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  1. It looks like I got it to work using portals. Your example helped a lot. I have a lot to learn and everyone in this forum has been helping me so much. Thank you!
  2. What I'm seeing is that on the parent layout you have a portal to the child. On that portal you can enter a value for a child (the child id is automatically entered) then you can go to related record (gtrr button) where presumably you would enter more info into child record. The portal is required for entering a child attached to the parent? Sorry, I'm feeling like a dummy on this. The reference book I have doesn't address it.
  3. Hi, I have a parent table and a child table. The parent table has a number key called CLID and the child table has a number key called CHID. In the child table I have a second number field called CLID so that in the Relationship I can link the parent and the child. On the Relationship screen it looks good, the parent and child have a one-to-many relationship. Am I doing ok so far? Then on the layout for the parent, I have a button which I would like to navigate to the related child records. So I went through the steps in the setup, related field, specify the record and layout, options:
  4. Yes, they were all right! Like I said, I didn't understand pen settings. The last post was specific enough to push me in the right direction. Still can't say I understand pen settings. I think I need a more complete reference book. Thanks to all that replied!
  5. Thank You!! I didn't understand how the pen settings worked but after your post I kept messing with it until -- voila -- radio buttons appeared. Whew!
  6. I tried the pen settings, nothing works. I will try attaching the zip file of the database. There are two layouts. One layout the buttons work, the other layout the buttons don't work. Thank you for looking at this for me. If they had a smiley icon for pulling your hair out, that's the one I'd use. DissolutionInfo_Copy.fp7.zip
  7. Yes, I think I changed the attributes somehow without knowing what I was doing! I started a different FM project today and the radio buttons worked just fine. But I still need to make it work on the first project. I looked at the attributes as best I could but I don't see anything funny. When you say attach a file, you mean I should attach a copy of the database in question?
  8. I don't see anything there. I never changed those, so they should be the same as when the stupid buttons worked. Any other tips?? Thanks!
  9. That was it, now it works! THanks..
  10. Hello, I am a total beginner. I have a layout which includes radio buttons. Then I started a second layout for a different table, and for some reason I can't get radio buttons to work anymore. When I go through the steps, I get a value list but no buttons. Just the list of choices, like this: Male Female Where'd those buttons go!!! I did it before so I know the instructions worked once, anyway. Thanks!
  11. I am a total newcomer to FileMaker... I have a layout and would like to add a portal so that I can add records to another table. So I walk through the steps to add the portal, but then when I go to browse mode, I can't enter any data into the portal area. I can change the tab order to include the portal fields, but in browse mode the tab never goes there. I must be missing something! Thanks!
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