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  1. Mr. Ignoramus

    SVG blurry

    comment, Thank you.
  2. Mr. Ignoramus

    SVG blurry

    comment, I've done that ... meaning zoomed in within the webviewer and after exhaustive research there is an issue with the ratio between the initail webviewer/canvas size (apparently) and the new zoom state. Anyway, I switched to and spent three days in SVG tutorieal with the hope that SVG would correct this issue but evidently not. I have to now integrate the following concept into the hmtl ... ? 😞 the SVG blur must be relatable ? who knows. https://medium.com/wdstack/fixing-html5-2d-canvas-blur-8ebe27db07da So I am in the process now trying to find someone who can school me the integration of this html into the html I've already written. Thank you.
  3. Mr. Ignoramus

    SVG blurry

    comment, In FileMaker ... I zoom in, just like what the customer does .... zoom in, screenshot, print pic (customer ) I've attached two window zoomed in at the same time. FileMkaer w/webviewer and safari browser. FileMaker never blurs, as well as the website (SVG tutorial ) yet when I use SVG inside FileMaker's webviewer you can see the red box and text are blurry ?? It is just frustrating .... everybody says to use SVG to avoid pixilation. Yet when I take the time, figure it all out, use it, nothing changes. So what is going here ? FileMaker never blurs ?? yet inside the webviewer, the red svg line and the text blur ?? why ??
  4. Mr. Ignoramus

    SVG blurry

    comment, Did you zoom in on the web viewer ??
  5. Mr. Ignoramus

    SVG blurry

    Hi, I've loaded this script into FileMakers web view and the SVG is blurry when zoomed in In an HTML, the SVG is script and clear. Any suggestion I would be grateful. svg.html
  6. Mr. Ignoramus

    Drawing in Web Viewer

    Any Additional Assistance ? I have an additional issue that showed itself when I added text on to the canvas .. it is blurry. Here is the fix in javascript. I don't want to mess up the "Let" statement being everything is working perfectly ... but I would like to fix the blurry text and if I were to carve into the the "LET" statement the parts of the javascript to the canvas id/element, is there any assistance were to place/add into the "canvas" element within my "LET" statement ... I don't believe I need every step ? ********************BEGIN Fix Blurry Text - Javascript************************** //get DPI let dpi = window.devicePixelRatio; //get canvas let canvas = document.getElementById('myCanvas'); //get context let ctx = canvas.getContext('2d'); function fix_dpi() { //get CSS height //the + prefix casts it to an integer //the slice method gets rid of "px" let style_height = +getComputedStyle(canvas).getPropertyValue("height").slice(0, -2); //get CSS width let style_width = +getComputedStyle(canvas).getPropertyValue("width").slice(0, -2); //scale the canvas canvas.setAttribute('height', style_height * dpi); canvas.setAttribute('width', style_width * dpi); } ********************END Fix Blurry Text - Javascript**************************
  7. Mr. Ignoramus

    Drawing in Web Viewer

    Hi, and thank you for the assistance .... ended up getting some additional assistance with a javascript developer for the javascript part ... but here is the completed script. Let( [ html = "<html>¶ <style>¶ p {¶ font-size: 75%;¶ }¶ </style>¶ <body>¶ <canvas id='canvas' width=$cWidth height=$cHeight style='border:1px solid #c3c3c3;'/> </canvas>¶ <script>¶ var canvas = document.getElementById('canvas');¶ var ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');¶ ctx.lineWidth = 1;¶ /*1st Rectangle*/ ctx.fillStyle = 'silver';¶ var k=0;¶ for (var i = 0; i < $row; i++) {¶ for (var j = 0; j < $col; j++) {¶ var x = $ltx + j * $fsW;¶ var y = $lty + i * $fsL;¶ if(k<$bestOut) ctx.strokeRect(x, y, $fsW-$cSpacing, $fsL-$rSpacing);¶ k++;¶ }¶ }¶ /*2nd Rectangle*/ ctx.fillStyle = 'red';¶ var m = 0;¶ for (var k = 0; k < $cl2; k++) {¶ for (var l = 0; l < $rw2; l++) {¶ var o = $ltx+($fw2*k) ¶ var p = ($lty+(l*$fl2))+($fw2*$row)¶ ctx.strokeRect(o, p, $fw2-$rSpacing, $fl2-$cSpacing);¶ }¶ }¶ /*1st Yellow box*/ ctx.fillStyle = 'yellow';¶ ctx.fillRect(0, ($cHeight/2)-10, 40, 20);¶ ctx.fillStyle = 'black';¶ ctx.font='10px Verdana';¶ ctx.fillText($psWidth, 5,($cHeight/2)+3);¶ /*2nd Yellow box*/ ctx.fillStyle = 'yellow';¶ ctx.fillRect(($cWidth/2)-20, $cHeight-20, 40, 20);¶ ctx.fillStyle = 'black';¶ ctx.font='10px Verdana';¶ ctx.fillText($psLength, ($cWidth/2)-7, $cHeight-7);¶ /*1st Flat Size*/ ctx.font = '8px Verdana';¶ ctx.fillText($psfsW,$ltx+($fsW/2)-7,$lty+10);¶ /*2nd Flat Size*/ ctx.font = '8px Verdana';¶ ctx.fillText($psfsL,$ltx+3,$lty+($fsL/2));¶ </script>¶ <p><strong>Note: </strong>$wvNotes</p>¶ <p><em><strong>Comments:</strong></em> $wvabcadd</p>¶ </body>¶ </html>" ] ; Substitute ( html ; ["$col" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Columns ] ; ["$row" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Rows ] ; ["$cHeight" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_PressSheet_Width ] ; ["$cWidth" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_PressSheet_Length ] ; ["$bestOut" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Best Out ] ; ["$fsW" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Finish_Size_Width ] ; ["$fsL" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Finish_Size_Length ] ; ["$rSpacing" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Row_Spacing ] ; ["$cSpacing" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Column Spacing ] ; ["$cl2" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Columns_2 ] ; ["$rw2" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Rows_2 ] ; ["$fw2" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Finish_Size_Width_2 ] ; ["$fl2" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Finish_Size_Length_2 ] ; ["$ltx" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_LeftTop_x ] ; ["$lty" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_LeftTop_y ] ; ["$wvNotes" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_Notes ] ; ["$wvabcadd" ; Singles::PSWebVwer_NotesAdd ] ; ["$psWidth" ; Singles::PressSheet Size W ] ; ["$psLength" ; Singles::PressSheet Size L ] ; ["$psfsW" ; Singles::PressFlat Size W ] ; ["$psfsL" ; Singles::PressFlat Size L ]) )
  8. Mr. Ignoramus

    Drawing in Web Viewer

    So ... is it the way I am naming the variable within the substitute function ?? ... I replaced the "$col2" for example with "$abc" and it worked. I am trying to keep order within the steps, so "$col2" represents the second group of objects. "$abc" though works, does not represent anything and only introduces confusing inside the substitue function. So is it that the variable "$col" and "$col2" are similar ... and that is why it is not working correctly within the substitue function ?? Thank you.
  9. Mr. Ignoramus

    Drawing in Web Viewer

    As I continue trouble shooting ... I replaced the variables with the 2's ( $col2, $row2 etc ... ) with a "z", so ... "$colz" and "$rowz" and the rectangles did not draw ... ?? strange. So I don't really know what I am doing wrong within the "Substitue" function. I've looked it up and looks like I've followed the example correctly, maybe not ?? Any guidance I would be grateful. Thank you.
  10. Mr. Ignoramus

    Drawing in Web Viewer

    Comment, Based on your suggestion, I did that but to no avial. Then I decided to replace the variables with a "2" in them with actual numbers and everything worked ?? It is as if the substitue function where I am setting the "$col2" and "row2" ... etc is being completely ignored ?? I can not see the issue/error especially since the "Gray" rectangles are working fine and those vules come from the 1st part of the "Substitue" function ... no issues with the gray rectangles. What am I doing wrong in the "Substitue" function ... Thank you.
  11. Mr. Ignoramus

    Drawing in Web Viewer

    Comment, Thank you I will continue working it ...
  12. Mr. Ignoramus

    Drawing in Web Viewer

    Hi, I am back ... I've got the solution working in my web browser with help from a javascript developer. He didn't know anything about FileMaker. Writing the additional javascript into the "Let" statement I have made some kind of an erorr. I've attached the web browser showing what it should look like. Gray and Red rectangles. I've attached the html/javascript from the javascript developer and I've attached the FileMaker file where I've copied into the let statment and into the substitute function the variables needed but for some reason the FileMkaker ( Let statement ) is no producing what the web browser produces. I've done something wrong but where ?? Any assistance here I would be grateful. html_Test.html DrawRectanglesArray.fmp12
  13. Mr. Ignoramus

    Drawing in Web Viewer

    Comment, Thank you so much for your assistane.
  14. Mr. Ignoramus

    Drawing in Web Viewer

    Comment, Thank you, the draw rectangle array file is what I am looking for. Yes Would it be possible to add some control. I tried to make some minor adjustment myself but I don't really understand the "LET" statement so I've provided a picture of additional fields that I would need to be include within the "LET" statement ... see attached Again, Comment thank you. I am having trouble understanding the "LET" statement ...
  15. Mr. Ignoramus

    Drawing in Web Viewer

    Comment, In the printing industry, they work with what is called "stock" or "Press Sheet" and this stock can be differnt sizes. So for example they could be using an 48" x 96" piece of stock and within that stock they cut out 3" x 5" index cards. I have the calcuation that tells the customer how many 3 x 5 index cards fit inside a 48" x 96" stock. What I am trying to accomplish is a way to give the customer a visual representation of how many 3" x 5" index cards fit inside of a 48" x 96" stock, for eample. I have the calculation that tells me how many will fit inside the "Stock" ... lets just say 252 index cards and I've attached a pic for an example. And if it is possible to pass into the "LET" statment how many objects to draw. I have calculated the "28 Rows" and the "9 Columns" .... and I am hoping that it will be possible to produce an image ( see attached ) for the customer to print out. The customer will pass this image layout to the press operator so the press operator knows how to set up the machine to make the "cuts" on the stock, what they call the "press sheet".

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