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  1. HI I was wandering if a portal or script could achieve the following, this is a cut down version of what i want to achieve. I have 3 tables Dongles, Product, Deliverly, From an excel sheet we import into dongle table which has an SN, and Sec and other options related which is no problem. The product tables is where we would list the create a product code and whats needed for that product, which is basically the information from dongle table SN and SEC and options. in this case its ive called this rip options The delivery table is where they should come together, by
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    Hi easier if i upload a file , from the file uploaded if you select a product code in del table its selects the rip option needed for that product , by selecting Dongle Sn i want it to able to bring in the related records for the rip options that have been selected . the dongles numbers should match the rip options Dongles test.fp7.zip
  3. HI Is there any way when you bringing in records you can bring in the related field names for a delivery note the item will change in the order they are displayed, so i want to able to bring in the records and the field name i delivery note THX
  4. Hi relevantly new to filemaker, be kind ! I got 8 different databases trying to link them into one from really old versions of FILEMAKER there one relationship field i cannot seem to get it right could someone please help i ve attached a sample what i have is a dongle and delivery note product code tables , we import into the dongles table via excel which is no problem Product code where code is given and in rip options are select fields from the dongle table IN delivery note table by selecting Product code selects the products , by selecting Dongle SN it will populate the
  5. Thanks I have created with portals already but Ive seen it done another way using scripts and relationships
  6. Hi I have attached the file could someone have a look a the relationships Cheers
  7. Hi Bcooney Yes its another FM file it is a invoicing system of sorts! fields that I would like to bring into from another fm file are 1 is the product code [which should be a drop down] 2 is a description of the product 3 is the various things needed for that product in the new file by selecting 1 product code it brings in the other 2 fields thx
  8. Hi I am trying to bring in 3 different fields from 1 file into another file One field is a product code drop down I want to be able to select the product code and have the other fields come into to the layout can bring one in but not 3 any ideas on the best way to bring all 3 fields
  9. Hi Ender Could you post the file to me Thx
  10. Thanks Ender Could you attach the file so I can follow what u done Thanks again
  11. Hi Ender Thanks for the reply I uploaded the file 2 layouts 1 is the delivery note 2 is the calculation i am trying to do I am trying to sort on 2 dates and view the amount of orders that have gone out between those dates DeliveryNote_copy.zip
  12. Hi can anyone help me I am trying to find, sort records between different dates. start_date and a End_date but I cannot get it to do it correctly. I can't not upload because its to big What gladly email someone ! :
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