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  1. Fantastic, thanks Ender. Worked a treat.
  2. Thanks, Vaughan.It didn't unfortunately, so can't go down that route.
  3. Hello everyone, this is first time I've actaully posted anything here. Strange problem here where FM crashes on attempting to start opening a remote file. I have computer A set up FM 8 (not server) hosting a simple file, open and fm network settings 'on'. I have computer B using FM 8.5 advanced attempting to open the file. Every time I click the 'remote' button, or go file/open remote the programme feezes before dialogue box even opens. Everything else appers fine. The link between the two computers is fine. I can open the file OK using FM7 instead of FM8.5 advanced (otherwise same setup). I have reinstalled 8.5 advanced to no avail. Mac 0S 10.4.9 on both machines. I'm stumped!
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