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  1. Guys, I am in a pickle. I really need to get my hands on a copy of Filemaker 5.5 Server for Windows. My LA office lost the copy of this software and we are willing to buy a used copy. If ANYONE has a used copy of Filemaker 5.5 Server, please contact me. Thank You in Advance
  2. AH HA. Now that is working and I like it. Thanks so much, Now I see where I went wrong. Thanks Mucho,
  3. Hi Again Guys, I have a problem. I am interested in creating some custom dialog boxes that allow a user to either continue or cancel a script. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get it to work. I've looked into the Get (Last Message Choice) area and don't see how to validate it to what a user chooses. Of course, if the user chooses "Cancel" I want the Script to Exit and if they choose "OK" the script should resume. Any ideas of how to accomplish this task? Much Appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Well, that makes sense. When you use the "/" in a calculation, what does that do?
  5. I setup the calculation as you suggested and it works, it prevents a user from being able to insert a photo larger then 400k. The one question I have now is, in your calculation, Length (container field)/1024 ≤ 400, what does the "1024" represent? And how did you come to use "1024" in your calc? Thanks,
  6. In reading all the posts I am still a bit confused. If Container A holds my picture (And they are embedded, NOT referenced) and I want to make sure that Container A does not exceed 400k, how do I make it do that? Is it a validation calculation? And if it is, how do you tell that field not to exceed 400k? Thanks,
  7. Hi Guys, Hope you can offer some insight. I have a container field that we use to store photographs of our locations. We have a policy where photos are supposed to be resized to 640x480px, it's not a structured policy in filemaker, it's just a "We know how to do it" thing. Our users here use photoshop to resize the images and then insert them into this container field. I have two questions: 1. Can I have that container field validate in some way so we don't get photos that are over 640x480px? For example, if someone put a photo in that was 1600x1200, they would get a me
  8. Hi All, One question here for you guys. I have been able to limit users access/modification privileges fairly easily using FileMaker 8. I have something now that I have not run into before. I have a Privilege Set that I need to create that has multiple parameters for authentication before users under this Privilege Set can edit records. 1. Our "Market" field must not equal "New York 1" 2. Our "Status" field must equal "Leased" Now, here lies the problem. If I add just one of these parameters into the editing calculation for that Privilege Set it works fine. I can't
  9. Ok, I've been messing with this and I keep coming to the same issue. The color of "Field A" does change when "Field B" has text or doesn't have text. The only issue is that the text I had in "Field A" is replaced by a huge number, ".468398780781783 and then that numbers color will change. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Hi Guys, I have another question for you all. I want to have one field that pulls information in from 10 other fields withing my database. How could I create something to do that? I've been tooling with it, but haven't had any luck. So basically, something like this. FIeld A - First Name FIeld B - Last Name Field C - SSN Field D - Phone Number Then, Field E would be show all that information together in one text box. First Name, Last Name, SSN, Phone Number. How would one get a field to grab all that information and display it? Thanks in
  11. Hi Guys, Quick question, I have a field, let's call it Field A, and this field has text in it. Now, I have another field, Field B. Field B may or may not have text in it. What I want to do is this. If Field B DOES have text of any kind in it, I want the color of the Text in Field A to change to red. I've done this with validation from a drop down list before with other fields, but I cannot get this one to work, all it does it erase what's in Field A instead of updating the color. Here is a sample of the calculation I'm trying. Case ($Field B} = "*" ; TextColor
  12. Thanks, I just tried that out and it worked like a charm. Sometimes I feel so stupid when things are that darn simple. Thanks Again,
  13. Hi There, I am trying to have text auto entered into "Field A" if "Field B" = "Active" So, basically if "Field B" = "Active" then "Field A" would have a warning automatically filled out that would say "This record is currently ACTIVE" I am able to accomplish this with a script, however I would like to have this done automatically if the conditions match. I am wondering if this can be accomplished with a calculation field. Thank You.
  14. Is there a way to prevent all users from using the "return" key to "Perform Find"?
  15. I was able to do this by using ( Active ) ≠ "no" Thanks for the tips. It's working perfectly.
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