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  1. Mr. Ignoramus

    SubSummary Total Manipulation

    Any additional suggetions, anybody ??
  2. Mr. Ignoramus

    SubSummary Total Manipulation

    Steve, I've done that ... what I'm saying is that the GetSummary Function only effect the 1st item only. Items 2 thru 5 no effect. Meaning when I try to discount or markup item 2 thru 5 nothing happens, only when I attempt to discount item 1 does the subsummary actualy change to correspond to the discount of mark up. It doesn't make sence why the Get(SubSummary ) ... break by Item ID, I can not have separate calculation effect each subsummary independantly. I think it has something to do with the relationship becuse the relationship by default sort to the top records and maybe the subsummary through the relationship fk_Item_ID_to_pk_Item_ID on Items 2 thru 5 it not looking at the 1st record. Or the field on Item 2 thru 5 are being manipulate on record number "x" not record number 1 within the relationship. It seems like the Get(SubSummary ) should allow me to see separate calculation by item id where I can manipulate each subsummary total. Thank you though for you input 🙂
  3. Mr. Ignoramus

    SubSummary Total Manipulation

    Hi, I have a customer who needs to modify the sub summary totals independantly of each other ... This report is sorted by Item ID ... Item 1 = $100.00 ( subsummary ) Item 2 = $200.00 ( subsummary ) customer want to manipulate ( discount by 5%) on this subsummary total Item 3 = $300.00 ( subsummary ) Item 4 = $400.00 ( subsummary ) customer want to manipulate ( mark up by 25%) on this subsummary total Item 5 = $500.00 ( subsummary ) I've provided for these markup and discount calculation in the grand total but they do not want their customers to see the discount and or markup on the total So I put the discount / mark up on the line record itself but they don't want to discount / mark up the line record, they want to discount / mark up the subsummary total because I am being told that, that is were everybody in the company is looking and that is were they want to see the mark up / discount, hmm .. I've place a calculation field by subsummary with the break on the Item ID thinking I could look through the relationship: fk_item_id_to_pk_item_id on the subsummary row however, the calculation only calculates based on the 1st record or item 1 which I get that filemaker see the 1st record in the relationship and Item 2 thru 5 nothing changes. But if I am summarizing via the Get ( SubSummary ) function I would have thought the calculation within the subsummary report would calculate each item total separately. Anyway, any assistance here I would be grateful. Thank you.
  4. Mr. Ignoramus


    The client found a local person to get his server up and running and I am logging in as normal. Thank you everybody.
  5. Mr. Ignoramus


    Thank you.
  6. Mr. Ignoramus


    Hi, If a client decides to host the solution within thier network via filemaker server 13 does the client need a dedicated IP to have outside user log into their solution ?
  7. Mr. Ignoramus

    Another User On The Record

    Hi Josh, Sorry for the delay, had to wait for the 'Lock' record to happen again which it just did. Called the server administrator and he could not see any PSOS session running ?? The only scheduled script is a daily back up and a hourly back up. Every User signs in and we use their ID with every record creation. Is there another way I could start to log my PSOS script ... Start and End and the scripts within the PSOS that are called, would that be possible ? Thank you.
  8. Mr. Ignoramus

    Another User On The Record

    I have a customer that keeps seeing this type of message, "This Person (TP)" is modifying this record. You cannot use this record until "This Person (TP)" is finished". I continue to tell them that "This Person" must be on the record while they swear that "This Person" is not. So I say that this person must have exited the application improperly were the server still see them on the record in question. I just received this message from a recent communication with me and the client at 9 o'clock in the evening, nobody was on the record other than me and the customer yet we got this message. The person the message was referencing was logged into the server but had left the building hours ago. It was impossible for this person to be on the record in question ... they had left the building. Yet FileMaker server says ... "This Person (TP)" is on the record ???? Now the record in question we had just created ourselves minutes ago. So the person in questions ( in the error Message ) could not have been on the record, again they left the building hrs ago. So I start thinking "How can FileMaker Server" lock out a record based on a person logged into the server yet not in the building for hours ? How do I begin to trouble shoot this issues ? This message error is a regular complaint by the customer ... ? Thank you.
  9. Mr. Ignoramus

    DateTime Stamp

    Lee, Thank you ... creating additional fields to calculate the Date and Time stamp separately was what was needed so FileMaker's custom date format could work. Apparently the "DateTime" stamp ignores the "Custom" formatting and only uses the operating system set up. Anyway, thank you.
  10. Mr. Ignoramus

    DateTime Stamp

    Lee, No, this is in the "Field" set up option when you create fields. The customer has a date field set to "On Creation" DateTime stamp Lee, The normal "Date" field set up is fine, Filemaker honors the custom date formatting ... but no the "DateTime" stamp ... Customer was just utilizing FileMaker field option when he created his table. As do I ... ?? So frustrating ...
  11. Mr. Ignoramus

    DateTime Stamp

    Hi, I have a customer who would like to to change all his date fields to display 2018 Feb 9 ( YYYY/MM/DD ) vs 2/9/2018 ( MM/DD/YYY ). All worked except to for the "DateTime" stamp option. Why !!!!!! If FileMaker manages its date and time by a numeric value 123456789 ... why would FileMaker care how I want to display. So I created two fields; one was just "DATE", the other "DATETIME STAMP". Date: 2/9/2018 custom formatted in ( Inspector ) to >> 2018 Feb 9 - Not a problem it displayed perfectly ( YYYY/MM/DD ). DateTime Stamp 2/9/2012 custom formatted in ( Inspector ) to >> 2018 Feb 9 - yet FileMaker ignores the custom format and displays 2/9/2018 regardless. So I'm confused, If "FileMaker" utilizes a numeric concept, then ignores it's own rule ? Is there a reason ??
  12. Mr. Ignoramus

    Font request by client.

    Thank you Lee, Unfortunately, the file "Themes" where not set up correctly ... when I went into the file to test one of the layouts on a test file it will be impossible to make the changes now. I was hoping for something simple like a general preference change to a "File" overall. All the customer wants is to change the "Field" font default. Again, thank you for the link, It was a good refresher :-)
  13. Hi Not sure if the is the correct forum ... please advise where I should post if not here. Thank you. I have a client that is already working on a solution created in FileMaker 13 ... Client wants to default all field fonts to ... "Calibri 13pt" ... ?? Looking in ver 15, 16 I can see anyway to change the "Font" across all layouts in FileMaker preference pane. Going back to my version 13; on my mac in "FileMaker" preferences, I know that I can preset the "Font" in the beginning when creating the File, but since the solution has already been established for some time ... One - Can I change the overall "Font" via the customer solution within "FileMaker's" preferences ?? on their end ?? Two - I can not find font - "Calibri" ? on my mac ... according to Google it is a "Windows 7" ? Three - Changing the "Font" in the "Preferences" on the "Client" end will it actually change all the field fonts now ?? Four - Would each user have to navigate to their "Filemaker" preferences and change the "preference" fonts to what ever font the clients decides on if Calibri 13pt is not available not recommended. Any suggestions I would be grateful. Thank you.
  14. Mr. Ignoramus

    Circumference of an Oval

    jabot, "I believe the moderators of this forum prefer that transactional conversations happen in private messages." Paypal account ? Can you private message me please. Thank you.
  15. Mr. Ignoramus

    Circumference of an Oval

    jbante, Thank you.

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