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  1. Lee: Thanks SO much - that's exactly what I was looking for! You've earned a good karma credit. Thanks, Scott
  2. Created a database to track and bill professional time, but want to add ability to calculate and show finance charges and interest based on aging of outstanding balances. I'd very much appreciate if any one would lead me to a decent starter solution or template so we don't have to reinvent the wheel in terms of creating something from scratch that many others must already be using. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
  3. Even if not helpful to me, at least I am pleased to see that FileMaker is helping those that purchased from and after June 10th. And you are right, of course, that 8.5 is fine. Just makes me crazy to spend a lot only to have the creator come out and say just a bit later how they did a soup-to-nuts overhaul and how much better, yap, yap, yap (or for Seinfeld fans, yadda, yadda, yadda...). All of you have been very kind to share your time with me on this, and for that I thank you.
  4. Unfortunately I was not offered maintenance. And charging to upgrade is not really the issue - the issue is offering at least some "reasonable" window to upgrade at a nominal cost to those that just bought your product a very short while ago. Charging to upgrade a guy that bought 8.5 the very day before 9 was released is much different than charging someone that used 8.5 for a year or 6 months, even, I think - and that's all I'd like Filemaker to do - acknowledge there is a difference and that their current pricing does not fairly account for it, leaving customers like me feeling betrayed no matter how much I like the product. Again, it just plain old poor customer service that makes no sense. I expected more, frankly, from the folks that produce this product.
  5. What's wrong with FileMaker Corp.? 1. Below is a self-explanatory email I sent to FileMaker Corp.'s volume licensing dept and legal dept - no reply to date. 2. If anyone knows the email addresses for FileMaker Corp executive officers, please share so I can forward directly to a particular person. "Sir/Madam: Attached please find an invoice showing that my small firm just spent $1,638 for FMPro Server 8 and a 5-user pack of version 8.5 that I received on or about April 20, 2007. So less than 90 days after spending this amount of money - a lot for a small firm - I have to buy the "all new" vers 9 server and 5 user for another, what, $1,000??!! Please, Filemaker folks, "say it ain't so." How about a free upgrade path for users that bought within prior 90 days, just so we don't feel we got "burned" for being stupid enough to buy Filemaker at what turns out to be 90 days before the "biggest release in nine years"? Please reply, and please do something to help those of us poor saps that bought within the last 90 days. Thanks, Scott" 3. Why can't FileMaker Corp.'s customer service and pricing live up to its technical excellence? 4. Am I the only one that loves the FileMaker products but is less enthusiastic about the management policies? 5. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a policy that purchasers within last 90 or 120, even, get free or nominal price upgrade path? So now I'm the idiot that bought an office's worth of the last version for $1,600+ only to have to pay another $1,000 or so just 90 days later to upgrade to the "All New" version. Reminds me of Microsoft's arrogance and greed, frankly. Just shaking my head in disbelief that such smart technical people can be such heavy-handed businesspeople, seemingly so out-of-touch with real users. Say it ain't so, Filemaker...
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