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  1. DateTime Stamp

    Lee, Thank you ... creating additional fields to calculate the Date and Time stamp separately was what was needed so FileMaker's custom date format could work. Apparently the "DateTime" stamp ignores the "Custom" formatting and only uses the operating system set up. Anyway, thank you.
  2. DateTime Stamp

    Lee, No, this is in the "Field" set up option when you create fields. The customer has a date field set to "On Creation" DateTime stamp Lee, The normal "Date" field set up is fine, Filemaker honors the custom date formatting ... but no the "DateTime" stamp ... Customer was just utilizing FileMaker field option when he created his table. As do I ... ?? So frustrating ...
  3. DateTime Stamp

    Hi, I have a customer who would like to to change all his date fields to display 2018 Feb 9 ( YYYY/MM/DD ) vs 2/9/2018 ( MM/DD/YYY ). All worked except to for the "DateTime" stamp option. Why !!!!!! If FileMaker manages its date and time by a numeric value 123456789 ... why would FileMaker care how I want to display. So I created two fields; one was just "DATE", the other "DATETIME STAMP". Date: 2/9/2018 custom formatted in ( Inspector ) to >> 2018 Feb 9 - Not a problem it displayed perfectly ( YYYY/MM/DD ). DateTime Stamp 2/9/2012 custom formatted in ( Inspector ) to >> 2018 Feb 9 - yet FileMaker ignores the custom format and displays 2/9/2018 regardless. So I'm confused, If "FileMaker" utilizes a numeric concept, then ignores it's own rule ? Is there a reason ??
  4. Font request by client.

    Thank you Lee, Unfortunately, the file "Themes" where not set up correctly ... when I went into the file to test one of the layouts on a test file it will be impossible to make the changes now. I was hoping for something simple like a general preference change to a "File" overall. All the customer wants is to change the "Field" font default. Again, thank you for the link, It was a good refresher :-)
  5. Hi Not sure if the is the correct forum ... please advise where I should post if not here. Thank you. I have a client that is already working on a solution created in FileMaker 13 ... Client wants to default all field fonts to ... "Calibri 13pt" ... ?? Looking in ver 15, 16 I can see anyway to change the "Font" across all layouts in FileMaker preference pane. Going back to my version 13; on my mac in "FileMaker" preferences, I know that I can preset the "Font" in the beginning when creating the File, but since the solution has already been established for some time ... One - Can I change the overall "Font" via the customer solution within "FileMaker's" preferences ?? on their end ?? Two - I can not find font - "Calibri" ? on my mac ... according to Google it is a "Windows 7" ? Three - Changing the "Font" in the "Preferences" on the "Client" end will it actually change all the field fonts now ?? Four - Would each user have to navigate to their "Filemaker" preferences and change the "preference" fonts to what ever font the clients decides on if Calibri 13pt is not available not recommended. Any suggestions I would be grateful. Thank you.
  6. Circumference of an Oval

    jabot, "I believe the moderators of this forum prefer that transactional conversations happen in private messages." Paypal account ? Can you private message me please. Thank you.
  7. Circumference of an Oval

    jbante, Thank you.
  8. Circumference of an Oval

    jbante, I want to use your original calc / function if it produces the best results. And thank you for the "error" spread. Yours is the best, but I am just a little confused ... do I replace your "axis1Length" / "axis2Length" ( parameters ) with my two fields "width" and "length" respectively ... ? I've imported function into my solution before, and made minor edits. Building one from the beginning, I'm just confused a bit with how I am suppose to reference so I am going to assume that your "axis1length" and your "axis2length" are my width and length fields. Thank you.
  9. Circumference of an Oval

    jbante, Basically I'm going to just use the case statement you provided from inside your function when the user click on the "oval" radial to trigger the calculated results to a different field and see the difference between the two suggested calculations. Since I don't know how to write function yet, can I just copy the cash statement and replace the max width and length with my field names ? I am trying to find where to learn how to write functions in "FileMaker" ... meaning I have not found a very good reference source to learn from yet. doughemi, If you could be so kind, what error factor does your calc produce ... I liked it since I was able to implement it. Is you calculation off by a lot ? Again, I am just trying to understand this "Error". Thank you.
  10. Circumference of an Oval

    jbante, Basically what I was asking for help with is the "User" only has two fields ... width and length that they will enter. Then they will click on the "oval" radial ... so based on your link above ... I will replace all the: "axis1Length" and "axis2Length" with my "Width" and "Length" field reference ... Clicking through your link, even here as with other web pages, the further the ratio between a and b you are the higher you will error. So ... "Try this calc for a reasonably exact calculation" am I to understand that your calc is pretty close even as the ratios of "a" and "b" get further away ? Thank you for your assistance.
  11. Circumference of an Oval

    Hi jbante, I would rather you teach me the function ... is that possible ? Soliant Consultants posted where "Is It Better" to write a script or a custom function ? Anyway ... What would you charge for a session time 1-2 hrs ? Thanks.
  12. Circumference of an Oval

    Doughemi ... I put in the calc and checked the web site and I got the same answer :-) so thank you. Jbante .... Well, I read many web pages saying the same thing but this one website I reference seemed to have a calculation I could at least attempt to understand This calc is for the printing industry ... and if they have to laser cut 500,000 oval then the cut time will be inaccurate ... but looking at the calculations on different websites for an oval is too complicated for me at the moment. Can you give me a idea how "OFF" the circumference would be then maybe I could figure in a factor instead of a super complicated calculation. Anyway, than you for you help. I am grateful. :-)
  13. Hi, I have been trying to copy a formula from the web into a calculation field ... however my results do not match the results of the web calculator ?? The web calculator is only asking for two pieces of data ... and I am assuming it is width and length ?? Here is my calculation I have written based off of the web's formula ... ( Pi * Sqrt ( 2 ) ) * ( ( ( FinishSizeW / 2 ) * ( FinishSizeW / 2 ) ) + ( ( FinishSizeW / 2 ) * ( FinishSizeW / 2 ) ) ) Web instructions if you don't use the calculator ... The formula for an "Oval" is PI * SquareRoot of 2 * ((1/2 long axis)squared + (1/2 short axis)squared) I have assumed that the 1/2 long axis and the 1/2 short axis are my "FinishSizeW and FinishSizeL". Website's ... http://www.csgnetwork.com/circumellipse.html https://www.miniwebtool.com/ellipse-circumference-calculator/?a=.5&b=1 Any assistance here I would be grateful. Thank you.
  14. Import 1st Record Issue

    Hi Bcooney and thank you, It is a request from a client who wants to import then filter a large number of records down to a few. The test file only has approx 1/10th the records to use for development. The client has several filters or "Found Sets" he is asking for. The client states that as the records are filtered through each filter, the records that do not meet that filters criteria I'm to delete them. The client wants to "Retain" each filter for historical look ups. I thought to pushed each filter to a new table. So I built a second table for testing and I noticed that the 1st record never imported ?? Strange ?? Every attempt I tried has not worked. I know that the 1st record is usually "Field Names" when importing a file and I have that "Option" in FileMaker whether or not to "Not Import" the 1st record ... however, since I am exporting / importing to a know table with know fields apparently FileMaker is aware of this and keeps the check box "Unchecked" and greyed out ( Do Not Import 1st record ) ... makes sense, the 1st record in my case contains "DATA" not "Field" names, so the 1st record should export then import. My guess it is not exporting ... and if you could test for that, I am not sure how to correct it ? Anyway, I am just trying to understand why the 1st record does not import ... I have no idea why
  15. Import 1st Record Issue

    Any suggestions

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