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  1. Hello, I've got a field that I want to have validated to check to make sure that none of a certain character (< > : " / | ? *) are used in the field. I've been able to use a calculation to make sure that the field name is not just that character, but that is as far as I can get. Thanks, Matt
  2. I'm creating a inventory/orders database. As prices are different for each distributer, I'd like to select the distributer first on creating the order, then have the database look up the price for that item for that distributer. I've attached what I've got so far. Thoughts? Thanks, Matt scg_inventory_relational_pricing.zip
  3. I'm creating a script that will send an email getting data from a particular record. As the primary user for this uses Thunderbird, I'm doing this with a open url mailto: script. There are a couple instances where I am trying to insert data from a checkbox set, however instead of there being a carriage return at the end of each option, it just runs them together. For example Option1Option2Option3 Instead of Option1 Option2 Option3 It works fine if I use the regular send mail function, but I can't get it working with the open url function. Thanks! Matt
  4. Table 1 is an item inventory Table 2 is a record of transfers to another department I have a calculation field that totals the amount of product transfered. I'm in the process of doing a summary view (of table 1 items) that I would like to have display the product transfered in a particular date range. I've got a script that will search table 2 based on the date range, but it does not restrict the records displayed in the summary view. I'm thinking that the solution may be in the calculation field, but I can't find a function that would just sum the found fields. Th
  5. Not sure if this is the right place or not, but - Is it possible to lock a record so that no additional changes can be made to it? I'm making an order database and once an order is complete I'd like to prevent accidental changes. -Matt
  6. I'm in the process of making some modifications to the FileMaker Business Productivity solution to customize it to our use. I've got one section in the projects area where I would like to grab some data from the contacts section regarding the staffing of an event (phone number, shirt size). I've set up a relationship between the event staff table and the contacts table, but the data is not appearing. Am I at least on the right track here? -Matt
  7. Alright, I've found the problem. The records need the matching project ID to appear in the portal with the project. Now I just need to get the project ID to automatically insert when it creates those records. -Matt
  8. I've got importing figured out in general, but I'm having problems importing data into a portal. I've got three fields in the portal name_first, name_last, and Pin. In the import I've set what goes where and can see in the preview that it is matching up, however when I click import though it says that the number of records imported is correct, nothing is actually imported and new new records have been created. Thoughts? Thanks, Matt
  9. I didn't think of that. Changed it to that and it's working fine. Thanks, Matt
  10. I've got a section of a database where I am storing an image as a file. I would like to be able to click a button and have that image display into a container field. Thus far the most I can do is copy the file field and paste it into the container field, but that just puts the image icon in. Thoughts? -Matt
  11. Got it working. Thanks a lot! -Matt
  12. Ok, changing the inequality sign made it work if I had the record selected. How can I have it go through all the records that are on the screen? Thanks, Matt
  13. I'm trying to crate a script that will let me update the status in my task list from defer to open once the start date is passed Currently the script I have is: If[Tasks::Start Date ≥ Get ( CurrentDate ) and Tasks::Priority = "Defer"] Set Field [Tasks::Priority = "Open"] End If I'm sure it is something simple I'm missing, but I can't figure it out. Thanks for any help, Matt
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