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  1. I haven't been able to make this work yet. Recently, I do a lot of surfing and reading trying to understand this last part. By implementing your solution I was not able to make it work yet. Since I am not a programmer my daily duties keep me away from this puzzle but I am determined not just to solve this problem but rather to understand how to solve this problem. When I referred myself as being Mac user I wanted to say that is harder to make XML style sheet on mac or virtually impossible. My first idea was to create an XML style sheet and export data as XML. Of course, Filemaker does not
  2. My company is fairly small and excel sales order sheet came from a very big oil company. We asked them to create order in pdf or to send them our sales order sheet. They rejected all other solution and insist on getting an order in their predefined format.
  3. I have a simple Excel document one of my partner using as an sales order sheet. A few fields has to be fill out, such as quantity, type of goods and preferred delivery date. At first I tried to learn how to make excel style sheet and export data from Filemaker to xml. Since I am mac user it turns out, it is not a simple task. Then somebody told me to explore use of apple script. It works almost like a charm. Here is what I did so far. I created script in filemaker as follows: Set variable [ $quantity ; Value: Orders::Quantitiy ] Set variable [ $goods ; Value: Orders::Type of goo
  4. Does this version support Dropbox?
  5. You are right. I thought it might be something with file name, and I tried to copy name only. Now I tried to copy entire field and this solved the problem. Thank you for this tip.
  6. Hi, I created warehouse table with fields like: Catalog No., Producer, Serial number, Qty., Description, incoming date and outcoming date. I also have a calculation field which tells me if item is on stock or it has been delivered. To know what I have on stock I created new list view layout and script which basically create report with items I have on stock and summarize how many items I have for each category. Records are organize by Catalog number. Problem appears when I create report, some items are repeated. However, item count is correct. For example: if I have following records:
  7. Hi, I have two tables, one is warehouse with all items I have and other one is called bill of lading. I am dealing with sellable items and demonstration items. It means, I send out and after week or two receive same items back in warehouse. I do not create invoices. So far I did as follows: in table warehouse I have fields catalog number, serial number, description, incoming date, and outgoing date. Based on incoming and outgoing date I have calculation field with simple result in or out. in table bill of lading I have user information fields, product informations fields an
  8. ping

    Filtering portal

    Thank you. That's it.
  9. ping

    Filtering portal

    @ comment I tried all option possible and I am not able to create relationship which will filter portal and separate payment due and overdue. What I get, is list of all records for selected ID. Any clues? @ BruceR Unfortunately, switching to version 11 is not an option now. (My boss has different views from me, when it comes to which software is really needed.)
  10. Hi, I create invoicing solution with separate tables for incoming invoice and outgoing invoice. In both of them I have calculation fields which can not be indexed because they calculate payment terms (30, 40, or 90 days from delivery). Calculation in field "c_valute" looks like: Get (Current date) - Incoming : When payable Result is a number. "Do not store results - reculculate when needed" option is selected. After that I created field which tells me if my payment is due or not. Calculation for field c_due": If ( Incoming : c_valute ≥ 0 ; "must be paid" : "not payable yet" )
  11. Where I leave, internet providers, often have support for PHP, .NET, SQL, but not for FM. So, I thought, it would be much easier to learn basic PHP, and how to interact data from server to FM. Thanks for the tip on the book. I will read it.
  12. Hello, I would like to learn in shortest time possible, how to create web page with forms, which can be, at the end, saved in filemaker databese on my computer. I do not have possibility to use filemaker server. I can create web page, familiar with html and css and I would say I am intermediate user of FM. Where I can find books (in PDF if possible), web pages, templates which will explain how it works. Also, I would like to know where to go to learn PHP in shortest time possible. (books, web pages, templates).
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