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  1. I've been doing merges for years using the "Merge Mail" script. It is a handy tool. To date, when I wanted to include a url, I just had the url be part of the e-mail. Currently, I'm trying to send a note with a *lot* of links, and want to hyperlink the actual text. But I can't figure out how to do it! Searching the web has proven fruitless. Any FM gurus out there who can shed some light on this?
  2. Yes, a portal - to another table. No grouped fields that I know of (is there some way of telling?). Download 3 screenshots of what I'm seeing here: http://download.yousendit.com/4F4C00581CE79018 Worth noting, as far as the "grouped" thing goes... All fields on the "personal" tab are brand new; I just added them to the (old/existing) database last week - so I'm *certain* they're not grouped. When I put *just* those fields into a tab and go into edit mode, they still appear on *both* tabs when in data-entry mode. ?
  3. I downloaded the demo copy and duplicated the tab box (with tabs "one," "two," etc.), then dragged field 1 into tab1, field2 into tab2. Then went back into data-entry mode to test... My tabs worked perfectly - just as they should. What does that tell me, though? Why is the file I'm working with acting wonky?
  4. I installed 8.0v3 and the problem persists. Any other ideas?
  5. my ceo wouldn't be comfortable with that ;)
  6. Not sure how to go about doing that. It appears FM is up-to-date on my machine...
  7. Had a look at that link, but that's not it. All fields are well within the borders of the tab box.
  8. When I try to create a tab using Filemaker Pro 8.0v2 on my Mac (OS version 10.4.11), it displays correctly in "edit" mode. But when I enter data-entry mode, FM "sees through" the tab - and displays all fields (from all the tabs) stacked on top of one another. Clicking the other tabs, I see the same thing - all fields stacked. Worth noting: one of the tabs contains a large table. The *first* time I created the tabs, I dragged all the fields into the proper place and went into data-entry mode. It worked properly. I then went back into edit mode and moved the tab window slightly, changed th
  9. tried it, doesn't work. i also tried variations... "filemac:/" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & "/CEC1.xls" filemac:/ & Get (DesktopPath) & "/CEC1.xls" filemac: & Get ( DesktopPath ) & /CEC1.xls thanks for the help, by the way. mighty kind.
  10. I host a FM database online that several people in my company access from different locations. I recently built a series of scripts that pull a list, sort it, and save it to my desktop. When my co-workers try to run these scripts, they get an error message because FM is pointing the document to save on *my* desktop. Is there some way to save to a relative filepath (like filemac:Desktop/filename.xls), so that no matter who runs the script, the file will be saved to the desktop of the computer they are using?
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