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  1. I figured it out my QBs field name reference was incomplete: PCQB_AddFieldWithReqValue("SalesTaxCodeRef::FullName ; "Non" )
  2. Hello, I'm adding invoices to Quickbooks and I want to be able to control whether an invoice line item is taxable or not. By default it is taxable. The code below allows you to specify items that are non-taxable. PCQB_AddFieldWithReqValue( "SalesTaxCodeRef" ; "value" ) According to the SDK OSR, SalesTaxCodeRef ("value" above) can accept a ListId or FullName. How do I get the ListId , or what would be the FullName for the non-taxable value?
  3. Hi Steve, What is your server environment like? Are you running FMS 8 on a Windows server? If you are, are you using WinAD authentication (i.e, external server accounts) in your FMP databases? Martin
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