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  1. 1. Thanks. 2. The problem with found sets is that users need to search within their records to find specific ones. Once you do this, you break the original found set. You can put a button on the screen to show their original found set, but that is cumbersome. 3. Thanks. Outside of limiting records, is there any processing that can take place outside of FM? Paul
  2. Hi I have a few questions concerning linking to Oracle external data sources in Filemaker (FM) 1. Is ODBC the only non-FM option to link to external Oracle tables in a FM database? Is JDBC an option? 2. In our FM database, we would have different users with permissions to only see certain records in a FM or Oracle table. Is there anyway to limit the records these users would have access to in a layout in both the FM and Oracle tables AND not have to scroll through all the "no access" records? In other words, only see the records they actually have access to? 3. Our external Oracle tables contain a lot of records. Is there any way to limit the amount of records any user would have access to either within Filemaker itself or externally, in a Oracle view, etc.? In other words, maybe only 2 years of records? Paul
  3. Hi In the Filemaker 10 Advanced, is there a way to apply one of the new templates to existing layouts? John
  4. hassam36

    portal sort

    Thanks a lot once again--I did not know that existed..
  5. hassam36

    portal sort

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say to 'change the context of the calculation'? The portal and the fields in it (one of which contains the field containing the calculation) already reflect the new table occurance.
  6. hassam36

    portal sort

    What I was referring to was changing the fields that are referenced in the GetSummary() function from references from the underlying table to references to the new table occurance/portal on the layout: Previously (using original table occurance in function) GetSummary(brlCccCstiID; brlCostCenter) **With the new table occurance, the field that should be displaying the summed dollar based on the cost center break field is blank for all records.** Now (with new table occurance in function) GetSummary(BUDGET_REVENUE_UCS_LINES 3:: brlCccCstiID, BUDGET_REVENUE_UCS_LINES 3:: brlCostCenter) ** This displays the total dollar value for all the records in the portal. It is not summed for the like fields based on the break field.**
  7. hassam36

    portal sort

    Now that the portal is sorting correctly, I still have an issue with a summary field that I thought would clear up once the sort was functioning. I am using a calculation field in the underlying table that contains the GetSummary() function with a break field. This is just to sum dollar amounts in each record for all like records based on a similar value in the cost center field (break field). This worked fine when I had the original portal/table occurance on the layout that represented the underlying table. Now it doesn’t with the second portal/table occurance. So I changed the GetSummary function in the underlying table to reference the portal/table occurance that is now on the layout. This still doesn’t work. The summary just displays a total for all the portal records and does not display the value broken out by the break field. Any ideas?
  8. hassam36

    portal sort

    How did you know there was a bit of history?
  9. hassam36

    portal sort

    That worked--thank you. How can you tell that which table occurance the columns belong to on the left when nothing is stated as such?
  10. hassam36

    portal sort

    Hi BCooney Attached is the file with the issue portal sort issue (logon=admin, password=test11). The problem portal is located on the 'Budget Worksheet' layout (use 'Budget' button on right) and it is on the Revenue-UCS tab--bottom portal (marked) that is not sorting. It is supposed to be sorted by the cost center field, but is not. The portal is based on a table occurance and not the underlying table. Any insight you have as to why this portal is not sorting would be greatly appreciated. John CIP_BUDGET_ME_2-4-09.zip
  11. hassam36

    portal sort

    OK. I need to get it from our IT group first..
  12. hassam36

    portal sort

    No, it definitely isn't sorting. It only sorts when I use the original table occurance as the portal (and associated fields), which I cannot any longer.
  13. hassam36

    portal sort

    I changed the table occurance and changed all the fields in the portal to reflect the new occurance. When I open the Portal Setup window and select the sort option, there are no options to change the sort to reflect one occurance or another. The records just reflect the underlying table. So I believe everything should be in synch.. Is there something else?
  14. hassam36

    portal sort

    Hi I have an issue with sorting a portal by one of its fields. When this portal represented the original instance of the underlying table I was able to sort it by a specific field. However, since changing the portal to reflect a second instance of the underlying table, it is no longer sorting by any field. Any ideas why this or how I can get it to sort again? John
  15. How will creating a sub-summary report allow me to populate a summary field in the portal on my layout though? John
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