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  1. Hi bcooney. Thanks for that. Yes I was being a bit general, I intend the link to be by a unique customer number. I shall give that a try in the script that calls the second file. The reason that there are 2 files is that they already exist, albeit the second file is at present not set up with customer detail, that is what I am trying to correct.
  2. Good morning. I have a large filemaker file which works around a customer database. I wish to call a second database from my customer table but have the ability to transfer the customer name to the new database so that it selects the correct record. I have tried writing the customer name to a global variable and the opening the second database but the value in the variable is lost. Is there anyway in which this can be done. Cheers - Graham
  3. Hi again Well I seem to have cracked it. i have added the table name and the line now looks like this Set Field By Name ["Results_Table::" & $homeaway & "[2]" ; $r2] and that does the trick. Cheers to anyone that looked at the problem. Thanks Graham Keeley
  4. Hi I've done some reading and it would appear that it's not possible to use a variable in the 'Set Field By Name' script step. What a shame, will turn what was a short script into a very lengthy one. Cheers Graham Keeley
  5. Good morning. I am building a sports league results listing with a large number of teams. I am trying to use a variable in 'Set Field By Name' to write another variable into a field. My field is a repeating field i.e. MayGro[1]. I use a routine to calculate the first 6 letters of the field name which I call $homeaway and then append the repetition number. My line looks something like - Set Field By Name [$homeaway & "[1]" ; $r1] (where $r1 is a variable holding the home team's points for this game). It doesn't work. I am a real novice at Filemaker and am hoping that someone
  6. Thanks so much, that cured it. Realise just how much I have to learn. Best regards Graham
  7. Hi there Happy New Year. I'm sorry but I still can't see how this works. The container contains the full path to the image but only shows as text e.g. "c:/image library/image/picasso drawings/pd1.jpg", I am a loss as to how to turn that into the actual image. Cost restraints will not allow me to go the 360Works route. Regards Graham
  8. Hi there. I am developing a database for a picture framing company to hold details of thousands of images that they have. I have jpeg images of all of these and the path to the jpeg is held as a field in the table. I have a 'Container' field called 'Picture' and should like to populate this field by a script on one pass through the table. If anyone can help me I should be obliged. Merry Christmas and a great New Year to you all. Graham
  9. Spot on. That works fine, never ceases to amaze me how quick one gets an answer when posting a problem. Many thanks
  10. Hi there I have a layout into which users can enter UK postal codes. I wish to check this postal code against a list of codes that are within the London Congeston Charging zone. In the script I assign the postal code field to a variable and then attempt to 'Perform Find' on this variable. the script is taking the variable ($cc) as literal text. What am I doing wrong? Cheers
  11. Hi there I have a large database with in excess of 70 layouts. When I go to select a layout there is only one column shown with the necessity to scroll down to find the required layout, especially as the last one generated sits at the bottom. I know it is possible to re-order these but it seems that the one that I want is always off the page. Is there any way in which the layouts can be made to display over more than one column. Thanks
  12. Thanks so much for your reply, I would if I could!! I am using 8.5 and I can't find the required option in the Field Behaviour box. Regards
  13. Hi I have a rather large note field in a layout and in that are various 'words' that aren't recognised by the spell checker. Whenever these words are displayed they are underlined in red making them very difficult to read (some of them are case sensitive passwords). Is there any way in which the spell checker can be turned off for particular fields? many thanks Graham Keeley
  14. Hi I have a layout that is a 'Columnar list/report' using 'Grouped data'. The data shows correctly in Preview mode but only shows one record at a time in Browse mode although the subtotal value is correct. Any ideas. I have attached screen captures. Thanks
  15. Brilliant, thanks so much for your help.
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