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  1. Got it! Thanks for clarifying. Take care, Jesse
  2. Actually, I got it. Rather than speculate I'll just build my solution and see how it goes. I'm not going to build lists to show local or remote files. I just want the user to be able to dump a file in a container, so I can have it create the directory, upload, and give them back a URL they can forward to their client. Should be simple enough. And without the need to build those records, it should be peppy enough for them to stay productive. Thanks again for you time and FTPeek! Regards, Jesse
  3. OK, that makes sense, I was drawing some conclusions towards that effect as I sit here watching the sample file build the table records for the local files (176 of them) and then build the records to display the 16 remote folders. Just over 2 records per second accounts for the approximate 2 minute "lag". It is an off-site server, and we have not ever noticed this kind of latency. Speed tests show that we stay around 4 Mb/s down and over 1 Mb/s up. But this is the first time I have had a hosted file calling plug-in functions. I was planning on developing a hosted FTP solutio
  4. I am wondering if anybody has noticed this, so I can narrow it down to my servers. For example, if I use the included FTPeek Sample Client to connect to my server: When I use the Sample Client locally, it connects to my FTP and lists the files in about 3 seconds. If I upload the Sample Client to my FM server and try to connect to the same FTP server, it takes almost 2 minutes to connect, and another 10 seconds to list the remote files. When disconnecting, it shows me that it is deleting the records that made up the directory listings which takes another 15 seconds. Whe
  5. Hey David, thanks! Michael Gaslowitz had helped me earlier via email as well. It is in fact an OLE issue, and that makes perfect sense. The HR Directer liked the "preview" of documents put into the container, so she could read the first page of the resume while scrolling through the records. Well as they say...hindsight's 20-20 and had I known about SuperContainer back then. The main DB bloat was caused by these MASSIVE scanned images she dropped into the containers. So an office rule is now in place for container fields. To little to late for the FM containers but n
  6. I had the same problem on the English version (FM10 Adv) and manual deployment was the ticket. Has been working flawless so far. Just an FYI :B
  7. Hello all, I just set up SuperContainer and plug-in, and followed the data migration video on the 360 Works website; using the external functions to pull the existing data in the FM Container into SuperContainer. At first glance it looked the it copied the data to the SuperContainer server. So I looped the script and had it migrate the 1400+ records. After being pretty geeked about how easy that just was, I see that it didn't copy the data, but made images of the content. To explain, this is an applicant database where the container field is holding a copy of the applicant
  8. Thanks. My problem is that the end users are mostly luddites, so have to make things as simple as possible. I was hoping that there may have been a solution without having them enter data on a separate form, but it does make the most sense if I want to then pull all the correspondence to a single layout. Thanks for your input! Regards, Jesse
  9. I was wondering if there was a practical way "stamp" CurrentDate/UserName when people add to a field, within the same field. For example, I'm building a solution to track Marketing leads and have a few fields for notes like Initial Contact Subject, Contact Results, Follow up, ect. What I would like to do is have Get ( CurrentDate ) & " " & Get ( UserName ) stamp after an entry to the notes. I don't think its possible without multiple fields, but what I would have liked to see is...say Joe starts up an initial contact and details his correspondence, then lets say Steve
  10. ok, well that example is dependent on fields collecting value specifics per record. My data iin its current condition is not as nice as i didn't have the luxury of manually inputting the data into a fresh database. At the beginning I had to build "like" tables so I could move the data from their old Excel tables. So my problem is that I have one field that has a year for each record, rather than a field for each year and a corresponding value indicating the year. So I'm thinking I need calculation fields to count the records by client for a given year or a summary field counting
  11. Søren you are a fountain of knowledge. Thanks I'll go read the blog
  12. ok one last question cause I can't think anymore. I have a calculated field that is taking a date field and giving me the 4 digit year. i.e. 2/5/2008 returns 2008, so this field is now just years. I need to return a total count of records by the year, per client for the subsummary report What I would like to see: Job Type: Transportation Client: KYTC 2004 - 4 2005 - 7 2006 - 12 2007 - 18 2008 - 2 I should know this, my eyes are crossed and I'm going to lunch. If anybody has a clue as to what I'm doing help a brother out and get me back on track
  13. OK, I have another question. I have the sub summary report and summary fields working, now how can I clean up the results. By that I mean, it lists the client each time there is a record for a project, so how could I omit the duplicates and still have the summary field return a "count of" to total the project per year Doesn't it need to have it displayed in the report for the summary fields to return the "count of"?
  14. I guess not! I have been using FM for almost 2 years now getting 3 decades of crappy excel tables into something that resembles a database and up until this year I have never had the opportunity to start getting some statistical data out of it. I dabbled with summary fields and sub summary in a layout last week but didn't really know what I was doing. Thanks for the link. The mailman just this minute delivered my FM 9 The Missing Manual and the PM 9 Developer Reference so I can some other good reference material now, thanks!
  15. Help building a report or at least the reference table to generate some statistical data To give you a quick overview, we are an archaeology firm so we survey coal permits, highway and other DOT projects, cell tower sites, water and waste pipelines and other developments. We do the cultural surveys and then all the data is published for the client. So the fields I am focusing on for this table are (JobType), (Client), I have a calculated field (Year) that is giving me the 4 digit year based on the field (DateMailed). So what I want to do is either have a sorted table that breaks
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