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  1. Wim Decorte, Sorry, did not mean to confuse anybody ... I was using the "Building" as the demarcation point when looking into the solution from Baltimore, the server is being hosted from within a company in Canada. So to me, outside the building is anybody logging into the sever via the following address ... fmp://Insert_ISP_IPAdress/Parfield.fmp12 When I log-in and the "On_Start_Up" script runs, I get the IP Address of the ISP assigned which I've already manually typed into a field in my preference table and I check this field with Get (HostIPAddress ) ... I also have a script that when I am logged in ... I can click on a button called "Update" and this script will update this field I've established to hold the ISP IP and this script when trigger, will enter into this field the ISP IP address. Works great for me ( again, logged in from Baltimore ) The user(s) who are in Canada, they are inside the building and are looking to the solution via the LAN IP: ... so at this point I have a mismatch. My understanding and experience is that the LAN IP(s) are to easy to change. So I thought why not look at the ISP IP and check for that address and if the the customer changes that ISP IP ... we as the solution developers would no longer have access to the file and technically if we sold to a crafty individual they could move/give away their solution and we no longer have control over the file. And if they decided to stop making payments, then we would have no recourse other than to file paper and we do not have the resources for that. So again my thoughts were to find a simple easy way to alert the users that their IP address has changed and to please contact Administration ... then I close the file. Anyway Wim Decorte, thank you for your insight I am grateful.
  2. Win Decorte, Thank you. I use "Bold" text and "Underline" to highlight data I feel is of importance to the conversation and to guide the readers eye, not to convey emotion as unfortunately bold tends to convey :-( sad. via the LAN IP: I have a IP Address Field were I've typed in the IP address of the building and I use that field as a match when I "Get ( HostIPAddress ). Works great when I log in from outside, not so great when the users log in from inside ... :-( Is there a way via a php or java script or some other function I could use to ask the server what is it's IP address ? What about triggering a server side script on start up and within the server side script I use the "Get ( HostIPAddress )" would that work ? would that give me the IP address of the server ? We have only one file on the server so this custom code I would need to learn about more - any links ? What about triggering a server side script on start up and the server side script I use the "Get ( HostIPAddress ) would that work ? would that give me the IP address of the server ? Confused here ... since they are hosting the FM server locally, can you clarify this a bit more. Thank you.
  3. Hi, this may not be where this post belongs ... My issues is this, I have customers that pay monthly for a solution. Now when they finish then they are all done and they can go on their merry way. I have other customers who are in progress of paying for their solution. I had an issues with a customer who paid but move to another building. Upon changing their IP I was no longer available to them when they called me for an issue. Now this customer still has not provided me access ... which is fine, but I started thinking that if a customer stops paying and move and their IP address to their building changes is there a way to close the file until I/We we re-establish. My solution - I scripted in a check via the "Get(HostIPAddress)" function and it works great for me looking in via Baltimore, but this customer host via an internal FileMaker Server and connect via their LAN. This cause my script to trigger and close the file on a paying customer ... Oops! I thought to capture the LAN IP but doesn't that change ?? so I disable this part of the script. How can I alert if the customer changes their IP without telling me. I though I could alert via a script but this failed since they connect via LAN and the LAN IP address is different than the WAN IP address to the build. So I am stuck for the moment thinking how best to protect me and close the file if a customer stops paying and changes their IP to the build. I am OK if they are slow to pay as long as their IP address to the building does not change and I still can access the file on the FM Server. Anyway, any suggestions, ideas, something simple. I would rather not have to deal with a convoluted idea if at all possible, I would be grateful. Thank you.
  4. Hi, For some reason the script debugger is missing ?? when I open a file in FileMaker 18 Advance ... see pic. Has it moved ?? I can not locate it ?? Suggestions ?
  5. Steve, I am getting no answers .... so I am trying to gather information about normalization and security. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I've got a question about normalization ... I have a FileMaker solution were I've consolidated the "User" and the "Contacts" into one table since the beginning. The reason I did this is because the "User" and the "Contact" carried the same data; FName, MName, LName, Phone, Address, City, State, Zip ... etc. I am involved with a MySQL developer and they want complete separation between the "User" and the "Contact" and they say for "Security" ... and I say OK ... please clarify. Here is my question ... what happens when the "User" becomes a "Customer" ... the MySQL developer says that we would create a contact card for the "User" in the "Contacts" table. So now we have the normalization issue where we carry the same information in two different data tables. What is the security issues the MySQL developer is talking about. What is so wrong with using the contacts table as the table for all "People" ... I see no difference. The contacts table has proven to be a very reliable and convenient place to keep everything in one place, one data table ... at least for the FileMaker solution. Not sure about what is going on with the MySQL database. Can I get some insight here ?? I would be grateful. Thank you.
  7. Mr. Ignoramus We have a solution in Canada where we moved the db from a hosting company to a LAN ( customers building ) They are using a Mac OS machine running FileMaker 16 server. We access the FM 16 server via apple's remote access, having trouble locating where we would put the index.html and php files for our web form that we used when we were hosting on an outside hosting company. The hosting company put the html/php file in the folder that designated our account number. My question is this ... where would we put the two web files; index.html (form) and the .php (create record in FM) file on the FM 16 server. I can not seem to locate the instruction via the documentation FM is providing. Have done several internet search ... I am gathering information to pass to the individual helping us with the FM server at location. Anybody able to provide a link or guidance I would be grateful. Thank you.
  8. ggt667, This is what worked .... unset( $tmp ); foreach( $_POST as $k => $v ) { $tmp[] = "$k: $v \n"; } $request->setField( 'WBForm_Post_Var', implode( $tmp ) ); I took a guess and flipped the $k and the $v in your example above and noticed that I got the other value in the value pair, since I needed both value pairs, I googled how to put two variables together. Thank you. Finally got what I wanted. I'm reading up on the unset() but still confused, why the unset() and why the $tmp ? ... and this makes no sense at the moment "$k =>$v" even after reading multiple php sources ... anyway, $request->setField( 'WBForm_Comments', var_dump( $_POST ) ); Also, this worked only once, meaning it pushed the field values of the $_POST into the FileMaker field I designated. But never worked afterwards ? doughemi, foreach ($_POST as $value){ $list = $list . ',' . $value; } $request->setField('YourLastField', $list); I never could figure out why this errored, but the error was in the $list = $list line ... ? Can't remember exactly what the php error stated ... sorry. Thank you.
  9. ggt667, This does not work any more, meaning it dumps the $_POST variable to the web page, not the field ... ? It worked once, meaning I got the results I wanted in the field. So I said thank you and went to bed. What I should have done is checked it 3 times ... 😞 $request->setField( 'WBForm_Comments', var_dump( $_POST ) ); I am scouring google, and reading as many tutorial as I can to try and find a way to write the $_POST variable to a field in FileMaker. doughemi, I'm going to retry your suggestion again ... for some reason it produced an error. Anybody with any suggestion I would be grateful. Thank you. Mr. ignoramus
  10. ggt667, This worked ... $request->setField( 'WBForm_Comments', var_dump( $_POST ) ); Thank you 🙂 I will format the field within FileMaker to add the field names. Thank you. I will format the field within FileMaker to add the field names. Thank you. doughemi, I copied then pasted the actual field name into that position ... it was just the curser. Anyway, I got it. Thank you.
  11. Thank you comment ... that link is working with a variable within FileMaker. I'm inside a php script. ggt667 - It's not impossible <?php echo '<pre>'; var_dump( $_POST ); echo '</pre>'; ?> This will push the data inside the $_POST variable to the webpage ... I don't want to do that, Im entering field data into fields in FileMaker. All I want to do after I've entered each value into each of the 25 fields is to write/list/enter whatever is in the $_POST data into ONE FileMaker field - all the data. I am currently extracting each value inside the $_POST variable independently by doing this .... $request->setField('WBForm_First_Name', $_POST['first_name']); ( I have 25 of these ) each to a different FileMaker field. My final step is to consolidate all the value inside the $_POST variable into one field. The best I can come up with is the following ... $request->setField('WBForm_Comments', extract ($_POST)); ... but ... I get 25 .. which is OK, but I want the values ( company name, company contact, address, phone, etc .. ) not 25 ... ? So is there a way to pull out all the values inside the $_POST variable ? and then list them in a Field in FileMaker that I've designated. Thank you. Mr. Ignoramus Thank you doughemi 🙂
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