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  1. Thank you ... nothing seems to be working? I don't use key chains. I'll keep trying to see what is causing FM to step through the undesirable conditions. Thanks.
  2. Thank you the link didn't really help mi with the issues. So basically I selected the check box and set the character to 5 ( my default password is 4 ) I wanted to see if both the empty value and the default password would throw an error or not be allowed by FM. Nothing worked, the default passwords if I used ( 1234 ) or the password field was left empty the password is set regardless. Now that check box that says "Requires password change on next sign-in" was checked but when I sign-in it must uncheck itself ? I've attached the security pane. Any suggestions I would
  3. When I opt into having the user change their password on next log-in through the security pane, FM allows an empty value - basically the user enters nothing and just clicks OK. As I watch the script ... there is no error? I see the value of not using or having an Account Name and or Password but ... I can not allow a user on this file to just click through the FM's message box when prompted to change their password. I'm I missing something here ? Any suggestions ? Thanks.
  4. dual_mon, So basically what you are telling me is that I can not use Carafe until I become a successful JavaScript Developer. OK, thank you 🙂
  5. Comment, Sorry for the delayed response but I did provide to the customer a list of his unit many years ago were I provided conditional formatting for each day on each list record and the customer could see in a list format each unit, each day with a color. Green then Orange and then Red if they didn't pay their invoice; customer loves it. He just now would like to action is site map, again a one record table with a layout of his site where he drew using rounded rectangle objects all is rental storage units. 132 total. I've looked at Carafe.FM and I'm going to learn the concept
  6. Hi, I would like to get started with Cafafe.FM but I need to do something else ... I have a customer who drew objects on a layout in his table::site, a single record totaling 132 little rounded rectangles. My customer would like to see things; meaning when the unit rents ( table::units ) he wants to change the objects color, so if the customer is current ( Invoice Paid, table::invoice ) he wants the object to be green, as their monthly rental renewal date come within lets say 5 days, change the color of the rectangle object to orange and as the renewal date passes and the invoic
  7. Ocean West, I read somewhere that FileMaker was to phase out repeating fields. If true or not true JavaScript looks to be the better way. As with JavaScript I am tying to learn by using existing solutions but I am not able to understand due to the complexity of the developers mind ... and reading the JavaScript Doc does nothing from. Is there any JavaScript / FileMaker Tutorial that actually start from nothing ... step by step for this example or a similar example. I'm sure a season FileMaker/JavaScript guy could figure it out but it just take me a lot of time to make conn
  8. Hi, I have a customer who has a storage facility. He has a layout called "Site" ( attached ) it is a single record table. On the layout the customer laid in 132 fields ( each field representing a unit number that he's entered in the unit number ) on the layout. Similar site maps that provides a bird eye view of facilities. What he would like is when a unit is rented in the "Units" table, he would like to see some kind of action on this single record "Site" table. The only way I see this is to build a relationship from this "Site" table to his "Units" table so ... Site::U
  9. So ... I have no problem attaching a pdf to the end of an e-mail. My issue is, a customer wants to attach / insert the pdf between his text. I've attempted several ideas but to no avail. Please see attached script were I've attempted to insert the pdf ... but only the file name is inserted ( in yellow ) Any guidance / assistance / suggestion I would be grateful. Thank you. Email_Script.pdf
  10. comment, Thank you ... created a global variable <<$$CURRENTTIME>> in the "UpDate Calendar" script with the calculation result I need and inserted the global variable '<<$$CURRENTTIME>>' where the '07:00:00' went and it worked perfectly ... 🙂
  11. Hi, I'm integrating full calendar into a solution and I'm using what Matt did with the fullcalendar.io ( ISO Magazine ) in FileMaker's web viewer. I've attached the entire HTML and a section of the HTML where I am trying to dynamically set the calendar in "Week" and in "Day" view to scroll the calendar to the current hour. Currently I've hard code into the html '07:00:00' which is ok, but would be great if I could dynamically set to current hour when the user clicking into "Week" or "Day". Any way I've search through the fullcalendar.io documentation and I am able to figure ou
  12. Wim Decorte, Sorry, did not mean to confuse anybody ... I was using the "Building" as the demarcation point when looking into the solution from Baltimore, the server is being hosted from within a company in Canada. So to me, outside the building is anybody logging into the sever via the following address ... fmp://Insert_ISP_IPAdress/Parfield.fmp12 When I log-in and the "On_Start_Up" script runs, I get the IP Address of the ISP assigned which I've already manually typed into a field in my preference table and I check this field with Get (HostIPAddress ) ... I also have a scrip
  13. Win Decorte, Thank you. I use "Bold" text and "Underline" to highlight data I feel is of importance to the conversation and to guide the readers eye, not to convey emotion as unfortunately bold tends to convey :-( sad. via the LAN IP: I have a IP Address Field were I've typed in the IP address of the building and I use that field as a match when I "Get ( HostIPAddress ). Works great when I log in from outside, not so great when the users log in from inside ... :-( Is there a way via a php or java script or some other function I could use to ask the ser
  14. Hi, this may not be where this post belongs ... My issues is this, I have customers that pay monthly for a solution. Now when they finish then they are all done and they can go on their merry way. I have other customers who are in progress of paying for their solution. I had an issues with a customer who paid but move to another building. Upon changing their IP I was no longer available to them when they called me for an issue. Now this customer still has not provided me access ... which is fine, but I started thinking that if a customer stops paying and move and their IP ad
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