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  1. Hi, I try to open the database remotely from an other mac on the LAN network, but i can't see the file. I'm using the same Filemaker7Pro at the 2 mac, do you think that this is the problem??
  2. I've made a booking system for a guest house. As you can see at the pictures, there are 6 rooms (left) and 25 days (Top, 5 past days + 1chosen day + 19 next days), you choose the date from the small calendar on the top left and it appears on the 6th column(Green). In the portal just under the Booking Grid, you can see all the reservations of the date that is in the green rectangle, and if you click on the blue round on the left of each record you it send you to the Booking Details Layout so you can change some details about the selected reservation. My Big Problem is that I have 150 different relations just for the Booking Grid (above the portal) and it make it very slow. The relation are connecting (for example): The 3rd date with the arrival and departure date (only if the 3rd day is >=arrival date and = I hope my description was easy to understand.... If someone have an idea for how to get off of thes 150 relation please help me... : THANKS 123.zip 456.zip
  3. can i change the border and background color of a field with a script or a function?:?
  4. I have 2 tables that are related with a "year" field . One table is the "invoices" and the other is the "MonthBalance). In the second table i have 12 fields (TotBalane Jan,TotBalane Feb,TotBalane Mar.....TotBalane Dec). So I want to sum the total balance of all the invoices of 2006(example) but i want the field "Totalbalance Jan" to appear the total balance of the invoices that where created in Jan 2006. I hope now understand my problem : sorry for my English
  5. If I put the sum(Field01) function in a calculation field the result is.... Field01 of 1st Record + Field01 of 2nd Record + Field01 of N Record. My problem is that i don't want to sum all the records,
  6. Hi, I have a list layout with one field "Food And Drinks" that you can add (new record) the kind of food or drinks (wines, meat, soft drinks, veg, beers....). i did that because i want that, each time you add a kind of food or drink at the "Item" field of the invoice and you click the "ADD" button, i want that a script check if you have choose the type of service (Room service, Restaurant, Bar) for this Food or Drinks. BUT only when the "Item" at the invoice is one of the "Food And Drinks" record of the list layout. My problem is that i can't find how the script can check if the field "Item" content one of the "Food And Drinks". Sorry for the English!!!
  7. It's just a number field (not a calculation field). The calculation is made by the "Insert Calculated Result" script step and the target is a number field and the calculation=1, the script start with a button from an other layout. It's all simple. The strange thing is that if i put the field in the layout everything is working, but if i delete the field from the layout (but not from the "define database>fields") its not working.
  8. If for example i a field and i don't want it to appear in a layer but i want to use the "Insert Calculated Result" Script to put some data into this field, the field doesn't accept this data from the script.... Do someone know why?? Sorry for my English...
  9. No, the "To:" is empty. if i have a record with a "email" field and i put this field into the "To:" ONLY, it still copying the email address 2 times. i can't understand. thanks
  10. ok its working but it copy 2 times the email of each record?? i dont know why??
  11. I want to select some records (clients) (from a portal) and then send them an email, but i dont know how to put on Bcc their email addresses. :B
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