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  1. Ender, thanks for the reply! the script you suggested is working perfectly. i understand the logic in it. only had to make one tiny change. had to change from Perform Script [Find Script] to Perform Script [sub-scripts, Find Script]. otherwise it was exactly what i needed. also, was able to reincorporate a prior complexity that was causing problems before i took the new approach. thanks again, Sparrow
  2. thanks for taking the time to reply. issuing a Show All Records only seems to buy me one more round. now i can enter two artists in a row that are not in my database and get the opportunity to Modify Find both times. if i enter a 3rd artist that is not in the database, it goes to the blank Artist Report w/ no chance to Modify Find. anyone know why it is exiting the script? surely there is a way to set it up to where it doesn't matter how many times in a row No Matching Records are Found. again, i am wanting it to give me the chance to Modify Find over and over and over again if neces
  3. for those who read my previous topic "issue with script that has multiple finds", ignore all of that. i have boiled the problem down to one simple question... here's my script: Go to Layout ["Artist"] Enter Find Mode [Pause] Perform Find [Replace Found Set] Go to Layout ["Artist Report"] Sort [Restore, No Dialogue] The Artist layout is a simple screen that says "Enter an Artist" and only shows the Artist field. After you enter the artist you want to search for, it performs the Find and displays the results using the Artist Report layout, which includes the YEAR, TITLE
  4. no luck with the Set Field idea. the idea i had in last post works inconsistently. for some reason, sometimes when i enter back to back artists that are not in my database, instead of continuing to get the Modify Find / Continue / Cancel options, it exits the script and i'm left seeing the Artist Report layout still in Find mode. although sometimes i am able to alternate between artists that yield no matches and artists that do without a problem. is there a way to set up a loop that repeats until OWN="T"?
  5. here's the script i'm working w/ in case it helps anyone w/ troubleshooting the problem: Go to Layout ["Artist"] Enter Find Mode [Pause] Perform Find [Replace Found Set] Go to Layout ["Layout #1"] Enter Find Mode [Restore] Perform Find [Constrain Found Set] Go to Layout ["Artist Report"] Sort [Restore, No Dialogue] Again, when I first entered the script, the 2nd Find was Enter Find Mode [Pause] so I could enter the additional criteria that would weed out records where OWN = "F" and WISH LIST = "T". After the first time I ran the script, I simply changed the 2nd Find to
  6. i have a music database. each record is an album by an artist. (there are several other fields that are irrelevant here.) most records (albums) are owned, in which case OWN = "T" and WISH LIST = "F". some records are on the wish list, in which case OWN = "F" and WISH LIST = "T". i have an Artist Search script where you first go to a layout that lets you enter the artist. then, the script proceeds with another Find where I get to limit the results to weed out records where WISH LIST = "T" because I do not want my Artist Search to show records I don't own. i only have to do the second find
  7. Success at Last! Thanks, John. And I understand now why Insert Calculated Result was necessary.
  8. Ender, the way i understand Set Field is that it enters the result of a calculation into a specified field. i have been able to get your suggested script to work if i simplify it to: Enter Find Mode[] Set Field ["DATE ADDED", "Status(CurrentDate)-30"] Perform Find[] which does automate the "30 days ago", but it ONLY finds exactly 30 days ago. the result of the calculation must be a date. i start having problems when i try to Set Field to more than one date or a range of dates. is that supposed to be possible? perhaps the syntax is a bit off? you suggested:
  9. i am not entering any non-dates. each of my records has a field called DATE ADDED which is auto-filled using the current system date in standard MM/DD/YYYY format...
  10. Ender, I have entered the script you recommended, yet when i click on the button to launch the search, it says there are no records that match the request. any ideas? thanks. Sparrow
  11. i'm hoping there is already a way to do this. so far i know that i can type "//" to indicate the current date. what i'm trying to do is indicate a range in find mode that would return records entered from 30 days ago through the current date without having to type in any actual dates. right now i'm having to settle for using, for example, "4/22/2007...//" to indicate the range from 30 days ago through today. tomorrow, the range will only update on one end. the 4/22 won't update to 4/23. that's why i wanted to use "//-30" for that end of the range. can anyone tell me if there's a way to
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