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  1. Is there a way to import ONLY the structure of table from FM to MYSQL?
  2. Alright.. no problem.. thanks in advance
  3. My main objective is to transfer records from FM to MySQL. I know there are tools out there to migrate from FM to MySQL, but still it involve a cost.
  4. Do you mean I can fetch the record from FM to MySQL by scripting in FM Scriptmaker? How is it done? Sorry for the fundamental question as I am a beginner in FM.
  5. Is that mean it would be better if I read and insert the record straight into mySQL(as a background processing) without display it?
  6. Actually I want to read a records from FM and insert or may be update into MySQL. Therefore I want to make sure the records is read by displaying it on the web page.
  7. It run for a long time until my Apache crashed and forced to shut down..
  8. Anyone know a tricky and simple way to display huge amount of records from FM to webage using PHP? I managed to fetch the records (about 98 records in table 1) to webpage using PHP.I use ODBC connection and i use FM pro 8.5 trial version. My problem is that I have a huge records(> 200000) records in a table 2. When I try to fetch it to webpage as i did with table 1, it display fatal error saying maximum execution time exceeded. I try to increase the time in php config file from 50 to 300s, but still getting the error. I know FX.php or FM PHP API beta version could be of help but
  9. I manage to solved the problem... Just feel strange about the permission..
  10. Strange... I don't have permission to access the URL solution given above. I got this error.. There was a problem loading this page: Your permission set does not allow you to be here. Use your browsers Back Button to return to the previous page.
  11. I just added new column into existing table which have huge records. Now I want to insert a numeric which is auto increment into the newly created column from first record till the last records. How to do that? I use FMPro8.5.
  12. I just add a new column and want to insert value into this column. I want it to be auto insert by auto increment number. How to do that? I use filemaker pro 8.5
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