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  1. Hi again, So I tried out your file more in depth & it works great. But I have a question: Can you make the script allow for blanks to be generated on purpose w/o any text? The reason is to allow for labels that would be printed with just a border & then someone to hand write on the blank label. Thanks, thegooglemoogle
  2. Thank you very much! This is exactly what I need to get started. I really appreciate how helpful you & all the gang are around this forum. Best, thegooglemoogle
  3. Hi all, Question 1: Is it possible to have 2 fields produce a sequential range that will then be placed into auto-generated fields to hold the results? I took a look at Dynamically Generating Number Ranges & it was close but was set to only allow numbers for entry & only a set amount of fields while I would like to use text & automatically create each field based on each text occurrence. Here is what I would like to do but have not seen done anywhere before: There is a beginning field & an ending field. You enter "a1" in the beginning field & then en
  4. Hi, I looked at Seedcode & decided I still wanted a breadcrumb effect due to my layout structure. I will go with your suggestion. Thank you for the help. Best, thegooglemoogle
  5. Hi, So does anyone know if there is a way to create a breadcrumb effect in a Filemaker layout? I would like to mimic the effect as seen in a web site like this very fmforums.com site (attached screenshot image with breadcrumb highlighted). What I am hoping to do is to create the breadcrumb trail based off of a 3 level (or more) tab control layout referencing the tabs as Objects. Example: Project->Customer->Invoice where there is a 1st (top) level tab control for Projects then a 2nd level tab control inside Projects for Customer & then a 3rd level tab control insi
  6. Hi, Open Source Flash is the best resource for free Flash development programs. I have used many of them successfully. There are plenty of options there for you to try out & see which best suites your needs. Best, thegooglemoogle
  7. Hi, That is a very intriguing idea. I had wanted to create a hybrid web/desktop app & was going to settle for just desktop app due to IE's inability to create 0 margin page setups. But if the abilities of the web viewer will allow me to get precision layouts using html files all the better. I will experiment & let you all know what I find out. Thanks, Matt
  8. Hi, Yes, I think that sounds right. I will try it out to see what happens. Greatly appreciate the quick responses. Best, Matt
  9. Hi, Thank you for the response. I will try to explain myself better: I have already created a PNG file that is sized at 23x103 pixels (see attachment Precision_Print_Test_1_Single.png) for testing. I want to be able to display a form something like the attached Precision_Print_Test_1.png through a script & not making a layout before hand. I know I can size a field manually on top of the image in a layout, but can I create a script that allows for a user to specify say "1,2,3" & have FM dynamically either add a container field with a single image in it already sized or
  10. Hi all, I am new to Filemaker & was wondering if the following is/are possible: 1. Can you insert a field into a PNG image object via scripting dynamically in which the field is limited to the size of the object? -OR- 2. Can you insert a PNG image object into a container field that expands to hold the object at its original size using a script? I would like to be able to have a user pick a range of numbers that are then generated dynamically onto a precisely printable form into label boxes & I was thinking that using an image object of a certain size would help
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