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  1. I am able to connect to the MySQL database via the ODBC/DNS/ESS on the Apache server and see the tables in the relationship graph. But when I try to use the script step Execute SQL the Data source is not available ?? And I need to create a record in certain table in OFBiz when the user create a new record in FileMaker. The related records do not create as they do within FileMaker related records. From manage external data sources FM; From relationship graph selection FM; From script step Execut SQL FM; I am unable to select the table within the script step for the Execute SQL ? any suggestion ... ?
  2. It looks like I will be allowed to INSERT via ODBC but for some strange reason when I select the "Execute SQL" script step my OBDC drivers are not available ? Yet they're available via the relationship graph but not within the script step? Confused ? Suggestions ? Relationship Graph: Execute SQL script step:
  3. Yes in FileMaker. But in OFBiz, nothing was entered ... Here is what happened ... I created a new record in FileMaker but OFBiz PARTY_ID did not populate ? But I could click into the field ? Through the ODBC I typed into that field the value that was assigned to the FileMaker primary key and FileMaker primary key value I entered was visable on the OFBiz DB when we refreshed the page. So my thinking is to run a script when the user create a new record within FileMaker that would then populate all the necessary fields intially ... anyway, There is one field that I do no have access too and this field is the CONTACT_MECH_ID. Apparently without this field value established I can not commit the CONTACT_MECH_PARTY_ID and CONTACT_MECH_DATE an error pops up stating that the Child can not establish or something like that ... So I am looking / searching if I can create a record for the CONTACT_MECH_ID directly thru an SQL create statement ? Apparently when you create a record within OFBiz, this CONTACT_MECH_ID fields get auto established. Not sure If I can do that meaning throught the ODBC/DNS/ESS I've established and create a record using the SQL create ... researching. Thanks
  4. REST has not been establishes within OFBiz. There had been conversation within the OFBiz community several years back but since there was no interest, the community stopped. Strange, I don't really know but isn't REST a standard ?? and Apache, MySQL aren't they like everywhere ?? Anyway ... I am thinking the same with regards to ESS ... meaning I will be testing tomorrow. When we create a record in OFBiz and the serial field is empty, OFBiz will defaults to it's serial sequence and I am not sure if that value will overwrite by the primary key from FileMaker ? Will find out tomorrow. Once we create a new contact in FileMaker, I've checked the check box ... I am not sure what exactly will happen. If the record is created in OFBiz and the primary key in OFBiz is overridden by the primary key in FileMaker, problem solved. If not, I am thinking that I may have to use a portal, goto 1st record and write into OFBiz primary key field the primary key from FileMaker ... ?? But since the relastionship is a mistach I may end up creating two records if I go through a portal with the above check box check. I don't knwo what I am doing so I will be stumbling through this. The OFBiz developer working with me is concerned with dependant table not receiveing the relative data ( primary keys ) since I will be entering directly within the OFBiz database via ESS. But it is the same with FileMaker ... If the record get created, I will make sure the relationships are establishes and just write a script and loop through each relationship and write in the required data. Maybe not ??
  5. We are using a MySQL database on the OFBiz side and I was able to connect FileMaker to OFBiz via the ODBC / DNS / ESS concept and I have successfully updated/edited the OFBiz record immediately as I updated/edited the FileMaker record so this part is complete, very happy. Now I will need to figure out how to create ... I clicked through the API link above ( thank you ) but I will have to connect with the gentleman who is helping me on the OFBiz side to guide me on the API, but from FileMaker where can find or read about how to call this API from OFBiz ? I'll start googling API FileMaker tutorials ? Question - Since I have successfuly connected the two databae via the ODBC / DNS, when the user creates a new record in FileMaker can I create a new record in OFBiz via a SQL call ? I guess trigger a script when a user on the FileMaker solution creates a new contact ?? I did read somewhere as I am researching, not to perfrom SQL calls through the ODBC / DNS but I can not recal were I read this ? Any insigth I would be grateful. Thank you.
  6. Hi, Apparenlty there is a security issue with iFrame when the webview is used within WebDirect, Filemaker Pro no issues. I am building html code within a let statement to gets data from fields within the solution, there are no URLs. Is it because of the HTTP is not HTTPS ???
  7. Hi, Is there anybody here familiar with the OFBiz solution from Apache ? I have a customer who wants to migrate thier data from FileMaker into OFBiz and I am wondering if there is anybody familiar with exporting of FileMaker's data into OFBiz solution. After we import the historical data, I want to build additional scripts in FileMaker so when a new record is created, I export / import this new record directly into OFBiz. Just trying to get some insight how a script like this would be designed / developed. Thank you.
  8. For what it's worth, My apologies ... comment, Josh, LaRetta, the test file was my best efforts and it failed, and when I noticed the error I made on the test file, my laptop almost went out the window ... I was !@#$, so now what do I do ? The calculation was working, completely lost even in communication. Well, the error turned out to be human ( illogical ) ... not computer ( logical ). This is were all my problems with FileMaker reside. Illogical, not Logical ... Logical is easy to test ... 2 + 2 = 4 right ... The customer wanted Two results ... 1st - Provide the best possible number out ( business cards ) from certain materials in thier material list ( stock ). 2nd - From this best possbile number out "List", which one was the best price ( cheapest ). I forgot that for the "Max" function and the "Min" function to work correctly ( meaning my understanding which could be wrong ) was that you needed to be on the 1st record of the found set ( the relationship ). I had to loop though the initial found set ( relationship ) to calculate the "Best Out" and set the "Price" on each record ( material ) then I went to the 1st record to set the "Best Out" and "Best Price" ( Max / Min ). Since I didn't need to know the primary key at the time I calculated best out and best price I coninuted on with the script, and when needed, I looked at the record where I was physically on the 1st record ... Oops ! What was so confusing, the calculation worked ( Test File ) when there was only one record in the found set but when there was more than one and I needed to be on record id lets say "pk_16" I was perfroming all my calculation based on pk_1. So I am sorry for being human ... the test file forced me to re-examine my thinking and I had to step through the script thinking from a basic foundational building block concept when I realized the error. I am now building a new relationship based on the best out and price to capture the primary key which I will be using to calculate where my current "Error" calculates. LaRetta I meant no disrespect, I highlighted in "Bold" my reality not yours. I am completely exhausted with this error and if I offend you, I apologize. I really try to solve these issues myself before coming here, it is the only way I learn. Reading doesn't work. So by the time I get to the forum ... I am exhausted. Thank you.
  9. Comment, my apologies ... the stupid test file I created I entered in a "zero" by mistake ... It was suppose to be a "1" and yes the test file works ... I am so tired chasing this problem, the actual file does not work for some stupid reason ... I tried both "equal" and "exact" and they both fail, unfortunately I can not produce the actual file ... I'll have to see if there is somebody local who can take a look at this calculation. Thank you. I will repost with the solution ... what ever it is.
  10. Josh or whomever can help me with this problem calc. Josh I tested "Exact" but same results ... Confused. I checked or change the field to text and number ... same. I've attached a test file with a simplified version of the issues, please have a look and advise. I still have to test the whole calc ( nested IF's ) ... so until I solve this issue I could have more. Any assistance here I would be grateful. Thank you. Test_Error.fmp12
  11. LaRetta, A lot of love here in the forum, but I did what the forum suggested ... reach out .. and to get anybody with any FileMaker experience that could handle me and what I am requiring ... at the low end of the scale ... $1500 up front deposit. I require a mentor/coach 7 days a week 8-10 hours per day for 5 years ... I don't have that kind of cash sitting around. So they say pay the 1500 and I did ... once, eating up in emails and then having to school the individual in the concept, then I have to schedule. The last one, scheduled me into the following week. I am not waiting a week anymore ... So I do the best that I can, step into what you call this "Reality" and figure it out. 1500 / 8 = $187.5 $187.5 x 4hrs x 5d x 52w = $195,000 ... now that's real. This forum continues to help me immensely ...
  12. LaRetta, Yes it is complex ... this individual came to me asking to remove the "Human" from the quoting process ... I am writing in 30 years of human evolution ... not sure if we will come through with our skin let along with our teeth. Haha, just kidding. Unfortunately we don't have $100,000, just the two of us ... my experience with FileMaker and his experience in the printing industry. I am grateful for this forum and I will continue to ask questions .... Thank you.
  13. LaRetta, Actually it's script step 572 and I have to look for all these possible conditions on the Press Sheet. This is the best I can do ... I have not idea what this means ... can you clarify ...
  14. Hi, The best translation I can do at this moment ... I will try "Exact" Josh and advise.
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