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  1. I have a field where the user can input text and I want them to be able to insert tags like or I want to use the tags as variables so I when I run a script I want to it to look for all the tags and process each of them and at the same time substitute them for something else. anyone know if this is possible /how to make this happen?
  2. trying to send html email using getAsCSS function but when i use EmailAttachFileInline with that function it doesn't work I take the getAsCSS function away and then my image comes through any idea ?
  3. I figured out what you meant thanks you very much that worked
  4. what is this "x operator" you speak ?
  5. ok let me start over then I'm trying to track software. So I have three tables. InUSE,Software,Hardware InUSE contains two fields SoftwareID,HardwareID Software contains many details about the software but the man focus is is the fields SoftwareID NumLicenses NumInUse(this is where I count the number licenses for this software that are in use) and HaveLicense a calculation if(NumInUse < NumLicenses; True ; False ) then In Hardware I made a field called HaveLicense and set it to true then made the portal showing the details of available software. does that make mo
  6. the Parent in this case would be table C since it has the portal ? mm
  7. Hello all, Please forgive me as its been awhile since I've worked in FMP and I'm sure I'm just a little rusty. So here is the problem I three tables lets call them A,B,C table A has a field called ID containing a string table B has three fields ID which is related to table A's ID and a field COUNT which is a calculation field that contains count(A:ID) resulting in a the number of records in A that contain the ID. MyBOOLEAN_A which is a calculation that checks to see if count is greater than 10(as an example) table C contains 1 field
  8. Fenton, thank you for your response. it helped me allot... a guess FMP handles file paths in POSIX form and expects "file:" in front of the path. here is the code that works and it only gives a reference rather than putting the file in the database. set AttachmentPath to ("" & (path to documents folder) & "TEMP:") tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" set foo to POSIX path of (AttachmentPath & "CFW1D9.RTF") go to layout "Attachments" set cell "Attachment" of current record of database "artcode" to ("file:" & foo) end tell thanks again
  9. I'm having a problem inserting a file through script here is what i have set AttachmentPath to ("" & (path to documents folder) & "TEMP:") tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" set foo to (AttachmentPath & "release of information form.doc") set cell "msgAttachments" of current record of database "artcode" to a reference to file foo end tell this works if I tell it to insert a JPG file but not a word doc or RTF file yet if insert file through the menu I can insert anything
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