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  1. In 2006, I upgraded to FMP 8.5v1 on my desktop G5 Mac. I need to run the database on a new-to-me laptop, but can't install the software because I cannot find the original FMP 7 disc, and the 8.5 disc is an upgrade, so won't install if it can't find the previous version or at least a product key from the FMP 7 disc. Does anyone know of a solution? Thank you!
  2. LaRetta, I sure appreciate your check list. I finally had time last night to run through all those alternatives, and at least I had all those parts right. What I did discover, however, is this: I have several tables: Student Info; Enrollment Info and Class Info. Most of what shows up in the unsortable portal comes from the Enrollment Info table. The Start Date field, however, is from the Class Info table. I have a Start Date field in both tables, but when I joined them, it really goofed up the records the portal displays big time. I am going to go read up on portals, tables
  3. I have a simple Filemaker Pro 8.5 database. It has students' data in one table and details about the classes they take in a second table. A portal lets me see the student's class records. I want those records to display in chronological order with the most recent class showing at the top of the page. When I set up the portal, I checked "Sort portal records" in the Portal Setup dialog box, specifying to sort in descending order by the field "Start Date." Unfortunately, the portals instead always show the classes taken in the order in which those records were entered and I can't m
  4. Thank you for the recommendation. I'll go back and read the online help with an eye to the functions you suggested. I am all too frequently horrified at how the simplest things that I don't understand transform into a big, awful problem when included in a script. (Let's not talk the scripted disaster I caused yesterday, shall we?) Though I am already knee deep in adding layouts and functionality to this school database I've set up, I have had to fall back, get out my books and the online help function trying to really understand what to expect from different script steps and functions.
  5. Thank you very, very much! That was a perfect explanation with the example. I get it now.
  6. Bonehead question here, but one to which I cannot find the answer. I can't find any explanation in any books or the Help pages. In some scripts, there is the option of [Restore]. For example: Print [Restore] or Print Set Up [Restore] or Perform Find [Restore] What does the [Restore] part of the script do? This is probably something so simple that everyone else knows it! Can anyone share some knowledge with this beginner?
  7. You are brilliant! Yes, I'd accidentally gotten a [Pause] step in there. I'd set it up on two buttons -- one scripted to go into find mode, which essentially gives me a layout with all the fields blank for the search. Then the scripted button we've been agonizing over, the Find Records one. Well, the [Pause] was forgotten in the button to go into find mode. Lesson learned -- and I can see why you said you'd rather use the FM Forums than a bunch of dry old books for solving problems! Thanks! I owe you!
  8. Thank you for your answers anad comments. I appreciate the "List View" point about getting layouts right from "the ground up," and have fixed that. A couple of questions about your script: I cannot find a "Show Message" script step, so substituted "Show Custom Dialog" instead. Unfortunately, the new script (that custom dialog substitution) doesn't change the original problem. It's weird, though. After I find the record(s), I can do most every function that is part of this layout (on a button that runs a script) on which the found record is displayed. I am blocked from doin
  9. I have a little script to find student records. Unfortunately, when the script runs, the “cancel” or “continue” buttons in the status area must be clicked before anything else can happen. I obviously don’t understand what is happening after the “Perform Find” step locates the record(s) and displays them in the layout scripted for either a single record of multiple records. I’ve tried some script steps like “Allow User Abort on/off” and “Exit Script” step but nothing works. I don’t want to have to run this database with the Status Area open all the time – screen space is so limited
  10. Thank you! Thank you! Gotta love it -- a simple solution that is so simple that I couldn't find it last night! You've made my day -- thanks to you, now I can move on and add other functionality I've been eager to start building in to the school data base.
  11. I've spent two days trying to build a class roster for my school database. Things were going pretty well until I needed to show data from two different tables on the same line, so I had to abandon a promising layout using a portal. Next, I put together a report layout to display records in a found set that would produce a class roster. It works well in list view, and displays everything I need on the class roster. When it is time to print, however, only the first record displayed is printed. Filemaker Help advises: In the Print dialog box, for Print, choose the "Records Being Browsed
  12. One of the aspects of Filemaker that I'm having fun with is the variety of options with which to solve one problem. After pondering the above suggested method, I went back to the original problem, and this is what I've come up with. I put a button on the layout I use with the Student Data table that copies the contents of the Student ID field from that layout, goes to the Enrollment Detail layout, make a new record and then pastes the contents of the Student ID field from the first layout into the Student ID field on the Enrollment Detail layout. I am just starting to use the Functi
  13. I'm probably misunderstanding a vital step in your answer, so please bear with me. I don't think I can use a pop up menu showing 2500 student IDs.
  14. Can anyone help this beginner? For several years, I’ve used Filemaker Pro 5 and now I use 8.5, I am just starting to set up my own tables, layouts, and such. I am developing a simple solution to store school records, plus track admin functions. I have a table of student info and a Student Detail layout that, along with common info like name, phone number, ID number, etc., has a portal of related records detailing the classes the student has taken with us. The portal is sorted to show at the top of the list the most recent class completed. I previously used a Filemaker Pro 5 solution
  15. Thank you for the kind advice. Using a different JPEG worked great. I was too fast to put the blame on Filemaker, not other factors, a lesson I'll remember. I really appreciate your help.
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