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  1. WOW!! I closed FM and re-opened and it all works!! ODD?!? THANK YOU LARETTA!! :)
  2. Hi LaRetta, The merge fields was an awful idea but I was desperate! LOL Ok I have rearranged my thinking and added my products to another linked database I use for sales. When I go to a company record, I can put the year of the sale which will allow me to choose from a dropdown list from another database that just lists the items for that year. I added my products to that database figuring since I am linked it would be the best way to do it. So I set up my fields in a new table in my main database and I am running into a problem. I can't get JUST the products to show, it lists EVERYTHING. Wh
  3. Hi All and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have multiple merge fields I need to add to a document I created in FM. BUT not all of the merge fields will return text, nor should they. My problem is I am trying to create a calculation that will show the merge fields with text and add a comma and proper spacing if there are more than one. I found this on another Filemaker site: Example: Create a database with the following fields: Address (Text) Suite (Text) City (Text) State (Text) Zip (Text) AddressSpace (Calculation,Text) = If(IsEmpty(Address) and IsEmpty(Suite), "", " ") CSZCommaSp
  4. Thank you so much! I will hopefully be able to test this out today. I want to wish you and your family a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY!!
  5. Hi LaRetta, Thank you for your help and since I haven't built the table yet, I should probably go with your second suggestion. I have built this database by the seat of my pants, LOL. So when I create the table, I use the ID to relate to a category? Little confused but what else is new.
  6. Thank you both for your time in trying to help. I didn't make the products a table as they are not billable items but it makes more sense to add them as a table. Since these items have to tie into the Companies, all I need to do is create the table with the products, create a co id to link to main contact table and voila! Correct? Also, I have to keep these products grouped in 16 separate categories. How would I do that in a table? Thanks again!
  7. Hi All, I have a list of 80 products each product in a separate field. My database consists of customers that each have to choose a handful of products for their companies so each contact record contains what they have chosen. Radio tagged per record. Now I am trying to create a summary sheet per company and would like to include the products they have chosen to be listed on this summary sheet. I have tried every calculation I thought it may be to get this information into one field. If I use the insert merge field it blows my document on two pages. I tried to create a calculation using "Cas
  8. Hi, I tried that and it was a mess! Thank you for your help, it was appreciated. Since you play guitar, my husband belongs to this amazing forum called The Gear Page. You may want to check it out. These guys are serious about their playing and their gear. I know, its all about the tone! His nickname is Mass. Take care! Thanks again! Kim
  9. Hi Michael, Ok, I can understand that. Most importantly is the reports. I need to show per sale item, the list of companies that had purchaed the item for that particular time period. Say ACME was a company that purchaed a full page color ad for Jan/Feb a half page ad for Mar/Apr and a website sponsorship for the weeks of 6/1/2007 - 6/30/2007. When i run a weekly report, they want each category broken down. Magazine ads for Jul/Aug: show list of companies and what they purchased, then web sponsor category with the weeks they purchased and listing all companies. I am not sure if I can get tha
  10. Hi Michael, I looked at your invoice db and thank you for sharing that with me. I see what you did and i think if i re-arrange my fields a bit. Meaning right now EVERYTHING is in one table. Most of the fields are sales items so i can easily create a contacts table. The only thing that confuses me is that i have sooo many 'line items' that are all separate fields. Some are from date - to date driven. Some are cut and dry and all are invoiced separately. In your sample db, you only have one line item. If i have all items in separate fields, how would i tie that in? Say the company bought ads f
  11. Hi All, I am not 'new' to filemaker but have had no success tying in two tables. I have just created a one table database for a magazine that comes out every other month. Additionally, the magazine also sells many different items that have different submission dates. Example, website sponsors every 4 week minimum, enewsletters every week, etc. The database is built to hold 4 years of data as one contract can hold 2 years. I now have to build the invoicing (all items invoiced differently) and detailed reporting. I know i can do this more efficiently if i build separate tables for these two th
  12. I apppreciate your help and thank you for welcoming me to the forum! Unfortunately, the DB is already built and my time is up to re-create the entire DB. I was hoping there was a way to query the dates? Thanks again!
  13. Hi All, I am creating a DB for a magazine. The DB consists of 12 months per year for 4 years. A company may have purchased certain issues from mid year to mid year on the same contract. I need to generate a unique invoice number per contract (companies can have multiple contracts in one year) and I think if I use the contract date as my trigger I can use a calculation. The problem is I have the dates for each year as one repeating field per year to input contract date. How would I write the calcualtion to look for a group of specific dates, per record in a repeating field to generate a uniqu
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