http://jleeinc.com/screenshot-fmp2.jpg thanks,J.
  5. ok for the Set Field[] , do i also set the "Specify Target Field" ? as well as the "Calculated Result"? ... as i've tried messing with both of these and coming up with the same results, its finding the "tiger woods" but showing ALL results for him, not omitting the SOLD pieces., but i'm sure i've got something slightly off. what i'm trying to omit (from the search results) is from the table 'Line Item 2' , field 'Sold' ... i know this cant be tough, but like anything without the proper knowledge, its harder than it should be ... i really appreciate your assistance, and let me know when i've tested (your patience) too much as i completely understand. Jerimy.
  6. i feel silly asking, but where exactly is the Calculated result section? thanks again for your help!! Jerimy.
  7. I appreciate the heads up, although it does not seem to be working .. that said, here's a screen shot of the script, is there something wrong? i think i followed your direction ... thanks for any additional insight and/or help! Screenshot Jerimy.
  8. I have basically an inventory management database (has Name, Type, Product Name, etc for fields)... and have a field for [sOLD] pieces of inventory ... what i'm trying to do is, is set the "Find" button, so that it searches the database based on whatever criteria you put into a given field, (Name , search for Tiger Woods for example) and have it ONLY show records for Tiger Woods that are NOT sold (omitting each record that is declared [sOLD]) ... my current set up is -> Button Setup is set to 'Enter Find Mode' and it searches fine (but finds ALL inventory including the SOLD pieces) ... when i 'Specify Find Requests' and set it to Action>Omit Records and Criteria>LineItem2::Sold = SOLD BUT when i check this box for Specify, and then try to search for "Tiger Woods" it shows ALL records (not just tiger woods), BUT it does omit the SOLD Tiger Woods pieces ... is there something i'm missing with regards to it showing ONLY Tiger Woods (search criteria of course, as tiger woods is only an example) and omitting the SOLD pieces? well i guess there has to be or i would not have this problem, lol Thanks for any and all help! Jerimy.
  9. have another little prob that i dont have an immediate answer for .... what i need is to have a drop down menu that pulls all records from another table (i know how to make this feature) ... but what i'm wanting is to be able to choose a specific (company name - in this example) and when i select it, it automatically pulls related info like phone number, email address, etc that are all specifically related to that company name (and that record) ... screenshot of what i want the outcome to look like: http://jleeinc.com/sma/referral.jpg all filled in of course so in short (to recap), i want a drop down menu that pulls from a field (company name) in a related table and once i select the company name of choice - then it fills all the related info in that goes with that particular company ... any questions, please let me know ... thank in advance for any help! Jerimy.
  10. Vaughan, i got it figured out ... thanks for the heads up! Jerimy.
  11. this is prob easy, but aren't all things when you know how : ... i've got a database which has an area for taking notes (like for phone conversations, etc) has about 6-8 fields - client name, client ID, phone number, note reference (title), the note itself, called by, created date ... http://jleeinc.com/sma/note.jpg - screenshot and from there, i want to be able to pull specific data to essentially a list view of activity for a specific day : http://jleeinc.com/sma/callbackreport.jpg - screenshot i'm not sure how to grab the data for a specific date ... do i need scripts to call for the client ID, client name, note ref, and created date to match the date specified? hopefully i'm not being too confusing ... basically in english its, show all records (displaying the fields: client ID, Client name, Note reference, and Created Date) for "this specified" date ... i'm just not sure how to create the script to do that ... any help is more than appreciated ! if more clarification and/or screenshots are needed, please advise, i'll be happy to add more .. Jerimy.
  12. interesting ... i would have thought i could make a copy without have "physical" access (that dont seem to make sense to me, but again i'm not familiar with the workings of fmp - i know with websites, you NEVER need "physical" access to a server)... this is becoming much more trouble than i thought .. from what i'm gathering, i'm better off just creating a new db from scratch (even with my limited knowledge) thanks for everyones help ..
  13. i can login to my database, but i dont know how to see if it's a mac server or pc server - i dont have "root" access to the server, just my database (at least that i'm aware of) ..
  14. i was not sure that made an entire copy of structure as well as content/inventory ... if thats the case then that sounds like the plan .. again, i would only assume that this cannot be a difficult process ... like anything, knowledge helps things a little bit , lol so in running a backup schedule, do i have to implement some script or can is there another way to do this -sorry for the dumb questions, again, i'm just not that familiar with this process .. Thank you very much for your help! J.
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