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  1. Thanks! One last question. Is it possible to export records from the runtime version when the client decides to purchase the full FM package?
  2. Can anyone answer the above questions? Thanks in advance.
  3. Yes, in this particular case a single user stand alone solution will work. When the organization sees the value inherant in the solution they can then choose to invest in the FM software itself. However, will the execuatble require system level permission to function? Aka does it INSTALL anything, or will simply copying the executable file to the target PC be sufficient for it to run?
  4. I understand that it is possible to create an executable file in FM Advanced 9.0 that will allow an end-user without the filemaker software limited functionality of a filemaker database. Is this true? and if so how limited? Could a small multi-table database with a couple of relationships be usable in such a format? Does the executable conduct any type of installation and thus require system level permissions on the PC on which it runs? Thanks.
  5. I figured out what was happening. FM Was doing the subtotal calculation in floating point keeping half pennies etc. When the figures in the column displayed in two decimal places however FM rounded them causing the descrepancy. Thanks.
  6. it did not round the .75 to .8 or the calc result would have been 127.6. The calc result is actually 128. Thus it appears to not like to display 127.5 even though two decimal places are specified, and my guess is that it is rounding to 128 to avoid it. Please note I am not using the round function. I do not want rounding. I want precise numbers, even one penny off will hose my calculations. The calc is sub=e1+e2+e3+e4. For some reason FM cannot perform this simple addition task accurately. I am guessing, and it is only a guess, that this may be a rounding problem. Another exampl
  7. I have been tasked to support a database to track expenses in FM 7.0 that works kind of like an excel spreadsheet. I.e. there is a column of enterable number fields (say e1,e2,e3,e4 etc) and at the bottum is a calc field (Sub) that is defined as e1+e2+e3+e4. The fields are all set to display 2 decimal places, use currency, thousands separator. What is baffling me is that FM cannot seem to add properly on some records. Example e1=0, e2=0, e3=$63.75, e4=$63.75, Sub=$128. Where the heck is the extra $.50 coming from? 63.75+63.75= 127.5 not 128. If it is rounding the .75 up to .8 the tot
  8. I am supporting an FM 7.0 database that is a company manual that flips between layouts in a fashion similar to hyperlinks. It is used almost exclusively in browse mode. Unfortunately one of the dynamic reports I had to create in this "manual" requires a header part. The layout is meant to display in a way that mimics an 8.5 X 11.0 sheet of paper. Unfortunately the boundary between the header and body part creates a line that shoots off to the right for the entire length of the layout spoiling the image of the page. Is there anyway to hide this unsightly line in browse mode without removin
  9. I am starting to come under time pressure to provide usage statistics to management. Can anyone direct me to where I can find information on which users accessed which databases and for how long in my FM network? Thanks.
  10. Ok I know we must be getting close now. I have attached another set of screen shots. They show which log I am accessing, followed by the actual contents. What I do not see is the user name, database accessed, and length of time accessed anywhere in these logs. Am I looking in the right place? Am I missing a critical step? Thank you for your continued guidance. FM_Forum_Expanded_Logs.pdf
  11. Here is another pdf screen shot of what I found under the viewer option. This does not seem to have the user level access statstics I had hoped for. Thoughts? FM_Forum_Log.pdf
  12. Steven-- Again thank you for the patience you have shown in helping me get off the ground on this. I have attached a pdf with a couple of screen shots showing what is happened when I try to follow the instructions. The error dialog that appears worries me. I hope I do not have to go to every client in my office and turn on some type of functionality. I know that within server I was able to toggle on logging and set the file limit to 10GB. How do I resolve this error so I can begin harvesting these wonderful statistics for my management? FM_Forum_RA.pdf
  13. Thank you for all your help, this sounds like exactly what I need. I cannot however find these logs you have mentioned. I have looked in every folder and under every menu in remote admin. Where are these stored and how do I access them from within remote administrator? Thanks.
  14. What is the MMC? Will this show user level statistics for every user on my network? Aka will I get something like: Bill accessed HR DB.. Date time group start stop Mary accessed PO DB.. DTG start-stop Sue accessed Prg DB.. DTG start-stop Thanks.
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