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  1. Hello all, I installed FileMaker Pro ODBC drivers, and was able to access the data with queries from Microsoft Excel. However, when I tried to access the same data with the same driver using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, it could see the table occurrences, but it couldn't find any of the data columns. It came back with the following error: " Error at Data Flow Task [ODBC Source [1]]: There was an error while trying to get schema information. Table has no columns." I got the same error, no matter which table occurrence I selected. Has anyone else run into this and solved it? I have been google searching without much luck. Although I found one post of someone who claimed they were able to do it with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, so maybe an upgrade is in order? Thanks in advance, Chris
  2. Hello everyone, I've got a solution that will probably solve many of your navigation headaches. Ever get tired of leaving a layout, going to a different layout, and then returning to the first one, only to find all your tabs have been reset to their defaults? Well, have I got a solution for you! And it's free! Now you may be thinking to yourself... "Self, I've already seen lots of other solutions like this..." or have you... This solution only requires the following criteria: - Two scripts - One global variable - That the tabs you want to remember must have object names. - Only works in FM Pro 8.5 (either platform) Other advantages: - no custom functions required - no special fields required - no special naming conventions required for tabs or layouts - no additional buttons or scripts, just refer to the two scripts in the sample file when needed. Complete details and documentation of how it works are included in the file. I kind of threw the documentation together last minute, so if anyone has any suggestions for the content, or even a better way of solving the issue, I'm all ears. Enjoy, hope it helps. Tab_Controls.zip
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