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  1. Hi LaRetta, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I didn't see you post. I'm going to give this a try. I'm not exactly understanding things though, but I'm going to try before I ask more questions. Thank you so much Amy
  2. Ugh, I just don't know how to do this. I would like to create a field in which all records are displayed for 5 years prior to today's date. Please help tks Amy
  3. Hi bcooney, I wanted to ask you a bit more about using sub-summaries. I want to create a layout which is uses 8 tables. Problem: I'm trying to create a report which is basically an employee summary sheet of the person's last 5 years. Each table has the employee's ID# as a primary key. When I create a report with 8 sub-summaries however, not all the information shows up in PREVIEW... neither the list of items nor the various catagories. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Am I not using the PART (sub-summary) correctly? Table 01: basic employee information: name, title, years of service, etc. Table 02: article they've written Table 03: books they've written Table 04: professional activities Table 05: research Table 06: honours Table 07: presentations Table 08: miscellaneous Thank you for your help Amy
  4. I've been suffering through the same problem. I've searched the FM site for an answer, nothing so far. 1. turned on sharing on all databases 2. turned on managed priviledges
  5. Hi, I'm trying to TRIM (I think) a "first name field" so that only the first letter of that first name shows up. Is that possible? If it is how do I do that? Or should I use another function? Thanks much Amy
  6. I think so, but I couldn't find the info on closing parts other than using the "sliding" function. Thanks much Amy
  7. Hi John, Deleted the Body, but there's still a big space. I'm going to have a look at your sample tks Amy
  8. Hi John TkU for replying. I tried using the slide feature and including PART, but it's still not sliding up and closing the gap. My parts are -- Header -- Sub-Summary -- Body -- Trailing Grand Summary The Body is empty. I tried puttingthe Trailing Grand Summary before BODY, but I couldn't get it to appear. If I move the closing of the letter into the BODY area it doesn't show in the PREVIEW. tks Amy
  9. Hi All, I'm a newbie and will be the first to admit I know nothing! I've got a letter to INSTRUCTORS in which I have information about all STUDENT workers working for each instructor for a particular semester. I finally figured out that I could use a sub-summary to list all the students and their info in the letter and put the closing of the letter in a Grand Trailing Part. However, there is a gap between the info in the Sub-Summary and Grand Trailing. I tried the sliding thing, but it only works with fields and not PARTS. Is there a way to shrink the PART area? Thanks for your help Amy
  10. Hi Lee, Thanks for the information, but I think it's a bit different than my problem. It's a really great thing though! Thanks much amy
  11. Hi Lee, I've got 2 tables 1. table of COURSES 2. table of GRADERS 3. table of STUDENTS Course Table: fields include CourseID#, SectionID, TermID, SlotID, Instructor, and RecordID (combination of the CourseID#, SectionID, TermID) Grader Table: StudentID#, First Name, Last Name, Paygrade, Record# Student Table: StudentID, First Name, and Last Name The GRADER TABLE is my main table. The StudentID connects it to the Student Table and the RecordID connects it to the Course Table. I've selected the records (for the form letter) by Semester & Term (academic year) and get all the students working for the upcoming term. Than sorted the records by Instructor, so that an instructor will receive 1 letter with all his/her students listed on it. Thank you Amy
  12. I have a form letter going out to instructors. In the letter each instructor is given the names of students working for him/her each semester, the courses each student is working, and the hours they are allowed to work, given their pay-grade. The form letter is sorted by instructors and semester. In the body of the letter there is a spot giving student info. I tried doing this letter using sub-summary by "instructor", but that doesn't seem to work correctly. Please help tks Amy
  13. I figured it out... yaaa! It works great now.
  14. Some things were used in different calculations --- I know I could still use the portals. There were also complaints about the portals being confusing as, in some cases they show up on the various input forms. I just imported some of the info and it became easier for the operators to use. tks, amy
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