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  1. Hello all We recently became VAT registered in UK. However, some of our invoices do not have VAT added before a certain invoice number i.e all invoices before 117 do not have VAT added. All those after 117 do! Is there some way to stop VAT being added before 117 in calculation of formulae??? Look forward to any replies. regards BFGK
  2. In Layout mode i have dragged other fields on Invoice table. INVOICEID is serial and this updates automatically. I need to update the other tables automatically when i create a new record? So when INVOICEID is created it automatically creates PAYMENTID and ORDERID.
  3. Hello All I have an invoice table, payment table and orders table. All are related. If i create a new invoice it is automatically numbered i.e 192. I have payments table and orders table in the same page. I would like the payments table to automatically numbered as well but with P added to front i.e P192 Same for Orders i.e O192 Any ideas? Look forward to any replies. regards BFGK
  4. Hello all I got it sorted finally. Was able to use SET FIELD to search on PAYMENTID then again using SET FIELD to search on Amount Due " = " The " = " searches on empty fields. regards BFGK
  5. Hello all I've had a call from my accountant he requires a list of all outstanding invoices. I've been able to work out invoices due! Each invoice table has a portal named Payments. When client makes a payment this field/record is completed. I think i can create a script that searches PAYMENTID field but returns results if field is empty! Searching HELP now but if anyone has any advise it will be greatly appreciated! regards BFGK
  6. Thanks I used the following: If(Wholesale Contacts::Country="UK";Total Net * 17.5/100;0) Seems to work!!! BFGK
  7. Hello all I have a great invoice table thats been working great. Unfortunately, we now have a client in EU. I 've been informed that we don't charge VAT to clients based in EU. I 've created a field on my contacts list named COUNTRY with a drop down box UK or EU. If the drop down box states EU is there a way that calculation field for VAT not be used or made to = 0? Look forward to any replies! I will keep working on an answer! regards BFGK
  8. Hello all I've been working on creating a count field thats displays the number of days invoice due. I have tried using the flag_paymentoverdue and searched forum on date function with no luck. Any ideas i will keep working on an answer! BFGK
  9. Hello bcooney Copied the invoice in layout and created a new blank layout. Removed the field such as total net, vat etc. Seems to be working. Thanks again for all your advise. regards BFGK
  10. Thanks bcooney It worked! I adapted flag_paymentoverdue calculation and inserted this in my invoice table. Created a script to search on flag = 1 to display overdue invoices. Thanks. BFGK
  11. Thanks bcooney I will take a look and get back to you shortly! BFGK
  12. Hello all I have already created a detailed invoice layout associated to an invoices table with several relationships i.e. wholesale clients, invoice payments etc. A client required a packing list recently. All the information is on invoice. So i hightlighted fields not required and used Sliding Printing not to print those fields. Can i button be created and will automatically take data from invoice and create Packing List? I'm sure there is a way! Look forward to any replies. BFGK
  13. Hello all I been searching and read many articles on dates and calculations. My database is designed as follows invoices <- invoice payments -> payments. When a client pays insert information in invoice payments via portal on invoices layout. Invoice Payments is a portal on invoices. Actual information is inserted into payments table. Now heres my problem!!! I want to know when invoices are due after terms either 14 or 30 days. I think my calculation should look at Payment table payment date. If this is blank then refer back to invoices due date if this is more
  14. Hello all I sorted the above problem out! Thanks again for all your help regards BFGK
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