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  1. Hello All, How to I get back to my admin window? It just brings me to this 'server starting page' (that does nothing) or if I type http://:16000 - which also brings me nowhere. I can't see the obvious here. Need help. gsunglao
  2. whoa... english people, english! -) Anyways, I did not expect to really go beyond export and import (that actually worked for me). But I appreciate all the inputs. Apple script is a littlebit to far for me.
  3. GenX, Thanks... I guess I'll try the first choice. Oh and to answer your question. My 'bunch' could probably about 7 to 10. -)
  4. Hello all, I got bunch of records (as a result of find). How can I duplicate them in one go? I tried loop but when I used exit when the last record is hit, it exits right away because when the first record is duplicated it goes right down to the bottom of the list (making it the last record). Need some help. Thanks!
  5. Hello all, Could someone point an example to me where I could learn how to time-control a db file? What I wanted to do is... 1) A user opens up the db, do some editing... 2) Left the DB open for x-number of minutes... -> What I want to accomplish is to have the timer to start counting when there is no activity on the system (ex: mouse movement for example). I was looking at pause/resume script but the best I could do is to assign a value and that's it. It starts ticking regardless whether theres a system activity or not... I wanted to leave a message on the screen informi
  6. Hello all, After building a static database of user present in my servers. I had another thought "Hey, why can't I just talk directly to the server and grab the user list from there?" - This was due to a manual task that I need to do whenever user has been addded in or taken out of the server. Then a manual update of the user account database (fmpro) takes place. (sigh) I am managing quite a number of servers and going in and out of it just to get the total number of users per server is not really an enjoyable thing to do. So if there's anyone out there who knows any trick, be i
  7. Genx, Dude! Thanks a lot! :-) You are right... I have no idea what it's called. I'm a novice in FMPro, trying to wiggle my self in to understand this whole game. :-). The URL you point me to is EXACTLY the one I'm looking. Learn one thing today... "Conditional Valuelist". One down... tons more to go! :-D cheers, GaryS>
  8. Guys, I know this may have been asked so many times. But could someone show me where I could find a sample? Basically, what I needed was; 1) If a selection was made on pulldown menu-A 2) Pull down menu-B would show selection related to pulldown menu-A (Ex: If pulldown menu-A is set to "Asia", then pulldown menu-B should give me selections as "Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia, etc..." Thanks, gsunglao
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