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  1. I have searched all over the forum and internet for and answer and I have not been able to find one yet. Hopefully, someone here can help. I have created a massive filemaker database/program that I am in the process of converting over to HTML and PHP using Filemaker PHP API. I have a script that takes certain field variables in a layout and sets them as global variables so that I can reference those variables in scripts that will be run within the main script. Basically, the script takes a unique record identifier ($$) and if it is still AM ($$) and it runs through different scripts to d
  2. I have a filemaker database that I access from the web. I have been running it for about 1 month. Just yesterday in creating a record in one of my tables, or in editing a record in that same table I get an error 802 message. This happens about 90% of the time now. I have about 20 other tables in the same file and I don't get that message editing or creating records in any of them. The only information that I have been able to find on the subject other than the usual description of the error is on this website.
  3. Bcooney, thank you for helping and being patient with me. I am relying on the ScriptMaster file and I don't know how to bring in the necessary .jar files into my solution. In FMPro I simply open ScriptMaster and then close it and it registers the functions that I need (ie. HTML email). I assumed it would do the same for SMServer. Any help on "bringing in the necessary" .jar files? Another solution that I tried recently was putting the script step in my HTML email script that registers the HTML Email function (the same one I used in my open script). This still allows FMPro to send an
  4. Thank you for your help. I hope we're getting closer to a solution. Tried having script go to the UI table first (Didn't work on FMServer) Tried Opening Scriptmaster and closing it, but FMServer doesn't support opening or closing of a file in a script. Tried simplifying the email to send simple text (didn't work in FMServer, but did in FMPro) Tried using an authentication email (didn't work with FMServer, but did with FMpro) Tried capturing the SMlasterror. This is what it read: org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed, Script1.groovy: 1: unexpec
  5. bgcolor="fffdec"> List of Missed ADLs for "&Get(CurrentDate)-1&" Resident Shift ADL Assignment "& UI::Current Tasks Incomplete &"
  6. I have been successful in creating an HTML email from ScriptMaster that I can get to email with FileMaker Advanced Pro 11. I also have FileMaker Server 11 and I have set the script to run as a schedule. I have added the ScriptMaster plugin to the extensions folder in FileMaker Server and restarted the server (like I have read in the instructions in many other poses) and the scheduled script still does not send an email. I have the latest version of ScriptMaster and it is set to register the HTML email on startup. Can anyone offer any help or suggestions? Thanks, Jonathan
  7. I have just begun working with Script Master. So far all I have done has been to send an HTML email (which worked great!). I have a question to see if script master can solve through Java, or if someone knows of another way to achieve the results I am looking for. People using my database will be importing picture profiles for each record from a camera. [color:red]These files are quite large and I am looking to have the image size smaller so that the database will respond better over the network. I have been searching for a solution that would allow me to change the resolution of a p
  8. Never mind. Sorry for wasting a post. I found a shareware application the recovered my password.
  9. SO, I'm working on a database where the staff permissions are controlled by filemaker. I've set up a pretty sweet database and then I was automating an account password change dialog (with dialogplugin) so that I could have the password typed in by the user saved in the staff table and also added to the filemaker permissions. When I ran the script for the first time I changed my password and a dialog box (that I had set up) came up saying that my old password didn't match the old password in the FileMaker accounts. Now when I try to login to make changes to my database I am locked out of
  10. This particular layout/table is an assessment for for healthcare needs. It contains about 60 - 80 fields. Would I need to do a variable for each of them and have the "save" button verify all of them, or "cancel" as the case may be. Is there any way to stop a record before it is committed?
  11. Thank you for another idea! I think I might have to end up going with the popup window idea. You said that there are several ways I can accomplish what I am looking for. I was wondering if there is an option that doesn't involve a popup window. Half of my users will be on Windows computers and with popup windows in Windows you get the annoying resizing of the windows in the application window. Because of that annoyance I try to stay clear of pop up windows. Thanks for the help!
  12. Please Help! I've tried many options and can't find a work around. My desire is to emulate a web site in the need to press a "save" button or "submit" button to commit the record. If the "cancel" button is pressed the record is reverted to when it was opened (or in the case that it was a new record, it is deleted. [color:red]Try #1: I created an alternate table with the same fields and then when the user presses save a script imports the information to the real table. I did this instead of creating duplicate global fields in the same table, because it was confusing to deal with so ma
  13. Hi! I have a question that I want to know if anyone has solved. I have one table that has information on patients and another table that contains information their medications. In the patient's table I want to list the related medications in a "med, med, med, ..." type list for an emergency sheet that we print off. I know how to display all of the meds in columns in a portal (that is how we enter the meds), but can I have them summarized in a comma list form? Maybe a summary field that summarizes the content (text) of all related fields? If possible I would like to avoid needing a sc
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