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  1. Hi Sam, we have used both 360works Email and MailIt 7-8 extensively. We use many 360works products and are fond of them. If you are looking for ease of integration, complete would definitely recommend Mailit in this case. We also had continues issues with 360work's Email plug-in pulling none or too many emails from IMAP servers, which required a deep-dive into the plugin's functionality and complicated workarounds. Mailit has always worked flawlessly for us. What's more, it's also more feature-rich than 360work's product. (Sorry Jesse!)
  2. If you still need help with this, post a screenshot of the layout in question. Best in Layout and Preview Mode so that the difference can be seen.
  3. What would the FileMaker community do without you?? Seriously. This is amazing. Copy-pasted - works. And I learned something today. THANK YOU!!!!!! Great example for using the new "while" function too.
  4. Hi all, I hit my logical thinking-limit and FileMaker knowledge with the following, seemingly simple problem: I would like to filter a list of values to only show values with four or more words. How can I do that? Sample Input: Test Test Requirement Test Requirement Example Test Requirement Example for Test Requirement Example for HBS Test Requirement Example for HBS 5.0 Expected Output: Test Requirement Example for Test Requirement Example for HBS Test Requirement Example for HBS 5.0 Many thanks in advance!
  5. Does anyone know how to fix an image from appearing too small within a container in WebDirect? In FMP it fills the container. Tried to "play" with most settings relating to containers, including margins, frame, etc. - no success. The problem presents itself in Safari in macOS Catalina, as well as Edge on Windows 10 See image attached. I sure hope this isn't a bug! Because if it's a bug then it will get fixed... well, never.
  6. Dear community After hours of tinkering, I'm looking for some help. I have a script that combines PDFs using BE's AppendPDF command that works perfectly on a FileMaker Advanced instance on Windows. However I simply cannot get it to work on FileMaker Server (Windows Server 2016). I get nothing but questions marks. Here's the script code (see image) which is working on local Windows. Can someone give me one file-path example of how I would have to write the paths for PoS? MANY thanks in advance, Michael Here's my attempt in what the script might need to look like for PoS, but as I said, I get nothing but "?" in the containers, which tells me that something with the file paths is off. Plugin is installed on Server for sure. Don't worry about the entire script. Here's an excerpt of one single path. If I can get that, I can do the rest.
  7. For it to get solved (maybe) 1 year down the road? I apologize for my blatant sarcasm, but that's been my experience with this kind of feedback. It won't help our project. We probably just have to take the user to the browser with the Open URL script step. What I can point out, is that the HTML file is 6MB in size and contains a lot of Base64. Maybe the web viewer on Windows (still) has memory issues. Or the memory FileMaker can allocate to the WebViewer on Windows is just too limited. The client has 3D models which go up to 100MB. This is a small one for testing.
  8. Thank you for this, didn't occur to me to test (silly of me). It's just as fast in Explorer 11 as it is in Edge as it is on macOS (<3sec). Only in FileMaker's web viewer it's excruciatingly slow.
  9. The Web Viewer in FileMaker claims to be using Internet Explorer 11 (tested with above tip from comment). Based on these two resources, I have switched it to display websites in Edge-mode (11001): https://community.filemaker.com/thread/172066 https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/ie/en-US/19bdbd98-83a3-4787-8d85-7f2d6f0446f9/featurebrowseremulation-code-for-ie11?forum=iewebdevelopment Unfortunately that didn't speed things up a bit. I have since tested this on a Windows 10 system (all up to date) with FMPA 17 in 64bit, as well as a Windows 10 Pro system (up to date) with FMPA 17 in 32 bit. Here's a video that shows the difference: http://www.innodat.ch/download/WebViewer_Speed_Comparison.mp4 macOS: < 3 sec Windows 10 Pro: 148sec I should point out that Windows is running as a virtual machine in this video. A six core i7 Dell Laptop was able to load the Web Viewer in about 20 sec. Which is still unusable in our context though.
  10. FileMaker 17 Thank you for your inputs, I will check that out and post here again
  11. I have come across something very strange: a website which is loading fast within FileMaker's Web Viewer on macOS and painfully slow in FileMaker's Web Viewer on Windows 10. Note that the website loads with adequate speed when called in Microsoft's Edge browser directly on Windows 10. It's only within FileMaker where a (very long) delay happens. Load times macOS browser: 2sec macOS Web Viewer: 2sec Windows 10 browser (Edge): 4sec Windows 10 Web Viewer: ca.20sec Any explanations for this behaviour? Anything we can do about this? See sample file attached... WebViewer.fmp12.zip
  12. Ha! Now it works! I had a typo in the text I typed, which resulted in a "?" - which proves your point exactly: if I can't trust myself, how can I trust my users to type correctly... I will look into a recursive custom function, as there are quite a lot of fields to choose from. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!
  13. Is it possible that the Arial font installed on your server machine is corrupt/defective? While I don't know what the error code means, this reminds me fonts not showing in InDesign or Illustrator. Or maybe it's an old Arial font, TrueType instead of OpenType? Maybe FMS 16 only supports OpenType? I can't find any specifics on this, but might start investigating there.
  14. Technically speaking it scales better in FM 16, up to 100 per FMS hardware, up to 500 if multiple servers are clustered. But I agree with Wim: scalability in terms of licensing is non-existent. Which is a shame. But this has been discussed at large by developers with larger corporations as clients and brought to FM's attention countless times. They won't listen...
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