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  1. Empirical data: I removed most of the summary calculation fields from my Start page (these summarized flagged "to do" fields for records throughout the dBase) and now it's quick as a wink. So as John suggests, this does appear to be a design issue I'll need to deal with. Thanks folks!
  2. Thanks! (In fact I'm using fmnet at this point -- I couldn't find a thread that specifically lists fmnet issues.) I'm assuming that the speed issue would be the same or worse with instant web sharing.
  3. I have just started using a FMPro hosting service, and have a question about what appears to be a particular problem that I experience using the remote host. For about a year I've been developing a LIMS for my lab at a research institute, using fmnet and my dBase hosted using FMPro 8 on a Mac in my lab. Now I want to make the dBase available to others, so I'm trying to see how the dBase operates from a remote FileMaker server outside my institute (so my collaborators would be able to access it). I find, oddly, that when I access my dBase at the remote hosting service using FMNet, that any layout I navigate to takes ages to load the first time I access it, but on any subsequent visit to the layout navigation is very fast. My database does not display this behavior from within my institute. I know this has to do with indexing, but why should indexing be slower on FMServer (which is presumably the better platform) than FMPro? Can someone explain to me what is going on? Does this have something to be with FMPro Server? Is there any way to get the Server to act like the standalone program? I surmise from reading posts that summary calculation fields slow down the loading of a layout that requires these fields to be calculated, and indeed is I strip out the calc summ fields I have this helps a lot. But why would I have never observed this using the dBase at my institute? Note: this problem re-occurs each time I log on -- the faster navigation that occurs upon a single visit to a layout is lost when I log out of the dBase on the Server. If this is due to indexing, does that mean that indexing ,ust be re-performed every time you log on to the dBase? I also found that when I logged on simultanesouly as two different users, the increased speed upon re-accessing a given layout did not translate from user to user. In other words, the indexing (or whatever else results in the increase in loading) was limited to a single user's session. I know this is probably a really basic question, but thanks for your time, in advance...
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