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  1. Thanks sd, This way surpasses my knowledge in filemaker. No way i could have worked that out myself from looking at it haha. Cheers, Simon.
  2. Ok yea that makes sense But how would i determine which individuals came from the member group??
  3. Hey guys, I'm making a private database for a meeting which has members and then attendance tables. In the members tables i have multiple names become the members can be considered more as families. In the attendance table i select the member ID which then brings up all the names of the family. I want to have checkboxes next to all these names so i can identify which people from the family actually came. any way to do this which could possibly be used in a find script? if not doesnt matter im mostly looking just for a checkbox so i can identify which individuals came from the member
  4. Yes but first of all i want it to show all the installations. No point in having find for no installations because its the installations that the interest is in. Is there a way in the script that u can pre-determine what will be in the month drop down list so it only shows the months where there are transactions where installation = yes?
  5. I have a simple database with products and clients There are then transaction records created when a client buys a product. I have the option to choose installation as yes or no. At the moment i have a find which gets all the transactions where installation = yes and sorts them according to the transaction month. my script then goes on to a second find which has a drop down box of transaction month coming from the transaction table which they then select and results for that individual month come up rather then all of them. At the moment it shows all the months from transactions in the s
  6. Basically when a transaction is made, installation is chosen as yes or no for that product. So the transaction date can in a sense be the installation date. What i want the outcome to basically do is come up with all transactions in the last week where installation was chosen as yes. At the moment my find script just searches for all installations and i want to make it i suppose the todays date of the search and then - 7 days and up to todays date (of the find).
  7. I'm making a database for school. Its a car mod shop and i have a button to search for all transactions by clients who chose installation as yes. (This is an added fee) At the moment it shows all installations but i want to do a find for only the ones in the last week. I found a similar topic but it didnt help.
  8. Yea I didnt understand what he meant, Thanks that fixed it though. I think my IT teacher told me to tick that, idiot... lol
  9. Go to Portal Row [select; Last] Go to Portal Row [select; Previous] Delete Portal Row [] It automatically creates a blank record underneath the last product so I have it set to the last then the one above and then want it to delete that row. I want this button to be outside the portal. With the script now, when i press the button it highlights the right portal row and asks if i want to delete this one record, i click yes but then it deletes the whole thing.
  10. I have seen other similar topics already but they didnt help. I have a point of sale system with a portal. With products and stuff etc... I want to have a button outside of the portal which will delete the last transaction on the portal. But when i make a script which highlights the previous transaction and then the delete portal row, it deletes the entire point of sale for that particular sale! Plz help.
  11. I have a search page on my database to search a certain table. When i click the search it performs a script which enters find mode allows me to enter search criteria and then view the relevant records etc... But i want a button on the criteria input page which will cancel the current find script, go to browse mode and then go to the main menu layout. My main problem is knowing how to cancel the already running script... help please?
  12. Thanks for your reply. I fixed it myself after fiddling around for 15mins or so lol I made a new field in the transactions called month name which was then calculated from one of the date functions, MonthName(Transaction Date) or something. That made it so it came up with the month name rather than month number. Cheers for the quick reply anyway.
  13. I have simple database for school which has products and clients and then transactions. I'm trying to perform a search by month and year. I have the year working fine but i want the pop-up menu for month to come up as the actual month names but then perform the find according to the corresponding month number (e.g. January will search for 1) Is there a way to have a custom value list which comes up with one thing but searches for another or will i have to make a new bunch of fields in the transaction table?
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