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  1. I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0.x on a Win XP Pro SP 2 machine to access an IWP database hosted on FMSA 8 on a Win 2K3 Server machine. According to the FMSA WPA console (the one accessed through a Web browser at localhost/fmi/config), my session timeout is set to 15 minutes. However, whenever I leave the database alone for about two minutes, I get a Bad Request error message, suggesting a session timeout: I could find any timeout settings in IIS. Is there somewhere else I need to look?
  2. Can't answer your firewall/port forwarding question, but on Windows server those files can go in C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginewpcResourcesiwpres
  3. :bang: As usual, the solution is already in these forums.
  4. A little experiment I set up: Two files, both hosted on IWP, with IWP privileges set correctly. One named "Main", one named "People". People contains two layouts, "ONE" and "TWO". It has a startup script: Show/Hide Status Area [Lock; Hide] [Go to Layout: "ONE"] It also has a script called "GO TO TWO": [Go to Layout: "TWO"] A single button was placed on the only layout of the Main database. The button ran a script called "DO EXTERNAL SCRIPT", which I changed to do the following three sets of steps, and noted the results: Perform Script ["GO TO TWO" from file: "Pe
  5. I think what's happening is that whenever IWP encounters a Go to related record script step, it loads the other database into the URL, which causes that file's Startup script to run, thus overriding any script steps that had come after the go to related record step. Does that sound correct?
  6. That didn't really work. The new virtual window opens correctly, and it does so without opening the status area (sidebar), but the record that appears is the first one in the People database, not the related record. Any other ideas? I also tried a method using external scripts, but those work even less. Despite the fact that the People database is shared and uses the same permissions, running a script in IWP that has a "perform script [external]" step just causes the browser window to blink.
  7. I like where this script is going but I think it's a bit better to substitute encoded special characters instead of substituting text. Just like %20 is a URL-encoded space, use %26 for ampersand and %3F for question marks. Also, substitute carriage returns (paragraph symbols) with %0A. YMMV, but %0A gets me a new line and a line break. If %0A doesn't work, try %0D or %0A%0D. (Reference) Try this script instead: Open URL [No dialog; "mailto:" & Database::Email & "?Subject=Sample%20Subject%20" & "&Body=" & Substitute (Substitute ( Substitute ( Databa
  8. Comment: That worked quite well, thanks.
  9. I have a multiple-file solution that uses external scripts. In one example, I have a portal in the 'Main' database that shows records from the 'People' database. Each line of the portal has a Go button that executes the following script: Commit Records/Requests [No dialog] Go To Related Record [show only related records; From Table: "People"; External; Using layout: "Data Entry" (People)] Select Window [Name: "People"] My problem is that if the external file (in this case, People) hasn't been accessed before, the Web browser loads a new URL with People in it instead of Mai
  10. For reasons best not explained here, I want a valuelist that pulls from a table that contains two fields (Name and Order) that will sort the list by order but only display name. I've created an Order = Order self join and set up a valuelist based on two fields to accomplish this, but I can't find a way to hide the order (second) field when selecting from the valuelist, even though the list only gets populated with name (first) field data. Is there a way to have a list that is sorted by a field that doesn't appear in the list?
  11. So... Apparently my script wasn't working since I had web-incompatible Open File steps outside my Get (ApplicationVersion) If statement. I threw the incompatible steps inside the client check and it works as advertised. Just a note for other newbies such as myself who stumble upon this thread in the future: if you execute a script that has a web-incompatible script step, the script terminates immediately, and gives no error message. Be sure to check the "indicate web-compatibility" box every time you use ScriptMaker if you are doing web development, as is mentioned several times
  12. I have a database that should use Get (ApplicationVersion) to determine if the client is the WPE or not, as many have suggested here. However, when I access this DB via IWP, it says my client is FMP with [FullAccess] privileges. The DB is hosted on FMSA 8 on a Win 2K3 SP1 box. What gives?
  13. Martin: That is a most excellent and well-explained response. I will certainly be using the NaN does not equal NaN trick in the future. Thanks so much! :)
  14. This may be a n00b question posted elsewhere, but I couldn't seem to find the answer here. When I use the 'sum' function in the XSL files produced by the FM Site Assistant, there is some code that checks if any of the fields is not a number. If so, it reports "N/A". Here's the code: Here's the problem: If a record has no data in the field that is being summed, or if there is non-numerical data, such as some dashes, the sum function returns "N/A". I've tried substituting the following for records that don't have numerical data in that field:
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