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    U can use SecureFM. For more details visit http://www.newmillennium.com/
  2. Why don't we use FM developer tools to strip out the full access and create a new account and privileges with no modified layout, script executable only ?
  3. I found a big problem in my custom login system. I got a file Data_1.fp7, the file store all the user name and password. I found that my database can bypass by using file refrence and see all the data inside, how can we prevent this ?
  4. I have a question here, how can i strip out the [Full Access] ? I Already tried many times, but there is a error message says that the database must have a account using [Full Access].
  5. FM 8.5A , all on Windows XP Home/Professional We have a customer who need a local copy of our main Customer database on their company laptops. The database consists of about 12 tables across 3 files, approx 125 MB in total. We need to look at the hypothetical possibility of a internal staff taking a copy of our Customer database and sell to another company. What is the best way to lock the database so it cannot be copied, or cannot be run on a non-approved machine. Thanks, :)
  6. maybe your computer not enough flash memory, i think u should upgrade. Can u post your computer specification ?
  7. Hi guys, i have a problem here. Why i can't show my Shockwave flash object pointed by using web viewer in the web. The database is hosted by FMS A9 using IWP.
  8. Thanks for your reply , by the way i do need a little bit of professional help in order to resolve printing for report, form and listing at IWP where I'm not familiar with CWP as well as PHP. Waiting For Ur Kind Assistance. :)
  9. hello guys , i'm new in FM Server . I have a question here , when we create new record on the web host by FM Server 9 Adv using IWP , will the source update too ?
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