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  1. Ha! Now it works! I had a typo in the text I typed, which resulted in a "?" - which proves your point exactly: if I can't trust myself, how can I trust my users to type correctly... I will look into a recursive custom function, as there are quite a lot of fields to choose from. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!
  2. artvault

    Save Records as PDF on Server 16 - error 800

    Is it possible that the Arial font installed on your server machine is corrupt/defective? While I don't know what the error code means, this reminds me fonts not showing in InDesign or Illustrator. Or maybe it's an old Arial font, TrueType instead of OpenType? Maybe FMS 16 only supports OpenType? I can't find any specifics on this, but might start investigating there.
  3. artvault

    FileMaker 16 Licensing (WebDirect)

    Technically speaking it scales better in FM 16, up to 100 per FMS hardware, up to 500 if multiple servers are clustered. But I agree with Wim: scalability in terms of licensing is non-existent. Which is a shame. But this has been discussed at large by developers with larger corporations as clients and brought to FM's attention countless times. They won't listen...
  4. Thank you so much for your replies! I should have explained the context better, my apologies. I would like users to be able to enter a combination of descriptive text and field names into one single text field, combined with commas and line breaks. I would then want use a calculation/script step that evaluates all of the content of the text field and "pulls-in" information from the referenced fields (hence my usage of the term merge fields, which I realize was not accurate). The syntax of the text field is flexible, what ever works best. I know I can use Evaluate () but I'm not sure how I have to structure this for it to handle multiple fields and "plain text" content. For example, let's assume that users would type into a text field: "Name: " & Name & ", Category: " & Category & "¶Type: " & Type How would I evaluate/process this altogether? As a chunk?
  5. I'm stuck in my thinking.... How would I go about evaluating (getting the content) of multiple fields specified as merge fields in a text field? For example: "Name: " & <<Name>> & ", " & "Category: " & <<Category>> & ¶ & "Type: " & <<Type>> Which would result in: "Title: MyRecordName, Category: MyCateogry MyType" Any input most appreciated!
  6. That's exactly the sample file that I created for this thread and added above... :-) BUT it doesn't solve the problem with the order of the entries. FileMaker re-sorts alphabetically. And that was the actual question of the poster.
  7. artvault

    Keeping focus on record after sort

    See file attached... Untitled.fmp12.zip The idea is that you script the sorting action, memorize the record before the sort command and restore it through a relationship afterwards. You would have to test this against your scenario though, because I'm suspecting that other factors are interfering. I say this, because FileMaker generally stays on the same record, even when sorting. In short, I would have to know more about your exact setup...
  8. I removed my comment because I did not read your question carefully... sorry, I don't know of any solution for the sorting problem. In your scenario that works only in combination custom value lists, I think. Though you could capitalize "ALL" and such values to make them stand out at least? Untitled.fmp12.zip
  9. Thank you all for trying to help! I have taken the time today to separate all of the functionality that's related to this question and put it in a (new) sample file. I realize that the solution might consist of a work-around of sorts, so it's important to have the context. In the file attached you can see an attempt to emulate FileMaker "native" find mode within a user's UI (does not require visibility of status bar). A crucial part of this workflow is the insertion of search operators. Most search operators are not problematic. You can insert them by means of script without any issues. The problem exists with > or < operators. Filemaker immediately complains about "invalid find criteria". When wrapped in quotation marks, these are inserted into the field without any error messages. The challenge then is (that's what this thread was originally about) to remove the quotes. Unless there is a better way.... altogether? SearchOperators.fmp12.zip PS: use the "Enter Find Mode" button to get started - the rest should be obvious.
  10. Sorry, my bad, should be a backslash (FM automatically converts """" to "\""). I'll fix it. I don't think I should be working that late... I created a new file, same technique (supposedly), and it works! Sorry for taking up your time. I'm posting the sample file. Maybe this will be helpful to someone. RemoveQuotations.fmp12.zip Just FYI: I'm not going totally crazy. Luckily! Where it FAILS is in Find Mode. In Browse Mode it works like charm. So that might very well be impossible to solve. I'm am curious to why this is the case though...
  11. First thing I tried, not working, see original post.
  12. Believe it or not, this is actually it: "<" From that I need to remove quotation marks, so that I simply wind up with < in the field. Seems simple...
  13. Thank you Lee! "\<" returns \< Ok, then I just have to find a way to remove the backslash... LOL
  14. For your switch from FMS 13 to FMS 14 you should definitely you use the uninstaller for FMS 13, then do an install for FMS 14. As part of this procedure the correct Java version for will be installed (could be part of the problem). However, I would recommend to follow FileMaker's own recommendation and posts above: do a clean install of OS X first with NO SERVER. Current OS X Servers are no longer compatible with current FMS.
  15. There is a technique for pop-over buttons that are not attached to a specific button. It's described here: https://www.gomainspring.com/simple-time-savers/building-a-modal-dialog-using-popovers/ From within your first pop-over button you could use the GoToObject script step to open the second pop-over. Then use OnObjectExit to restore the first one. This would be a switching between two pop-over buttons though, nothing layered. Come to think of it, you could do that with two normal pop-over buttons too... :-| HOWEVER, with method above, a transparent pop-over area stretching your entire screen, you could probably "fake" a second layer to your objects placed within by help of show/hide and conditional formatting...

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