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  1. Mr. Ignoramus

    Calculate to 1, 1st Invoice

    I have to look across all invoices for person "A". A one row portal would restrict all other customers except for the 1st one. I need to see all 1st invoices from all customers assigned to person "A". Any assistance here i would be grateful. Thank you. I could loop through all invoices and assign a "1" to the 1st invoice but I was hoping that there was a calcualation that would enter this "1" automatically simillar to the "cfraction" calc by Comment and later suggested by Phil in related post for a "number value of 1" in subsummaries. Again, any assistance here I would be grateful. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I have a customer who would like to pay a commission on the 1st invoice by customer id but on all other invoices by customer id he does not want to pay a commission. I can build the relationship to show the invoices ... but since the invoice have been in play for some time now, the 1st invoice has already happened and I see many invoice by customer id; January, February, March etc ... Is there a way to write a calculation that would place a "1" in a field for the 1st invoice by a customer Id and in all other invoices by customer id place a "0", is this possibel ? This would allow me to build the relationship to the "1" and only see "1st" invoices regardless of when they were entered.
  3. Mr. Ignoramus

    Export Global Field to Print Temp Path

    Ocean West, I found out that I was "Setting" the field instead of "Inserting" a file into the field. So, thank you. 🙂
  4. Mr. Ignoramus

    Export Global Field to Print Temp Path

    It's not working ... I have to put the global on the layout, then the stupid pdf still end up behind my main layout after it opens ... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? What is going on please ... why is step 64 erroring out with "File Missing" yet step 63 opens all buy it self ? ? ? ? ? ? that shouldn't even happen ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? All I am wanting is that the pdf stay in the front. I have to close my off screen layout. I only use it to navigate to the invoice table, find the invoice, then $Set My Temp Path variable. I then close my off screen layout. I can not end my script with this window open off screen and I'm can not allow endless windows as my client views thier customer invoices. This is insane, what is going
  5. Mr. Ignoramus

    Export Global Field to Print Temp Path

    I got it to work ... but I don't trust it ?? Can anybody explain why it worked ?? What I did was disble step 64 and added step 63 Got To Field ... Now the global field is not on the layout, all I am doing in the script step is select "Select/Perform" and for some strange reason the global field opened in my pdf viewer, which is what I want. But how can this work ? ? ? Obviously it worked, but why did it not work in step 64 ? ? ? ? ? Can anybody provide some guidance here ? ?
  6. Mr. Ignoramus

    Export Global Field to Print Temp Path

    doughemi, Thank you .. Oops! That step was created ... I obviously forgot to screen shot that part ... sorry. Please remember, script steps 58, 59, and 60 work and have worked for many, many, many years all I do is turn on the "Automaticaly Open File". Not sure what you mean by spaces. But this time I have to turn off "Automatically Open File" I am on a different table and I'm closing my window off screen. And when I do this the PDF that is created and open and is in front of the main layout goes to the back of the main layout which is what I don't want ... I'm stuck, so I'v attempting to insert my $Set Temp Folder" to a global Field, close my off screen window, then "Export Field Contents" but I get "File Missing" ? ? ? ?. Normally I am on the table of record. But on this event the customer is on the contacts table and they want to view thier customers invoice. So again, usually I'm on the table of record and I just perform script steps 58, 59, and 60 and on script step 60 I select "Automatically Open File" and it always works, even to this day. But this time I have to navigate to the invoice table from my contacts table so I decided to goto my invoice table OFF screen, do my work ( meaning find the invoice ), save it to my $Set Temp Folder as I always do, but this time I have to insert the $Set Temp Folder to my globle field, since I can not open my temporary folder directly ? I set a global field with my $Set Temp Folder variable, then attempt opening the global field by exporting the field contents. Why doesn't this work ? Now this works if I've inserted the $Set Temp Folder into "a" record field, but why won't it work when I insert the $Set Temp Folder into a global field ? when I attempt to export the global field contents I get this error "File Missing" ? WHY ? Please don't forget, on step 60, If I turn on "Automatically Open File" the pdf opens. But for some reason it's not available in the global ? ? ? Why ? ? ?
  7. Mr. Ignoramus

    Export Global Field to Print Temp Path

    Hi, Can anybody help me and explain why I get the "Missing File - Error 100" when I walk through these script steps. I use to stop after step 1, but I had to add some additional work so I created a separate layout off screen ... did what I needed to do, save the record as pdf, set my global field and I closed the window. The refresh is not suppose to be there ... so I attempt to export my "Search PDF Container" field and I get the "fille missing" error. What I can't export a global field What is driving me nuts is I can opt into automatically open the file in step one, but the minute I close the window to finish the script the pdf goes behind the main layout 😞 So I am stuck with added the export field step but I get this stupid error "File Missing" yet I don't get the error opening the file if I opt into the option to "Automatically Open File" in step one ???? so what is going on ?? Any assistance I would be grateful.
  8. Mr. Ignoramus

    Save As PDF

    Ocean West, "Have you tried to recreate the script from scratch?" Not from scratch ... the recovery did not do anything. So I just replaced the two script steps; Print Set UP and Print, within the print script and that fixed it. So, thank you.
  9. Mr. Ignoramus

    Save As PDF

    Hi, everytime we print and the print module pops ( Mac ) when get this pop up. The only issue is, we have several soluiton in other companies and this "Ram" continues to show up regardless who we are hosting the file with. Can anybody help me here with understanding ... and can were stop it, change it ??? Is there a way to default to someother name other than "RamDigital (DT43)pdf". This was the 1st company we got and ever since then we have had no luck in finding a way to change the name or removing it. Any suggestion would be gratefu. Thank you.
  10. Mr. Ignoramus

    SubSummary Total Manipulation

    Any additional suggetions, anybody ??
  11. Mr. Ignoramus

    SubSummary Total Manipulation

    Steve, I've done that ... what I'm saying is that the GetSummary Function only effect the 1st item only. Items 2 thru 5 no effect. Meaning when I try to discount or markup item 2 thru 5 nothing happens, only when I attempt to discount item 1 does the subsummary actualy change to correspond to the discount of mark up. It doesn't make sence why the Get(SubSummary ) ... break by Item ID, I can not have separate calculation effect each subsummary independantly. I think it has something to do with the relationship becuse the relationship by default sort to the top records and maybe the subsummary through the relationship fk_Item_ID_to_pk_Item_ID on Items 2 thru 5 it not looking at the 1st record. Or the field on Item 2 thru 5 are being manipulate on record number "x" not record number 1 within the relationship. It seems like the Get(SubSummary ) should allow me to see separate calculation by item id where I can manipulate each subsummary total. Thank you though for you input 🙂
  12. Mr. Ignoramus

    SubSummary Total Manipulation

    Hi, I have a customer who needs to modify the sub summary totals independantly of each other ... This report is sorted by Item ID ... Item 1 = $100.00 ( subsummary ) Item 2 = $200.00 ( subsummary ) customer want to manipulate ( discount by 5%) on this subsummary total Item 3 = $300.00 ( subsummary ) Item 4 = $400.00 ( subsummary ) customer want to manipulate ( mark up by 25%) on this subsummary total Item 5 = $500.00 ( subsummary ) I've provided for these markup and discount calculation in the grand total but they do not want their customers to see the discount and or markup on the total So I put the discount / mark up on the line record itself but they don't want to discount / mark up the line record, they want to discount / mark up the subsummary total because I am being told that, that is were everybody in the company is looking and that is were they want to see the mark up / discount, hmm .. I've place a calculation field by subsummary with the break on the Item ID thinking I could look through the relationship: fk_item_id_to_pk_item_id on the subsummary row however, the calculation only calculates based on the 1st record or item 1 which I get that filemaker see the 1st record in the relationship and Item 2 thru 5 nothing changes. But if I am summarizing via the Get ( SubSummary ) function I would have thought the calculation within the subsummary report would calculate each item total separately. Anyway, any assistance here I would be grateful. Thank you.
  13. Mr. Ignoramus


    The client found a local person to get his server up and running and I am logging in as normal. Thank you everybody.
  14. Mr. Ignoramus


    Thank you.
  15. Mr. Ignoramus


    Hi, If a client decides to host the solution within thier network via filemaker server 13 does the client need a dedicated IP to have outside user log into their solution ?

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