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  1. okay.... it's my stupid reaction of this. It can work actually, but I wonder how to use it over the web ?. When I try to publish it over the WEB, how can I insert the picture from another computer via WEB using this grab it plugins ? is there any enlightment from masters here ? he he he, thanks for your help bro.......
  2. Dear All, I already bought the grab-it plugins for filemaker. But I still don't know how to use it. First of all about the installation it can be done. But when I entered the filepath and the filename, then the picture won't appear. The activation code is work. Is there any clue how to use the filepath and filename ? is any explanation how to deal with it ?. I will be appreciate every help that you give to me. Pleaaseeeeee................
  3. hmm.... I run it at windows xp sp 2 os. If the event 4.0 is really not a universal plug in then it's okay with me. I just need to know the problem why it can't work at filemaker pro 8.5 advanced. If anything updated available please let me know. FYI: I also already install the .net framework into my computer and placed the plug-in at the extension folder of my filemakers. It can't work even if I already re-install the windows with the fresh one. If you have information about this condition, I will appreciate your help. Thanks bro......
  4. I have been try the event 4.0 for filemaker pro 8.5 advanced, but can't work. But if I try with filemaker pro 8, then it can work. Anybody can tell me why ? because I already try to run the same method with filemaker pro 8. I will appreciate every help. pleaseeeee........ because I already bought the licensed
  5. what about installation procedure in windows xp for filemaker server pro 8 advance. I already try it at 2 computer but didn't work. But when I install it at filemaker pro 8, it didn't have any problem. About the procedure I made it the same way. Is there any possibilities that the event 4 can't work properly with filemaker server pro 8 advance ?. If there is any resources I would be glad to have it. Thanks... pals......
  6. mmmm..... hi, I'm sorry for being dumb, but I still new about these things. I already try to place the plugins at the right place, but it seems don't work. I placed it at extension directory of filemaker, and I already install the .NET framework for windows. Is anybody how this could be happend ? I used the filemaker pro 8 advanced. Anybody can help me please...?? because when I try to install it at the other computer can work properly.
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