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  1. GRRR..... Is that short for "Go Ruin Related Record"? I'm not familiar with that one . . . . not in Filemaker, anyway. :(
  2. I found one jumping off place, a script already written for finding today's birthdays, at databasepros.com
  3. Here's another one that I would guess is pretty common, and I hate reinventing wheels. So I wonder if you have one to share, or should I start from the beginning? I would like to have a script to recognize birthdays for my top layout. It would recognize that we have today's date, and a group of people who have birthdays, and upon opening it would say "Today is John Doe's 29th birthday," if in fact it is. (Otherwise, nothing.) Is this one already written, sitting in an archive somewhere? If not, would it be easier if the month and day fields were separate from the year? I'd appr
  4. If they really like their keystrokes you can teach them the "next record" command, CTRL together with the "Down Arrow" key. Takes them into the same field they were just in. I prefer key commands whenever possible, and this works for me.
  5. Try creating a new layout for the report, and force the option you want, perhaps with a different field using auto-enter.
  6. It sounds like what you are describing is a simple layout with different records, which fall under your groupings (bath faucet, kitchen faucet, etc.) which would be a field held together with a value list. I'm guessing that you want to go to a different layout when you click on your item. In that case, just create one layout with the "clickable item," and under the Format menu, go to Button Setup and Go To Layout. Choose a layout that has that item and it's information that you want to make available. Make sure you have a button on that layout to go back to the other layout. Alternat
  7. (Along with most people in the USA, I've been off for the weekend. Sorry I'm late getting back to you.) The layout you have shown is good for what goes to each customer, and for this I might make a new layout just for inventory. Count the widgets and stanchions at the beginning of the month, and make a running count subtracting each as shown with each record, without regard to who bought them. Add another field (new_Widgets) for when you add more to your inventory, and include that in your calculation.
  8. Taking a whack at your calculation, assuming your problem is on the "distributionfp7" file, where you want the original quantity (20) to subtract the distrquanity (3 From JOE'S) and the quantity2 (7 from PETERS) The original quantity at the top of the page was associated with the current TO, "inventory in" and the others were related to the "inventory" TO. So the simple subtraction was the problem. (It was subtracting from zero, because it didn't find a quantity field of the same TO on this layout.) Try sticking this in your "balance" calc instead: Inventory in::quantity - (invento
  9. Not sure what the problem is from here, but can you check your fields (in Define Database) and see if they are set up like this? The bottom portion is under "Options" for your Summary Field. Hope i'm not assuming too much regarding what you're looking for. (sorry...I just dove in since I'm up early.)
  10. One side of mine rattles, the other echoes. The voices make it difficult to tell which side is doing which. Thank you again, Lee.
  11. Thanks gents. Changing profile. We have Advanced in house, but not on my regular workstation. (Maybe we can get a moderator to move this thread to Scriptmaker.)
  12. I'm building an image library and think this may be so common that it must have been done already. The image name is imported into a "Name" field, and we would like a "Description" field to be based on the name. The way these files are named is something like "SixWhiteMice.jpg" and I would like FM to recognize capital letters in the middle of a word and put a space before each capital letter. Final result should be Six White Mice in the "Description" field. Has this already been done? I would hate to reinvent this particular wheel. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ FREEBIE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  13. Thanks, comment. I feel better already. :
  14. I think I've found a limitation in FileMaker, and would like to know if there are workarounds for this, be it in the form of plug-ins or something else. When checking the preferences, FM allows a pallet maximum of 256 colors. Does this include imported art? If so, that may not be good enough to match a corporate logo. You might also check the Acrobat Prefs, and turn color management off so you know that what you are printing is not being converted a second time. (For that matter, if you're still not satisfied with the color, try using any old conversion that program will offer...mayb
  15. ...we are assuming, of course, that by entering CMYK values you mean using the "sliders" on the menu available on the FM color pallette. I've been in printing all my life and never found a RGB / CMYK conversion that made everybody happy. They all take some tweaking. At the risk of adding to the file size and possibly making this way too difficult and kludgy, have you considered creating a piece of art to insert where the problem color is? Or is this more a matter of tweaking the color conversion?
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