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  1. Similar to this I need a code that can Parse the XML and show me the plain text in the web viewer. I work on XML files. I used XML to call some external APIs , which in return gives me the response in XML. I need that XML response to be shown as a plain text in a web viewer. Any help would be highly appreciated. Right now instead of parsing it to normal text, I have decided to show the XML itself as data in the web viewer. I have just tried to use the following code $XML_ResponseFinal = "<html> <body> " & ¶ & Substitute ( $XML_Response ; [ "<" ; "&lt" ] ; [ ">" ; "&gt" ] ) & ¶ & "</body> </html>" to try to show the normal XML (protected from html tag i.e to be treated as normal text and not xml) in web viewer but not successuful. The web viewer is just showing blank. I am using Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "webviewer"; URL:"data:text/html;"$XML_ResponseFinal] Thanks Pushkraj
  2. Hello All... How are you all. Just was not able to be in contact with you since long. But cant be away from you as Filemaker is only the bread and butter for me...!!! Hope you are doing great... I am just stuck at some place. We are using Smart Pill plugin from http://www.scodigo.com/products/smartpill-php/ This plugin is very usefull in executing the PHP codes straightaway form the filemaker (Acting as a web server for your application) Attached are files. ExampleCallingPHP.php is the file whose code I need to run through the filemaker smart pill plugin When I am trying to run the following code through filemaker smart pill plugin "include_once(\"utility.php\");" & ¶ & "$Result=GetResellerList(\"\", \"admin\", \"admin\", 0,100);" The Plugin is giving me the following Warning: PHP Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced\Extensions\PHP Support\includes\utility.php on line 126 PHP Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced\Extensions\PHP Support\includes\utility.php on line 126 PHP Notice: Undefined variable: tagValue in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced\Extensions\PHP Support\includes\utility.php on line 104 This warning is related to the session start function provided in the utility (include) file. The utility.php file (un-modifiable) has a session invoking call. I am having a strong feeling that, double session is getting created. 1st one is from utility file and the 2nd one from the PHP plugin (by default). Even the Warning describes the same issue. The strange thing is that when I tried runing the “ExampleCallingPHP.php” along with the include file “utility.php” on Web browser using web server, then it worked perfectly well.\ I am just struggling to make this code work to remove this warning. I also visiting following links but that could not help me as my triggering for the code is filemaker and not the web server so these links didnt helped me but might give you some more details http://www.phpbuilder.com/board/showthread.php?t=10363408 http://www.phpbuilder.com/board/showthread.php?t=10310794 Any help would be highly appreciated. ExampleCallingPHP.php utility.php readMe.txt
  3. Hi, Hope you are all doing well… Here we are having one requirement for FM Go. There is an application in FM Go which makes use of a container field. The data (PDFs, Word Docs, Images etc) are directly stored into the container field and not be reference. The requirement is that the user should be able to view the contents of the data stored but should not be able to download it on their hand held sets , I mean iPhones or IPads Any help would be greately appreciated. We cannot go for plugins since ipad or iphone dont support them
  4. HI currently I am working on FM6 project I need to respecify some of the field mappings in the FM6. But I dont know how to get the field mapping dialog in FM6, where I can just specify the new field mapping and it should get saved. I tired to run the import script in debugger (Perform without dialog checkbox off, for an import script)....It did gave me the mapping dialog, I changed the field mapping there in the debug mode but it didnt saved the mapping the next time I run
  5. Hi all, Hope all is well at your end. I am having a database that is created in FM9 I am having a problem with send mail functionality when the application is run under Mac environment with Entourage as a mail client. The mail gets saved in the Drafts folder rather than the outbox or Sent items folder of entourage and the mail is never sent. I am using the normal send mail script step of filemaker 9. Any help would be highly appreciated. If anybody knows the email ID of the concerned technical staff at filemaker , plz provide it to me, then I can write down this problem to them itself.
  6. Just not sure but can we get the trial version of FileMaker Go from the filemaker site....Dont see any information to that
  7. Hi all, Will I be able to move the graphic images from my Excel file into the Filemaker container fields? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I guess 30,000 is the character lenght limit of value list name and not the value limit.
  9. Hi, I am not sure whether this is the right place to post this link and chosed this general import and export topic for this.. I am having an application in filemaker 9. Suppose a table Employee has all combination of field (text,number, date, container) This project was given to a development team to get the data into this application via ODBC from another ODBC compliant application say APPX.. From this APPX my development team was able to get text,date, number etc data properly in to the filemaker application. But they we not able to get the binary data in to the container fields of FM. Did anybody have been encounterd with such issue? Please help me out as almost 90% functionality of importing data into my filemaker application has been successfull, it is this binary data only that I am not able to get in to the container fields. Is it normally allowed by ODBC or I will need a plugni or so..Any help would be appreciated. Thanks..!!!
  10. Hi, Is there any chance that the contract may get extended further looking at the guy's performance? Also, is there any condition that only Australian candidates only to apply?
  11. Hi, You will need to handle this printing of activities carefully. For a people record Go to layout (people) Go to related (activities) If(get(lasterror =0) { Go to the list layout and print them all } else { go to layout (People) Show custom dialog ("There does not exists any activites for this person") }
  12. Hi, You can specify the web address of a web user as "http://local.google.com/maps?" & "q=(404) 250-4570 | (404) 894-4560 | (404) 894-2000" You will need to concatenate all the zip / postal codes together with the pipe operator. Eventually you can provide these values from database fields as well. Enjoy FileMaking……
  13. You can go for this FM book connetor plugin http://www.filemaker.com/company/newsroom/releases/1303134.html
  14. File Maker File performance discussion: 1. It is the responsibility of the developer to maintain, minimum layouts, minimum fields, minimum calculations, minimum indexed fields, minimum relationships and minimum searching and sorting complexities right from the scratch development as per his/her requirement. No unneeded extra database elements should stay in the file maker file. 2. Many of the people suggest keeping the file as compacted, to remove illness or enhance the overall performance of the filemaker file. But still it is a debatable issue. 3. Basically there are 2 types of file maker file performance which is under discussion. [color:blue]a. Performance degradation when the number of records and database elements goes on increasing. People have suggest the solution for this by making use of good database design methodology, using correct and simple relationships which does not use sorting, using self relationships, using minimum graphic elements in layout design, using minimum indexed fields etc. However no direct solution exists for the performance degradation when the overall age of the file is increasing. [color:blue]b. Performance degradation when the overall age of the file is increasing. Below is the link for the answers that I received till today about this issue on technet. You can Google out by searching on “FileMaker Performance”. You will get plenty of material explaining the design methodology to be followed, how to enhance performance when the number of records increases, hardware related issues as well (e.g. Processor speed, cache speed) etc. However, I am still searching if I could found out the answer to the B type of performance. Technet forum link:: http://techtalk.filemaker.com/.59bd71df Any additions from your side shall be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance….!! Regards Pushkraj
  15. Hi, How are you all? Hoping all of you is in good time. I am working on a Filemaker database which has grown much older. I started with FM6 and now its finally got converted to FM9 and the customizations/development is still going on since 6 to 8 years in the FM9 version. The same sets of files are being used since years with continuous development going on. In case if the files get corrupted we just get the previous version of set of files and re develop the lost development. We are facing the performance issues with the current set of files, especially searching and sorting. Is there any method or tool or any process available which we can deploy to add new life to these set of files so that the performance gets enhanced. Any comments highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance. Regards Pushkraj
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