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  1. I right-click on the field in browse mode, and click "insert object". I'm pretty sure it's embedded, since changing the file afterwards doesn't affect it in filemaker.
  2. I'm trying to consolidate several databases into one by importing the filemaker files themselves. It's working mostly, but there's one problem: The containern field contents aren't getting imported. The container fields are ending up empty. (They should have various documents in them as objects) How do you import container field contents? I understand that if I was exporting to text-based formats like .tab, .xml etc they would get thrown out for obvious reasons, but why are they getting thrown out when importing the filemaker files themselves? Are there any export formats that will allow
  3. Thanks, that worked!
  4. I'm trying to create a table of contents page for my database. There is a print in colums option in Layout setup that does something very similar to what I want, but I need it in rows, not colums. Is there a way to do it instead? This seems pretty common sense, so I'm sure it's there, but can't find it in the manual. I'm trying to have each record take up a row, not a column.
  5. I have a similar, but different problem. I am actually trying to embed the physical file (word documents, etc, it will depend depending on the record) into the import. My records are importing properly except for the documents in the container fields, which are being left out. I understand that text-based export formats won't work for this. I tried directly importing the filemaker files, but the container contents are still not importing - the container fields end up blank while the other ones are filled in properly. Is there a specific export format that works? Why isn't it working when
  6. Thanks for the help. I found the problem I was having with import/export. I thought it was overwriting my previous files, but it wasn't, it was just ommitting them. I'm able to do this now by exporting to XML (or whatever), and importing all of the files in a blank database.
  7. I'm having a very similar problem that seems like it should be easy to solve, but is not. Hopefully we'll both be able to figure this out. The problem is inherrently the same. I'm trying to have both per-record page numbers and total page numbers print, but can't find a way to do this. I can get either one to print, but not both. (Printing the whole document at once lets you do total page numbers, printing on a per-record basis using a loop lets you do per-record page numbers) There's a technique in that given link that keeps getting brought up where you go to the last page and get the pa
  8. Thanks for the info. I thought software companies had moved past the days when they'd charge you for a new version instead of patching in common-sense features. :
  9. Is there a way to insert tables or images in a text field? Maybe something that involves importing document files (PDF, Word etc) into a text field? I know it's possible since I've seen a (secured) filemaker file that has this. Thanks.
  10. How can I modify the properties of a textbox, input field, etc using a script? I'm trying to do 2 things: Having my print script delete the header labels for some text fields if the fields are empty, and having a button disable input into certain fields. For the second one, I know you can do this with behavior property, but I can't find this in the script menu. To get rid of the header labels, the most elegant solution would be something like "If IsEmpty(table::field), delete label1". Alternatively, it could change the text value of label 1 to "", or set the color to white. Is there a way
  11. I'm trying to create a find where for when either of 2 fields equals a certain value. In Specify Find Requests, i hit "New..." On the left-hand selection I pick my table value, and in the right set my criteria and hit "Add". Then I make another one and add it below. Here's the problem: It says "AND" between the two criteria, and I want it to say "OR", but there's no obvious way to do it. There is also no obvious way to just type out the logic in one line. How do I make an OR in a find?
  12. I have a very simple script to duplicate a record, and add ".1" to a certain field. Duplicate Record/Request Set Field [Main table2::Transaction $; Main table2::Transaction #+".1" It basically works, (and if I duplicate a duplicated script, it changes the .1 to .2 which is useful, but odd it does that without me telling it to) but the field it modifies usually has a hypen, which is deleted in the duplicate record field. The original record will show "2003-25", while the duplicate record will show "200325.1". Why is it deleting the hypens, and how do I prevent this?
  13. I was wondering if someone could help me with this record merging problem. I'm creating a database where I create the records, and fill in all fields but one, which is a very long text field. I will be distributing the database to a number of different people, who will each modify the field. After that, I want to reconsolidate the database. What would be the best way to do this? Is there a way to use the import/export command in thsi way? Word has a function that lets you compare and merge documents - is there something similar in filemaker? thanks!
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