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  1. I'm updating my company's Expense Tracking solution, and have borrowed doe of the example content from this older, FMP template file. There is a feature of this solution, that I cannot reverse engineer for the life of me. The attached solution has a single DATA table is used in two relationships - one for "Expenses" and one for "Mileage". The Form view shows the data in two portals, which are filtered by a related field, Type | MATCH FIELD. When you add a new record to the respective portal, the Type | MATCH FIELD auto-enters one of two values - Expense or Mileage. I cannot figure out
  2. Dear Developers, I'm struggling with an in-house Expense Report solution. I have a linked portal of LINE_ITEMS, which contains individual expense details. One of the fields in this related table is a container for receipt storage. I would like to include a field on the parent layout to add receipt data to the highlighted portal's field. I've been unsuccessful finding a related solution's implementation.
  3. Is there a simple way to verify if a specific printer is installed on the users computer (macOS) prior to executing a print command via script? I know that some of the popular plugins extend print options, but I have a "one off" need to halt the script of a specific printer is not installed. Not sure if FMP can handle natively, or if its easily accomplished through AppleScript? FYI, the printer name is "Zebra ZT230-7". Thanks!
  4. I have a product catalog solution [Database A] that consists of a "master" record and several related records through a parent-child relationship. A separate solution [Database B] tracks shipping/receiving of these products. I would like to create daily records in this separate solution (B), and copy information via a related field with the catalog (A). **Easily done via lookup or auto entry calculation.** In addition, I would like "replicate" the related records, via the parent-child relationship, so that the shipping/receiving solution has the same related records as the product c
  5. I have a solution to track employee expense reports which contains a container to store a pdf of related receipts. Currently, I create a multiple page pdf of receipts in Apple Preview, then paste it into the container. Was wondering if it was possible to create a FM script or AppleScript to drop a single, additional pdf into the container and "automatically" create multiple page pdf with the existing container contents? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks all. I was able to make the inverse solution work...just need to verify the accuracy of the data. @consultant I'm on FMPA 14 and have updated my profile. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. I have a database that tracks employee jobs that are completed on a given day. I have a summary report that provides the total number of records for each employee, however, I wish to also show the number of days (unique dates) that were spent completing the jobs so as to provide a summary (by employee) with number of records and number of days. I've bene unsuccessful finding a solution to count unique dates. Ideas?
  8. I've written a looping script to run through the records of an employe database to email me a notification if its their birthday. I'm looking for the best practice for handling the IF statement for the last record. For years, my EXIT LOOP condition has been if the $LastRecord variable (set at the beginning of the script) = the last record no. The problem is that the loop will perform the IF statement for all records, except the last (which it exits upon entering). My workaround, has been to perform the IF statement for the last record, when setting the variable, however, it seems redundant
  9. I would like to create a script to open a popup window with information and freeze that window, until the user closes it. I saw a post on this forum a month or so ago detailing best practice for just that but cannot find it. Can someone please help. Freeze window does not work, unless I pause the script. If I pause the script, do I need a second script to exit the script and close the window? Thanks, Bill
  10. I've created a database that contains several information layouts that I would like to cycle through "indefinitely" on a display board without interaction. I wish to pause on each layout for a designated period of time ( 2 minutes?) and move to the next. I've not done something like this before and would like advice on how to proceed. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. I have a few databases (Invoicing, recordkeeping, etc) in which I would likes to "lock" the records upon completion to prevent unintended changes. I've created security privileges which only allow editing when a "Locked" Field is value 0. Upon completion, a script changes the value to 1, locking the record. I do not like the error that filemaker presents, which is "Your privileges do not allow you to perform this action." Is there a way to change the error message to something more descriptive? Thanks. BC
  12. I have an FMP solution for tracking productivity in a manufacturing environment. I gather quantity of parts produced, as well as quantity of parts expected (over time) in a database. I have several reports that summarize the data based on employee, job ID, etc. One of the reports includes the below calculation field to calculate performance as a percentage. Truncate( (GetSummary ( summary of actual parts ; _kf_operation_no )/GetSummary ( summary of expected parts ; _kf_operation_no ))*100;2) I would like to sort the report in descending order, based on this field, but cannot
  13. I'm running a script to notify via email when an employee reaches their 6 month anniversary. What is the correct 'calculation' to add 6 months to their 'hire date' field? Is there a simpler way than: If (month(hire date)<7, month(hire date)+6 &"/"& day(hire date) &"/"& year (hire date), month(hire date)-6 &"/"& day(hire date) &"/"& year (hire date)+1) I tried this and it works, but does can cause problems if the calculated month does not have 31 days (or 28 for Feb). Thanks. Bill
  14. I have a Filemaker solution that is used to record length measurements at an inspection station. I've created a layout to summarize the data to obtain the average and standard deviation of the numerous records. I'd now like to calculate two values - average PLUS 3 times the standard deviation and average MINUS 3 times the standard deviation. Is this possible? I tried creating a calculation field, but it based the results on all records, not summarized by the particular part. Thanks, Bill
  15. I have a Filemaker solution for creating purchase orders in my company. Currently, all users who are authorized to create POs have Data entry access. I'd like to improve the security, so that records cannot be accidentally edited after they are 'locked'. I'd like the users to be able to turn this feature on/off, as in make the record editable or not. This will require an intentional step before they can edit, thus eliminating accidental editing. I created a boolean field named 'locked'. I changed the security so that editing is limited to 'locked=0'. I'd like the users to be able t
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