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  1. There was a quote missing in the remote file's script - I had two separate applescripts at one point when I was trying to get ruby to report back to the main database instead of the remote one. They were supposed to be duplicates, but apparently a quote escaped sometime in the process.
  2. Apparently I was missing a quote somewhere in my applescript... It works now. It sets the result field in the remote database.
  3. I am trying out a test script now (all it does is the tell application step) and I'm using exact references with a global field. Again, same problem. If I run it locally, it works fine and sets the field. If I run it from the remote db/machine, it doesn't set the field. I tried making the field on the remote database and modified the applescript to set the remote database's result field to something but it doesn't work either. It would be logical for the remote database's result field to be filled since the remote database/machine is the one running the applescript. But it doesn't set the fiel
  4. Also, I've put a result field in the robot's fm file and it doesn't return the result there either. Where is it going??
  5. I use Applescript to run a shell script that runs a ruby script using the selenium gem. I use Filemaker Server Advanced to host the db file. The first machine is usually a mobile device (FMGo). The second machine is a "robot" that loops indefinitely looking for flagged records ready to be submitted. This robot must loop through submission ready records of more than one database file so it has its own db file that calls their submission scripts remotely. Once the record is flagged by the iPad, the robot on the remote machine picks it up, parameters are passed to the ruby script which opens a we
  6. I have a script that performs applescript on database A. At the end of the applescript, it does a "tell application Filemaker Pro" and sends the result back to filemaker pro to be stored in a result field. It works fine when I run the script from database a. I try to run the script (containing the applescript) from another script in database B from a different machine (script on database b runs the script on database a. The script/applescript run fine, but it doesn't return the result to database B (or A). Any ideas on how I could obtain the result?
  7. So I'm planning my next server "step-up" configuration and I want to do the recommended 1+0. I plan on using Mac Pro Servers but I'm not sure which way to go on the RAID setup. http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB845Z/A/mac-pro-raid-card or http://www.promise.com/storage/raid_series.aspx?m=192&region=en-global&rsn1=40&rsn3=47 So which one should I use? Can I use the pegasus as the system disk as well and not even use the internals?
  8. This is kind of janky, but you have to insert in a script step that guarantees no error code thrown (like "Show All Records") and then exit the script using the "Exit Script" step. ie. If Get(lastError) > 0 action for failed find Show All Records Exit Script Else action for successful find End If If you have multiple "Perform Find"s, make sure you add the "If Get(lastError) > 0" right after the Perform Find and then "Show All Records" and "Exit Script" steps after your other script steps but before the "End If" or "Else" script step. This su
  9. You can set the entry settings for the field in the inspector window. Just uncheck allow edit in browser mode.
  10. I've never used the email schedule on the server.. try putting the smtp deets in the send script. Then just run the script as a scheduled script and not an email schedule.
  11. Use the send mail script step and put $path as the attachment.
  12. This is usual behavior that happens on my Go solutions all the time. I'm thinking it's a bug or something with FMGo.
  13. You need to match up your primary key names, but you should be able to get the gist. The reason you need this many-to-many is because a received payment from a customer can be: 1. A full payment of one invoice 2. A single payment of multiple invoices 3. A partial payment of one or more invoices The same thing goes with your work orders and sent payments. Also, the "amount" field in the crosstable is the amount to be applied to the invoice or work order. Sometimes it will be the full payment received/sent, sometimes it will only be a portion of the payment (like when one payment
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