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  1. Hi Vaughan Thank you so much for your reply and input - it worked perfectly! Best regards Tim
  2. Hi there Forum I have set up a database to administer our product sales commission programme. Staff at clinics across the country sell items to clients and complete a line by line record of each individual sale they make which accumulates them 10% commission of the individual product wholesale price. I am using the 2 databases below to enable a field to have a running balance of the commission earned in Programme Lines as below: Clinic Personnel (containing <PERSONNEL ID> and <COMMISSION BALANCE> Programme Lines (containing <COMMISSION> and <PERSONNEL ID&g
  3. Hi there Forum! I am setting up record access control for a database containing Patients Records. Scenario: Patient Records can only be viewed by specified Practitioners who have a Practitioner Record. This record contains their particulars as well as a unique Practitioner ID. Solution: I have created a table called “User Record Access” that has a field called SUBID that relates to the ID of any given Patient Record and the Practitioner ID. In Security, I have set up a Privilege Set that I allocate Practitioners to which has limited viewing privileges with “Records can b
  4. Hello comment Well at the moment the field is set up as Number and it is used to enter the duration of meal/lunch breaks which are unpaid and are usually 30 or 60 minutes. So 30 or 60 minutes will be deducted from the total hours for any given day. Example: Tim started work at 9:00am and finished at 5:30pm but had 30 minutes for lunch. So the total hours should be 8. Cheers Tim
  5. Hi there I have a similar set up to digital gardener, but I have a field called "meal break" where I enter either 30 minutes or 1 hour which deducts from the "total hours" field to reflect actual working hours. I'm trying to devise a calculation for the "total hours" field to show: End time - Start time - Meal break. I've tried a few variations to no avail. Any ideas? Many thanks Tim
  6. Hi comment Just this afternoon I cracked the case, and must tell you, I should be banned from this forum! When it came to Set Field, I specified the target field, but never specified the calculated result where I should have put "$personnelid" minus quotes. I really am sorry for wasting your time with this tedious oversight, but I've certainly learned something valuable. Many thanks Topaz
  7. How embarrassing, I had reverted back to the old Copy and Paste script (initial solution). That's why the Personnel ID field was being populated from the Personnel table suddenly. Will continue to see scour as to why Set Variable and Set Field aren't have the desired result. Cheers Tim
  8. I reverted the recent changes back to the original set up we started with and its functioning as it should have in the first place. Not sure what I did, but obviously I did something right this time around. Thanks for your help comment. With thanks Tim
  9. I think I may have cracked the problem! Well the set up below seems to be working - The relationship between tables Personnel and Contract is now set to X instead of = (this seemed to remedy the Personnel ID field populating in Contract. - In the portal set up I have set a filter to Personnel ID field in Contract table to match Personnel table (as I have copied to <Personnel ID> field from Personnel into the Contract layout. It's doing the job now, but would love any feedback if you can foresee any issues down the track or perhaps I have gone about this the wrong way.
  10. Thank you for your response comment. You have been and continue to be invaluable in assisting with my projects! Unfortunately the set up you specified matches what I currently have set up in the database. Now that I know its not a scripting error, I'll investigate why the Personnel ID from the Record isn't populating into the Contract Record. I'll let you know how I get on. With thanks Tim
  11. Currently I am using the Copy and Paste function - so my script looks like: * Copy [select; PERSONNEL FILE::Personnel ID] Go to Layout ["Position Appointment Record" (PLF: Position Appointment Record)] * New Record/Request * Paste [select; No style; PLF: Position Appointment Record::Personnel ID] I have a feeling this script setup will lead to trouble later. Is there another method to pull over the Personnel ID so the new Contract Record relates to the Personnel Record automatically therefore the portal set up will show all Contracts relating to that applicable Personnel member
  12. Hello there Forum I've searched high and low to answer my own question and suspect I may not be using the right keywords. I have a Human Resources database in the making and trying to work out how to drag across the "Name" and "Personnel ID" fields into a separate table that houses Employment Contract records. The workflow I'm trying to achieve is: Personnel Record layout > "Add Contract" - at this point the New Contract layout appears with the "Name" and "Personnel ID" dragged across from the Personnel Record layout. I'd like these two fields to be live so when the Personnel
  13. Perfect, works great. Thanks for your reply D J!
  14. Hi there Forum My question surrounds the Substitute formula used to display name full name of patients in a medical database. Patient records were filed in "Title First name Middle name Last name" format. Now the clinic wants them filed as "LAST NAME, First name Middle Name" format. How do I get the "Last name" to appear in capitals and a comma directly after to separate from First name. Substitute ( List ( Last name ; First name ; Middle name ) ; ¶ ; " " ) The system in question was born with the generous help from these forums and it is wonderful to be able to revisi
  15. Fantastic, your a genius, comment! Works perfectly and addresses other parts of my database I could you a similar calculation. Many thanks, comment Tim
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