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  1. Hi well "Date ( Month ( table::myDate ) ; Day (table::myDate ) ; Year ( table::myDate ) + 1 ) " only seems to work on my field if I manually enter date. I have to physically type 26/06/2019 for it to the display 26/06/2020. What I would like to do is when i create a new record it automatically puts the date the current date into the field and then add one year so I don't have to type it in. Does that make more sense?
  2. thanks A lot for the reply Is there away to make this work without me manual putting a date? Currently that only seems to work if I select the date and then it adds a year to it. What I would like to do is auto input the current date on a new record creation and then add the year to it if that makes sense? Thanks alot!
  3. Hi, I have a creation date field and I would like to add a year to it so if it was created on 01/01/2019 it actually says 01/01/2020. I'm relatively new to FM so I am a bit puzzled as to what to do Thanks in advance for any help
  4. Hi, I have a simple filemaker database I have created and it has a text field and an image container field. I have managed to display the text field on an ASP page but I can't get the container field (image) to display. I get this in the images place: ??Aa?? So is this possible? If so if anyone could give me an example code or something as I'm not fantastic at writing it but I'm good at taking it apart and learning what each part does I hope you can help Thanks alot Joe P.S I have also read around the forums about not using container fields (you should upload them to the server etc) but I would still really like to know how this works lol!
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