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    Pie Charts

    here's what i'd really like to do: I'd like to make a chart on one page that graphs the result of each question (20% answered 1, 20% answered 2, etc). I'm not finding a smooth way to make this relationship.
  2. jhogan1

    Pie Charts

    After working on this some more the above solution isn't going to help me. Here is how my data is laid out -- I"m open to ideas on the best way to present an analysis of the data. I have ten questions that were answered based on a Likert Scale So easily can find out that 50% of those that answered question one chose a 2 as their response. What I neeed to do is find out how to best analyze all these results within FMP. The person I am preparing this report for does not have FMP so I cant' expect them to go through and use the "find" mode to get the results they need.
  3. jhogan1

    Pie Charts

    I'm creating a database which is analyzing some data from surveys created in another 3rd party product. I'd like to add a nifty pie chart to the results of each record in FMP 8.5 advanced. I've googled and found a couple of solutions -- none of which are intuitive. Surely it can't be as hard as i"M makiing it... Jeff
  4. I have done them before...but, for whatever reason its now greek to me. I created a back door fix for this immediate problem but i'd still like to learn how to do this for future ones
  5. This group saved me a plethora of time with an earlier issue. I've been in the hospital for over a month and forgotten many things and I am trying to do something that i Know is easy but I am making it harder than it needs to be. I have surveys where the answers were the numbers 1-5. I have about 25 questions. I want to make a script that will tell me how many people answered question number 1 "5" and "4" and so on and of course continuing to question 25. Then of course I need to export the data to a user who does not have filemaker. Fun huh?
  6. Definitely it sounds like a subsummarized report would be the most useful long term. Unfortunately as I expressed to Dave my programming skills lack something to be desired. I'm going to study up on what you speak of though because that definitely sounds like something that interests me.
  7. well...that's working so far. using your earlier suggestiong. i first strip out the number in the racial group and the import that file on a separate layout and create a joint relationship.
  8. I'll try to be more clear. I have a column named "race". I have various columns of various performance data (test scores, GPA's, etc). What I was able to succesfully do was run a query to find out how many people in a particular race scored below "X" on a test (or above, or whatever). Now, if let's say I have 250 total count. 30 of the particular race scored in a certain range. It tells me the percentage based on 30/250. However, if I sort by just race I find out that I have 50 of that particular racial group. I'd like to also have the 30/50 percentage breakdown o
  9. yes....that worked very easy for the first thing I was trying to do. Now onto the subfield (breakdown to percentage of field as opposed to percentage of total records) i am getting held up here: Get ( FoundCount ) /Count ( field {; field...} ) My only count option is the one you see. I keep changing it to Count (Race::VID) but it doesnt' recognize it. I know its something I'm just glancing over.
  10. thanks dave, If I can't make that work I have no business working on a computer. -)
  11. thanks for the speedy reply David. I am sure that will work. But, perhaps I should have identified myself more on the 'novice' side as I'm unable to follow those directions. I created the new layout -- that part was easy enough. But, then it wanted me to create a field based on the data from my first layout. I've honestly never worked with scripting before.
  12. Seriouslly, I have been fighting this for some time and I know it can be done but I keep stumbling. I have imported a spreadsheet of about 250 records into Filemaker 8.5 Advanced. I prettied up the layout and have everything sorting they way I like. However, what I want to do is this: I have total 250 records. I have about fifty fields. I want to find out how many Hispanic students meet "X" criteria (based on one of the corresponding fields). I get that results quickly and easily. However, when it tells me that its found 30 records -- what I would like it to tell me
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